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Faster & Louder - Hardcore Punk Series

Put out in 1993 by Rhino Records. Not at all "hardcore", except for maybe a few tracks. Features better known mostly US bands, with a few Killed By Death bands mixed in. Good liner notes by the mysterious Mr. Kugelberg.

[ Volume 1 ] [ Volume 2 ]

Faster & Louder Vol. 1 CD

(Rhino R2 71224, USA, 1993)

Good mix of well known bands with some relative unknowns.
Rating: 8.

Faster & Louder Vol. 2 CD

(Rhino R2 71225, USA, 1993)

Ditto Vol. 1. Maybe stronger musically.
Rating: 8.

Feel Lucky Punk?!! LP

Along with Killed By Death one of the earliest compilations of late 1970's punk. Full of genuine classics, one of the best compilations ever. Take out the Queers and replace it with some other late 70's classics and this would be a 10.
Rating: 9.5.

Feel Lucky Skunk?! LP

Really good LP. Bonus points for paying attention to what was already on other compilations and including the other 7" tracks from the Tits, and God's Heart Attack. Oh, in case you hadn't figured it out, this LP features all Dutch bands. Cool cover too.
Rating: 8.5.

Freizeit '81 CD

(Schlecht and Schwindlig 003, Germany, 1996)

A collection of stuff from Munich bands, not all from 1981 though. Mix of punk and hardcore, mostly OK though it gets a bit tiring after the Marionetz who are great. At 37 tracks and nearly 75 minutes long this really is "Die Mutter aller Sampler!".
Rating: 7.

GBG Punk 1977-1980 CD

(Nonstop NSM 33-13, 1992, Sweden)

Great compilation of melodic Swedish punk. No real filler, 35 tracks, 73 minutes. If you like Swedish punk you should probably have this, unless you already own all the original records. There is also an LP version with somewhat fewer tracks. Nice booklet (all in Swedish, but the photos and discography notes are nice).
Rating: 9.

GBG Punk Volym Tva 1980-1984 CD

(Nonstop NSM 33-23, Sweden, 1994)

Companion to Volume 1, this one continues covering the Goteborg scene from 1980. Overall not as great as Volume 1 but there are some very good songs here to make this worth getting as well. Perverts, Cortex, Glo, Goteborg Sound and Attentat are all excellent.
Rating: 7.5.

Good Vibrations - The Punk Singles Collection CD

(Anagram CD PUNK 36, UK, 1994)

A compilation of tracks from the best known Northern Ireland label. Not exactly "punk", most of these tracks are very good powerpop.
Rating: 8.

The Great Lost Brew Wave Album CD

(Blackhole Records, USA, 1997)

A 1997 retrospective on the Milwaukee scene around 1980. I'm sure glad I didn't live there then! If this compilation is an indication, the town was full of non-descript new wave bands. The other Prosecutors track from their 7" is much better than either of the 2 here. I guess the compiler was more interested in production sound or something. The Scott Puffer 7" is kind of cool, a few other tracks are good powerpop but overall this isn't that hot. The Haskels definitely released their best tracks on their EP.
Rating: 6.5.

Hate Your Neighbours CD/LP

Worthwhile compilation though nearly half the tracks here are on the AK79 CD. Those ones are probably some of the better tracks here though things like Nocturnal Projections, Smashed Executive, Features & Steroids make this worth having. The LP and CD versions of this are the same I think.
Rating: 7.5.

History In 3 Chords 2CD

(Splunge Communications, CD014 - 015, 2001)

Milwaukee Alternative Bands 1973 - 1982 is the alternate title of this compilation. It does a far better job than the Great Lost Brew Wave Album of covering the Milwaukee scene. This is a good mix of punk, new wave and artsy tracks, a lot of them not released before. The booklet that comes with it has a short description of the scene back then, but more info on the bands and the songs would have been nice. There is a web site where you can order the CD.
Rating: 8.

I Hate The Pop Group LP

Electronic, experimental, tape loops, noise, weirdness. If a very strong D.I.Y. style is your thing you would probably like this LP. It isn't really mine but I still actually enjoyed most of the record. It could also prove useful for clearing out unwanted guests.
Rating: 7.5.

The Instant Pop Classics Series

A series that focuses more on arty UK DIY punk rather than the typical Killed By Death style of punk. Nice packaging. Not widely distributed though.

[ Volume 1 ] [ Volume 2 ]

Instant Pop Classics Vol. 1 LP

(HappyLuxPop HLP-LP 002, Germany, 1998 [300 copies])

Some interesting DIY obscurities if that is your type of thing. There was some quite noticeable surface noise on some of the songs, maybe from the original records?
Rating: 7.

Instant Pop Classics Vol. 2 LP

(HappyLuxPop HLP-LP 003, Germany, 1998 [500 copies])

More interesting DIY obscurities as well as a few more standard powerpop/punk songs.
Rating: 7.5.

Kick Your Mama's Ass LP

Another very good compilation. Really good tracks from the Kids, Predator, Rancid X, Widows, Sexy Angels, and the Bugs among others.
Rating: 8.

The Killed By 7 Inch Series

The Killed By Death concept in a 7" version. A set of 10 EPs issued in rather limited editions. There is now an LP which compiles Vols. 1 to 5. A second LP is planned for Vols. 6 - 10.

[ Volume 1 ] [ Volume 2 ] [ Volume 3 ] [ Volume 4 ] [ Volume 5 ] [ Volume 6 ] [ Volume 7 ] [ Volume 8 ] [ Volume 9 ] [ Volume 10 ]

Killed By 7 Inch #1

Mass Media (track is available on KBD #69) and Intestines are OK. If you missed getting this when it came out, don't worry about it.
Rating: 6.5.

Killed By 7 Inch #2

The Ticks song is cool, others are average.
Rating: 7.

Killed By 7 Inch #3

The first 3 tracks are all good, the last is average.
Rating: 7.5.

Killed By 7 Inch #4

Average stuff again. Second track is the best.
Rating: 6.5.

Killed By 7 Inch #5

The best of the series so far. All tracks are pretty good.
Rating: 7.5.

Killed By 7 Inch #6

Generally good, the last 2 songs are the better ones.
Rating: 7.

Killed By 7 Inch #7

Good songs!
Rating: 8.

Killed By 7 Inch #8

Generally decent.
Rating: 7.

Killed By 7 Inch #9

OK, but you might as well wait for the Vol. 6 - 10 LP.
Rating: 6.5.

Killed By 7 Inch #10

Since none of these bands really interest me, I'll wait for the LP.
Rating: N/A.

Killed By Dentistry Vol. 1 LP

Another of those very limited (this one is 200 copies I think) compilations that disappear quickly. This one is average like most of the post-1999 compilations. The Wipers stand out but not much else does. The Wheezing Dogs track is good DIY/art-punk and they are a mostly unknown band among collectors so far. It says Vol. 1 on the cover. Whether there will be any more is anybody's guess.
Rating: 7.

Killed By Epitaph 2LP

(CD: Epitaph (Europe) 6486-2, Holland, 1996)

This is a "reissue" of a CD that originally appeared on Epitaph Europe in 1996, called I'm Sure We're Gonna Make It - Dutch Punk Rock '77-'82. An excellent compilation of the Dutch punk scene, most tracks are really good with very few misses.
Rating: 9.

Killed By Florida LP

A whole LP from Florida is stretching things just a bit. This one extends the usual KBD period up to 1985, including some hardcore that isn't particularly good (not that a lot of hardcore is particularly good). Not even the inclusion of the world's greatest, amazing and most incredible punk band ever (The Eat) can save this album from being just average.
Rating: 6.5.

Killed By Hardcore LP

As hardcore goes this is very good. If you're looking for a break from the flood of powerpop and lame-ass "KBD punk" comps this would be worth checking out.
Rating: 8.

Killed By Hardcore #2 LP

An excellent compilation of quality hardcore. Very good liner notes as well. It even comes with a handy checklist for the collectors.
Rating: 8.5.

The Killed By The Queen Series

In May 2000 2 CD-R releases appeared to start this series. Whether more will follow remains to be seen. Vinyl-only weenies will sneer disapprovingly at these, however both CDs are full (28 tracks each) of mostly excellent UK punk tracks. No band info, other than a track listing with the year of release.

[ Volume 1 ] [ Volume 2 ]

Killed By The Queen #1

Good compilation of UK (with a couple non-UK ones in there too) bands. Good sound quality. It shouldn't be too expensive, no more than a regular KBD type LP and you get more music.
Rating: 8.

Killed By The Queen #2

Excellent compilation which collects together a bunch of very good tracks scattered around on various compilations, along with tracks from various 7"s. Several of these I've never heard of before and have no idea where they were taken from, others I can only guess at. In any case this is certainly worth getting. More information about the tracks would have been nice though.
Rating: 8.5.

Killed/Shielded By Death #2000 LP

(Incognito Records INC. 100, Germany, 2000)

Subtitled Busted At The Lit Club this LP features bands that played Hartford, Connecticut's Lit Club back in the good old days of punk rock. Much of this LP is worthwhile. There is a bit of hardcore crap mixed in though.
Rating: 7.5.

Lightning Records Punk Collection CD

(Anagram CD PUNK 79, UK, 1996)

Good compilation of this label which released some excellent records. This CD gives a good cross-section of the bands on the label.
Rating: 8.

Me Want Breakfast LP

A good compilation of the great Dangerhouse label. Released in the early 90's I think, it's become tough to find.
Rating: 8.

Metrojets Vol. 1 CD

(Red Rubber Ball RRB CD 001, Spain, 2001?)

A nice pleasant collection of pop and powerpop.
Rating: 7.5.

The Morning After Series

A 3 CD-R set that was put out in 2001 by whoever it was that brought you the Killed By The Queen CD-R set. They feature mostly UK mod, pop, and arty punk. No information about the bands or original records is provided but some of the original records can be found relatively cheaply if you're so inclined. These seemed to appear for a few seconds in a very limited edition and then they were gone. But since they are CD-R's and CD burners are more common than some new powerpop compilation, it shouldn't be too hard for you to get them if you want them. I can't completely copy 80 min CDs though.

[ Volume 1 ] [ Volume 2 ] [ Volume 3 ]

The Morning After Volume 1 CD

"Art Punk vs Pop Kidz", or so it says on the back liner of the CD case. An interesting mix of pop, DIY, mod, new wave. Not too much that is "killer" material but if you can get a copy of it cheap there might be a few keeper tracks.
Rating: 6.5.

The Morning After Volume 2 CD

Some more "punk" tracks here than Vol. 1 though you might already have most of the better things like the Stiffs tracks on other releases. The Pathetix, Denizens and a few other tracks are also excellent, otherwise everything is generally decent.
Rating: 7.5.

The Morning After Volume 3 CD

A handful of worthwhile punk/arty new wave tracks and a good powerpop track from the Speedies.
Rating: 7.

Munchen in Punk Rock 1979-82 LP

(Loud Proud and Punk 005, Germany, 1996)

Decent package of tracks from 7"s and live material, all from Munich bands. Great stuff, as usual, from the Marionetz.
Rating: 7.5.

Murder Punk Series

A two CD set that came out in 1997 this covers many of the most important Australian punk records. Pretty much essential unless you want to spend a couple thousand dollars to get all the original records. Using the name of Australian mass killer Martin Bryant as the compiler seemed to cause some concern, however the origin of the series is American. I'd rather have seen the 2 Young Identities EPs replace the Scientists 7"s, and have the first Thought Criminals EP included but other than that I can't really complain.

[ Volume 1 ] [ Volume 2 ]

Murder Punk Volume 1 CD

Excellent but not as good as Volume 2. Victims, Psychosurgeons and Chosen Few make this essential.
Rating: 9.

Murder Punk Volume 2 CD

Replace the Scientists by any of the the first Thought Criminals EP, the second Young Identities EP or the Rocks EP and this would be a 10. Everything else is top rate punk rock.
Rating: 9.5.

My Girlfriend Was A Punk! LP

As you might guess by the title this LP features all female punk rockers, or at least bands fronted by women. Nice color cover but no band information. Good consistent selection of songs, some of which I'd never heard of before.
Rating: 7.5.

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