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Worldwide Punk Compilations (A to E)

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(Flying Nun FNCD 279/Propeller REV 503, Australia, 1993)

Great release covering a good part of the New Zealand scene. Includes all of the original AK79 LP plus 13 bonus tracks mostly from 7"s. Consistently good throughout topped by Proud Scum, Suburban Reptiles, Spelling Mistakes, and Marching Girls (brilliant powerpop). Released in 1993 by Flying Nun/Propeller Records.
Rating: 8.5.

Anarki & Kaos LP/CD

(Voice of Wonder VOW 029C, Norway, 1992)

A legit Norwegian release from 1992 on both CD and LP (I don't know if the same songs on both). A pretty good compilation though the talk between songs is annoying. Only one song in common with the Bloodstains Across Norway LP. This one tends to concentrate on the better known Norwegian bands.
Rating: 7.5.

Are We Too Late For The Money? EP

A great selection of tracks from the Are We Too Late For The Trend LP originally released in 1979. Nice packaging and insert notes as well. Some copies on color vinyl.
Rating: 9.

Back Seat Love 1 LP

"All American Punk / Power Pop!" (except for The Innocent who were from Canada). Some excellent tracks (Nasty Facts, Shock, Innocent, Testors) and some generally enjoyable powerpop. A few lame-o tracks but better than your average Powerpearls LP.
Rating: 7.5.

Back Seat Love 2 LP

More "All American Punk / Power Pop!". Some very good tracks (Chronics, Rubber City Rebels, Reactions) and a bunch that make pleasant background listening music.
Rating: 7.

Bloody Belgium LP

The first of 3 Belgian compilations. Some of it is already known, and also available on "reissues" of the original LPs. Several good tracks are included only on this compilation, but I wouldn't say it is essential if you already have the Kids, Hubble Bubble and Raxola LPs.
Rating: 7.5.

Bored Teenagers Series

Two releases (so far) by Detour Records in the UK. Done with the cooperation of the bands. Each comes with an excellent booklet with photos and info about the bands. A Volume 3 is planned as well.

[ Volume 1 ] [ Volume 2 ]

Bored Teenagers Volume One LP

(Bin Liner RUBBISH LP002, UK, 1999)

A selection from some very rare and obscure UK records. But does that mean that the music is good? I don't know if I've just been listening to this kind of stuff for so long or if the music just can't come anywhere close to the hype that goes along with records like these. Maybe the charm of poor production and a lack of talent is starting to wear thin? While most of these are decent songs there just wasn't much that jumped out and grabbed me, which I'd expect from songs that come from records that can cost several hundred pounds. But they're rare though!
Rating: 7.5.

Bored Teenagers Volume 2 LP

(Bin Liner RUBBISH LP003, UK, 2001)

See comments for Volume 1. Overall I like the tracks on this one a little better.
Rating: 8.

Brainkiller LP

Mostly worthwhile collection of US punk that hasn't yet appeared on a compilation (with an excellent Spanish track added at the end). None of these tracks are real killers, but overall it is a very good selection. You could probably even still find some of the original records for reasonable prices.
Rating: 7.5.

British Underground Vol. 1 LP

This LP and Vol. 2 came out around 1993 and were likely German releases. 500 numbered copies and not particularly interesting. I've never seen a copy for sale but I wouldn't bother anyway unless it was very cheap. The Disco Zombies and Cigarettes tracks are OK, the rest is pretty disposable. A Vol. 3 was announced but never released.
Rating: 6.

British Underground Vol. 2 LP

A mostly average batch of punk tracks, with likely the first appearances for Llygod Ffyrnig's N.C.B. and Disorder's Air Raid. Those are the 2 best cuts on the LP. The others are mostly listenable, though the Prefects are kind of lame. Never turns up for sale, but you're not missing a lot.
Rating: 6.5.

Bust! 10" LP

Some good stuff (Hoax, Sperma, P.V.C., Mono, Problems) and some things that just make you wonder why they were included. No real information included about the bands.
Rating: 7.

Cheap and Nasty Volume 1 LP

It says Volume 1 in the title, so I don't know if more of these are planned or not. Once again all tracks from the records are featured (is that also true in the case of the Sconeheads?) which usually means I can go spend my money on other records that haven't been included on compilations as yet. Everything on here is really good, maybe the Sconeheads are the weakest of the lot. Oh, yeah, all the bands were from the UK.
Rating: 9.

Crack! Gozira Records Complete Collection 1978-1979 CD

(Wax TKCA-30333, Japan, 1991)

Excellent compilation of one of the earliest Japanese punk labels. There may also be a vinyl version of the CD as well. This is a reissue of a 1983 LP which omitted several of the 7" tracks (they are all on the CD), and had one different live Mirrors track and a live Pain track. The cover of the LP has a cool drawing of Godzilla playing guitar. Godzilla ... Gozira, get it? Released in 1991. Pretty much essential since the chances of finding the 1st Mirrors 7" or the Tsunematsu Masatoshi 7" are close to nil.
Rating: 9.

Cumstains Over My Record Collection LP

I guess the title is meant to refer to the almost sexual experiences some collectors seem to experience after finally getting that record that has been on their want list for 10 years. Good selection of previously uncompiled songs. Ice 9, Upper Jaw Mask, Sado-Nation, Terrorways & Media are the picks here.
Rating: 7.5.

Dangerhouse Series

Two releases by Frontier Records in 1991 and 1992 (only on CD and cassette?) which select tracks from the Dangerhouse label. Both CDs are rather short, around 30 minutes each, why didn't they just release everything on one? At least I found them real cheap as deletes.

[ Volume 1 ] [ Volume 2 ]

Dangerhouse Volume One CD

(Frontier 4629-2-L, USA, 1991)

If you have the good Dangerhouse 7"s (ie most of them) and the Yes LA 12" you won't need this. Otherwise it has some great punk tracks and is worth getting if you can find it cheap. Unfortunately it is very short for a CD.
Rating: 8.

Dangerhouse Volume Two - Give Me A Little Pain! CD

(Frontier 01866 34640 2, USA, 1992)

This plus Volume One give you most of the worthwhile tracks from all the legendary Dangerhouse releases. There's really no reason (other than you can make more $$ from two CDs?) why it all couldn't have been one CD. If you can't find these cheap you might be better off trying to find the Me Want Breakfast LP which also compiles much of the same material. There are a couple OK previously unreleased tracks here but they don't make it worth specifically getting the CDs if you have most everything else.
Rating: 7.5.

Deep In The Throat of Texas LP

(Existential Vacuum EV 14, USA, 1997)

Great! Includes 5 excellent records (plus Vast Majority) completely. This saves me a considerable amount of cash in avoiding the price I'd otherwise have to pay to get some great tunes. As a "bonus" there is an unreleased Dot Vaeth track, a cover of a song from the Vomit Pigs. Great packaging and insert as well. 100 copies on yellow-orange vinyl.
Rating: 9.5.

Die Deutschen Kommen Zuruck LP

(Loud Proud and Punk 009, Germany, 1998)

This LP unlike most of the recent compilations features records from the 1981 to 1985 period. Five German EPs are featured, with all tracks included from all the original EPs. The music is much more in the hardcore style than that found on the Bloodstains or Killed By Death type compilations. Not my kind of thing so much but if you like early 80s hardcore this might be OK.
Rating: 7.

Deutsche Punk Klassiker CD

(Snake SNAKE 17CD/LP, Germany, date unknown)

All very good punk except Deutsche Trinker Jugend which is more hardcore and not so interesting (unless you like German songs about drinking). Issued on LP and CD, with 2 extra tracks on the CD (Hass (alternate track) and Billy The Kid by Deutsche Trinker Jugend).
Rating: 7.5.

The England Belongs To Me Series

About 1995 an LP came out of Japan with this title, in an edition of 300 numbered copies which quickly disappeared. In 1998 some enterprising European reissued that one and added 2 more to make it into a series. A 4th volume appeared early in 2000.

[ Volume 1 ] [ Volume 2 ] [ Volume 3 ] [ Volume 4 ]

England Belongs To Me Volume 1

Originally issued in Japan (300 numbered copies) then reissued in 1998. Features some already known bands along with some unknowns. Generally a good LP, a mix of punk and more powerpop. While Horrorcomic, FX, Disorder, Exits, Red Rage and Neon Hearts stand out, everything is worthwhile.
Rating: 8.

England Belongs To Me Volume 2

This LP is worth it just because it contains both Revenge 7"s, maybe 2 of the most ridiculously expensive of the UK punk 7"s. Now you can decide if they are worth 250 pounds. Otherwise Fun 4 is good, the Mag/Spys are worthwhile and the rest isn't that amazing.
Rating: 8 (mainly because of the Revenge 7"s).

England Belongs To Me Volume 3

Another collection with a bunch of UK obscurities. Not a lot really stands out though. Nothing is that bad but nothing is that amazing either, with the exception of the Llygod Ffyrnig track.
Rating: 7.

England Belongs To Me Volume 4

Decent LP with a mix of punk and powerpop. If you've got the other volumes you'll know what this one sounds like.
Rating: 7.

Es Chaos Is Die Botschaft! LP

(Luziprak LUZ 1, Austria, 1997)

Quoting from the back of the LP cover "This compilation contents the worst and best Austrian Punkbands from the first Generation, including some rare single-material, and a lot of great unreleased stuff!". Nice package, with a lyric and info insert (in German). Some good tracks (Chaos, Dirt Shit, Chuzpe, 1 of the Rats, Boslinge and Wellblech Untergrund). The rest are pretty average.
Rating: 7.5.

The Everyone A Classic!!! Series

A set of CDs that first appeared in 1999 with 3 volumes of obscure UK powerpop, mod and punk tracks. 3 more Volumes were released in 2001. Many of these will already be known from other compilations though each CD has a handful of worthwhile tracks not previously available on compilations. I wouldn't go so far as to call every track a classic but they are generally good.

[ Volume 1 ] [ Volume 2 ] [ Volume 3 ] [ Volume 4 ] [ Volume 5 ] [ Volume 6 ]

Every One A Classic Volume 1

A good collection of UK bands, covering everything from powerpop to punk as promised. If you're a completist like me you'll probably want to get it for the tracks you don't already have. If you like only "punk" you might want stick to certain Killed By Death LPs or Aunt Helen records.
Rating: 7.5.

Every One A Classic Volume 2

Same comments as Volume 1. Some slightly better songs than that one.
Rating: 8.

Every One A Classic Volume 3

After Volume 1 and 2 you should know what to expect now. Pretty consistent song selection across all 3 volumes.
Rating: 8.

Every One A Classic Volume 4

A pretty good mix of punk, mod and powerpop. You probably already have heard a number of these tracks.
Rating: 8.

Every One A Classic Volume 5

If you're with me this long, you should know what this series is all about by now!
Rating: 8.

Every One A Classic Volume 6

Good stuff! Only problem with these CDs is that they're too short. Too bad there wasn't more tracks to fill them up.
Rating: 8.

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