Note: this is an archived copy of Paul Routenburg's excellent Killed By Hype site which was previously located at and It contains a lot of great information about punk records so I decided to keep it alive here after the demise of GeoCities.

Worldwide Punk Compilations

I've listed all the compilations here that I have which feature 1977 - 1982 era punk rock, as well as some mod and powerpop, even if all the bands are from a single country. Those will be listed under the specific country as well at some point. Only compilations from the last 10 years or so, since the advent of the "Killed By Death" concept, are listed here (with a couple of exceptions). Compilations issued in the 1977 - 1984 period are generally listed under their country of origin as these are usually specific to that country.

Most of these releases are bootlegs. The ones that are not have label information included.

Most of these records will have a fairly high rating (7 or more) which means that most of them are worth owning. Since they ideally select the best of the obscure they are a good indication of which records you might actually want to have in your collection. Even if only several of the tracks on an LP or CD are great, it's still cheaper than trying to find even one of the original records.

These compilations seem to just keep coming. Once I get them, they'll show up here.

For something a little different (and the chance to hear some rare punk tracks) try an on-line compilation .

The compilations that you'll find listed here

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