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Worldwide Punk Compilations (N to R)

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Nagasaki Nightrider LP

This is by far more of a hardcore thrash compilation than a punk compilation, with only one track dating from before 1983. If Japanese hardcore is your kind of thing and you don't already have all the records these tracks were taken from then you might want to get this. If you would rather listen to melodic punk rock then you should probably skip it. The only tracks here I really enjoyed were Stalin, Masturbation, Swankys, Aburadako and Kikeiji. Everything else gave me a headache.
Rating: Not rated since I don't generally like the style of music the LP focuses on.

Neighbour Annoyer LP

Released in late 2000. Typical of releases at this stage of the compilation bandwagon - about half good and half mediocre.
Rating: 7.5.

No One Left To Blame LP

This LP starts off with a killer track and overall it is considerably better than most of the recent (2000 and later) compilation attempts. There are a couple boring crap-rock tracks (Brats and Commandos) and some collector-only wank (Jackie Shark) mixed in with some above average USA punk-by-the-numbers. I think most of us have probably heard the Fingers by now. Too bad the other track from the Victims acetate and "No One Left To Blame" by Critical Mass hadn't been included in place of any of the previously mentioned tracks.
Rating: 9.

Ny Vag 78-82 2CD

(MNW, MNWCD 243-244, Sweden, 1993)

1993 compilation from the MNW label. The first CD contains a bunch of really good tracks some of which have been featured on more recent compilations. Lots of typical Swedish punk/poppunk songs. The second CD has some punk tracks at the start but then goes more into pop and not so much punk. Good for what it is but I find I listen almost only to the first CD.
Rating: 8.

100% British Mod 2CD

(Captain Mod, MODSKA DCD 8, UK, 1998)

Great mod collection. Good liner notes as well.
Rating: 8.5.

Outlaws In My Eye Series

Yet another series that appeared in 1999. CD only. Includes a number of tracks already on compilations, few good ones that aren't and some that probably never should be. Even though they are on CD, you still get the vinyl noise, digitized for your listening pleasure.

[ Texas ] [ USA ] [ USA Vol. II ]

Outlaws In My Eye Texas

This is basically the Bloodstains Across Texas LP with some extra tracks and one less Bobby Soxx track. You should already know how good most of this is. Most of the extra tracks are worthwhile as well. It's hard to go wrong with Texas punk.
Rating: 9.

Outlaws In My Eye USA

Many of these tracks were alrady on Killed By Death #17. If you're a completist, or not a vinyl-only snob, you might want to get this. Most of the extra tracks are worthwhile.
Rating: 7.5.

Outlaws In My Eye USA Vol. II

Includes a number of complete 7"s. Some good stuff and some that is average at best. Most of the the good tracks are available elsewhere. You probably don't really need this, unless you get a good deal on it when you buy the other 2 in the series.

The Powerpoppers Series

Yet another powerpop series. Volume 1 appeared in late 2001. Expect more volumes, we still haven't worked our way down to the Fabulous Poodles yet!

[ Volume 1 ]

Powerpoppers Volume 1

Except for the Donkeys, Teenage Filmstars, Strangeways, VIP's, Clerks and Advertising this is very average.
Rating: 6.5.

Les Plus Grands Succes du Punk 2LP/CD

(CD: Skydog 62228-2, France, date unknown)

Good compilation of French punk 'n' roll. The 2LP set is called Les 30 Plus Grands Succes du Punk and has 4 tracks that aren't on the CD. The Guilty Razors tracks are (worse) re-mixes of EP tracks.
Rating: 8.

Pogo Punks LP

An essential LP. 9 classic Swiss punk 7"s compiled completely (except for one track of the Bellevue EP). Some copies are on coloured vinyl. A couple of minor points - a lack of any info about the bands, and the way the tracks are laid out on the LP. A sides of the 7"s are on one side of the LP and B sides on the other, I'd rather have all tracks from each band together. Aside from that the music is great.
Rating: 9.

Punk At La Scala LP

(Hate Records, HATE 21, Italy, 2001)

A compilation of Milan bands. Some previously unreleased material and re-release of material only issued in the past several years. Comes with a nice booklet written in Italian, which is great if you understand Italian! There are a few worthwhile songs here but mostly it is a fairly tuneless bunch of stuff that isn't really all that interesting.
Rating: 6.

Punk Rock From Holland LP

Really good collection of Dutch bands - Filth (who seem to have been comped to death), Neo Punkz, and Brommers, stand out but most everything is worth hearing. 100 copies each on blue, red and white vinyl and a bunch on black vinyl.
Rating: 8.

Pure British Pop For Raw People Series

There was no shortage of average pop/powerpop records released in England in the 1977-1982 period it seems. Plenty to spawn yet another series of LPs to cash in on the compilation game. This series appeared mid-1999, and there are 2 volumes available so far. By the time the Fabulous Poodles are hyped as a "long lost classic", there could be many more. No info about the bands. All you get is a color reproduction of the original sleeve on the front of the LP.

[ Volume 1 ] [ Volume 2 ]

Pure British Pop For Raw People Volume 1

Pleasant enough pop. Sort of like a Powerpearls LP though these bands are generally better known, and on bigger labels like Polydor, Sire, and Arista. Other than Strangeways and Seventeen it's all pretty average pop. Most of the originals shouldn't be that hard to find, if you care about such things.
Rating: 6.5.

Pure British Pop For Raw People Volume 2

Mostly rather lame, sub-Power Pearls level pop. The Letters and Neon Hearts are good, but that's about it. The last track is listed as a "mystery track".
Rating: 6.

Raised On Punk Vol. 1 LP

A rather weak effort. Song titles on the labels are quite wrong, the ones on the back of the jacket are closer to what is actually on the record. There is a skip included in the Razors track for your listening pleasure. There are really only 2 reasons to get this record - Discolokosst and the Yodlers Killers. Everything else is pretty average. There is also virtually no info about the bands except their country of origin. It says Vol. 1 on the cover - hopefully Vol. 2 will be better.
Rating: 6.5.

The Raw and Rare British Punk Series

Yet another series focused on British punk, this one started in 1997 and ended with Volume 4 in 1998. The LPs tend to include both tracks from each 7" featured, although in the annoying format of A sides from all 7"s on one LP side, B sides of the 7"s on the other LP side. While many of the records featured are rare, "raw" seems to be a bit of a stretch as there are a fair number of more powerpop sounding records included. The front and back of each 7" picture sleeve are shown on the record sleeve, but no other info is included about the bands.

[ Volume 1 ] [ Volume 2 ] [ Volume 3 ] [ Volume 4 ]

Raw and Rare British Punk Volume 1

Starts out with some very good records, finishes up on somewhat of a lame note as the last 2 records are not near as good as the first 6. Just ignore the last two tracks on each side and you have a very good LP. Several of the tracks from the first 6 7"s are also available elsewhere.
Rating: 7.5.

Raw and Rare British Punk Volume 2

Definitely more powerpop sounding than the first volume. Good songs from the Cybermen, Blitz Boys (the other song from the 7" should have been included too) and First Steps. Not much "raw" punk here though, if you're looking for that best look elsewhere.
Rating: 7.

Raw and Rare British Punk Volume 3

Dregs and Schoolgirl Bitch are excellent punk, pretty much everything else is powerpop or mod. Worthwhile LP.
Rating: 7.5.

Raw and Rare British Punk Volume 4

Some of these are rare but they aren't particularly raw. The Acme Attractions is a good previously unknown record, Social Security is good rocking punk and everything else is pretty average. This is very likely the final volume in the series.
Rating: 7.

Raw Records - The Punk Singles Collection CD

(Anagram CD PUNK 14, UK, 1993)

Along with rockabilly records, the Raw label released some excellent punk records. You'll find a lot of the better songs here. 30 very good to excellent '77 style punk tracks.
Rating: 8.

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