The Hyped To Death Series

Vinyl-only weenies will likely scowl disapprovingly at this series. Originally a series of cassettes put together as "shopping aids" to Chuck Warner's excellent catalogs, these began to appear about mid-2000 on CD-R. Each disc is packed with close to 73 minutes of music and comes with a fold-out sheet that has sleeve reproductions. Some also have notes about the bands and records.

Within this series are several sub-series that focus on particular genres. Hyped To Death focuses on US/Canadian punk. The Teen Line series covers powerpop and poprock. The Bad Teeth series covers UK mod and punk. The Homework series focuses on experimental punk/wave and DIY from the USA while Messthethics features UK DIY. Planet Punk covers worldwide punk.

Rather than list the tracks for all of these I'll just point you at the Hyped To Death web site . There you can find track lists, liner notes and lots of links as well as keep up with the latest releases.

Each disc is full of tracks ranging from average to excellent. Some of them you may have already heard but quite a few of them should be new. The sound quality is also very good. You can get them from Underground Medicine or other sources listed on the H2D site. At around $10 per CD they might seem a bit steep but just try and find all the tracks yourself, then spend the time to record them on a CD.

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