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The Back To Front/Break The Rules Series

Unlike most of the latter day 1977 - 1983 punk compilations the compiler of this series claims to have the rights to release the songs from the bands, although they say that not all of the bands could be contacted. The Back To Front series was released between 1993 and 1995 on Incognito Records in Germany. Each LP came in a numbered edition of 1000 (a few copies of each were on colored vinyl). They are also available on CD.

After Volume 6 of Back To Front there were some disagreements between Incognito and the person who put the compilations together. Eventually Peter P. kept up the good work with the Break The Rules series on the Insekten label, which as of the end of 1999 had grown to 3 volumes. Once again 1000 copies on vinyl and also available on CD. Peter now has a mail-order at the Insekten Records website.

Back To Front: [ Volume 1 ] [ Volume 2 ] [ Volume 3 ] [ Volume 4 ] [ Volume 5 ] [ Volume 6 ]

Break The Rules: [ Volume 7 ] [ Volume 8 ] [ Volume 9 ]

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Back To Front # 1

(Incognito INC. 043, Germany, 1993)

The first, and perhaps best of the series. Pretty much all top notch tracks. In a couple of cases (XL Capris, Mittageisen) perhaps the other track on the 7" would have been a better choice.
Rating: 9.5.

Back To Front #2

(Incognito INC. 047, Germany, 1993)

Excellent second effort. Not quite up to the first volume but definitely close.
Rating: 9.

Back To Front #3

(Incognito INC. 055, Germany, 1993)

Still doing pretty well though the overall quality of the songs is starting to drop. Also a couple of duds (S.Y.P.H., Godhead).
Rating: 8.

Back To Front #4

(Incognito INC. 059, Germany, 1994)

Still doing pretty good, a few so-so tracks (Standbys, M 'n' M's, Lightning Raiders, Knots, Tot Rocket) mixed in with the goodies. Also features a track from one of the most over-rated records of all time - the first Eat 7".
Rating: 7.5.

Back To Front #5

(Incognito INC. 064, Germany, 1994)

The usual, mostly good to great tracks with a couple clunkers (Gifted Children, Notsensibles, Powertrip).
Rating: 8.5.

Back To Front #6

(Incognito INC. 076, Germany, 1995)

The usual pretty much. I really have no idea why the Nekron 99 track was included though. Pretty much everything else is worthwhile. After this volume it turned out that Incognito was No Fun, and this marked the end of the series. It later resumed under the name Break The Rules.
Rating: 8.

Break The Rules #7

(Insekten INSECT 07, Germany, 1996)

Mostly good stuff, the best being TNT, Young Identities, Bleach Boys, Marionetz, Warheads, Machines. Swingers Resort is crap but everything else is worth a listen or two.
Rating: 7.5.

Break The Rules #8

(Insekten INSECT 08, Germany, 1997)

Quite good, everything is worthwhile, with the best being PF Commando, Jack & The Rippers, Mass Media, Haerverk and Eppu Normaali. Just about everything else is a close second.
Rating: 8.5.

Break The Rules #9

(Insekten INSECT 09, Germany, 1999)

Good overall, with a couple of those lame pop/power[less]pop tracks that seem to excite German dealers and Japanese collectors so much.
Rating: 8.

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