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Sixties Downunder #1 - LP
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Side 1
    1 Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs - Poison Ivy (Sydney, Australia)
    2 Bobby & Laurie - I Belong With You (Melbourne, Australia)
    3 Normie Rowe & The Playboys - It Ain't Necessarily So (Melbourne, Australia)
    4 Ray Brown & The Whispers - Pride (Sydney, Australia)
    5 Mike Furber & The Bowery Boys - You Stole My Love (Brisbane, Australia)
    6 Tony Worsley & The Blue Jays - Just A Little Bit (Brisbane, Australia)
    7 The Pink Finks - Louie Louie (Melbourne, Australia)
    8 The Pleazers - Gloria (Brisbane, Australia)

Side 2
    1 The Easybeats - Sorry (Sydney, Australia)
    2 The Twilights - Needle In A Haystack (Adelaide, Australia)
    3 Steve & The Board - The Giggle Eyed Goo! (Sydney, Australia)
    4 The Librettos - Kicks (Wellington, New Zealand)
    5 The Purple Hearts - Of Hopes And Dreams And Tombstones (Brisbane, Australia)
    6 The Masters Apprentices - Buried And Dead (Adelaide, Australia)
    7 The Black Diamonds - I Want, Need, Love You (Lithgow, Australia)
    8 The Modes - Baby Please Don't Go (Shepparton, Australia)

Side 3
    1 The Easybeats - Women (Make You Feel Alright) (Sydney, Australia)
    2 Max Merritt & The Meteors - Fannie Mae (Wellington, New Zealand)
    3 The Bee Gees - Spicks And Specks (Sydney, Australia)
    4 The Groop - Woman You're Breaking Me (Melbourne, Australia)
    5 The Loved Ones - Ever Lovin' Man (Melbourne, Australia)
    6 The Wild Cherries - That's Life (Melbourne, Australia)
    7 The Twilights - 9.50 (Adelaide, Australia)
    8 Larry's Rebels - Dreamtime (Christchurch, New Zealand)

Side 4
    1 The Masters Apprentices - Living In A Child's Dream (Adelaide, Australia)
    2 The Groove - Soothe Me (Melbourne, Australia)
    3 Normie Rowe - It's Not Easy (Melbourne, Australia)
    4 The Town Criers - Everlasting Love (Melbourne, Australia)
    5 Lynne Randell - Ciao Baby (Melbourne, Australia)
    6 Somebody's Image - Hush (Melbourne, Australia)
    7 The Loved Ones - Sad Dark Eyes (Melbourne, Australia)
    8 The Valentines - Juliette (Perth, Australia) *

* indicates that the track only appears on this compilation

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