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Australian Pop Of The 60s #2 [Move Baby Move] - CD
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CD 1
    1 Johnny O'Keefe - Move Baby Move (Sydney, Australia) *
    2 The Iguana - California, My Way (Melbourne, Australia)
    3 The Masters Apprentices - 5.10 Man (Adelaide, Australia)
    4 Ray Columbus & The Invaders - She's A Mod (Christchurch, New Zealand)
    5 Marty Rhone - Ruby With The Red Hair (Sydney, Australia) *
    6 Lynne Randell - Going Out Of My Head (Melbourne, Australia) *
    7 John Farnham - Rose Coloured Glasses (Australia) *
    8 Bobby & Laurie - I Belong With You (Melbourne, Australia)
    9 The Easybeats - Women (Make You Feel Alright) (Sydney, Australia)
  10 The Five - I'll Be There (Brisbane, Australia)
  11 Doug Parkinson In Focus - Dear Prudence (Sydney, Australia)
  12 The Seekers - Someday Oneday (Melbourne, Australia) *
  13 Jon Blanchfield - Son Of A Simple Man (Brisbane, Australia) *
  14 The Twilights - Cathy Come Home (Adelaide, Australia)
  15 Johnny Young & Kompany - Kiss Me Now (Perth, Australia)
  16 Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs - Over The Rainbow (Sydney, Australia)
  17 The Groop - Such A Lovely Way (Melbourne, Australia)
  18 Ray Brown & The Whispers - Pride (Sydney, Australia)
  19 The Flies - Doin' The Mod (Melbourne, Australia)
  20 Heart & Soul - Lazy Life (Sydney, Australia)

CD 2
    1 Normie Rowe - It Ain't Necessarily So (Melbourne, Australia)
    2 Bev Harrell - Come On Over To Our Place (Adelaide, Australia) *
    3 The Town Criers - Everlasting Love (Melbourne, Australia)
    4 The Cherokees - Oh, Monah (Melbourne, Australia)
    5 The Groove - You Are The One I Love (Melbourne, Australia) *
    6 The Executives - Sit Down, I Think I Love You (Sydney, Australia) *
    7 Tony Worsley & The Blue Jays - If I (Brisbane, Australia)
    8 The Flying Circus - Hayride (Sydney, Australia)
    9 Digger Revell - Twilight Time (Sydney, Australia) *
  10 Mike Furber & The Bowery Boys - You Stole My Love (Brisbane, Australia)
  11 Somebody's Image - Hush (Melbourne, Australia)
  12 Ross D. Wyllie - Funnyman (Brisbane, Australia) *
  13 The Zoot - Monty And Me (Adelaide, Australia) *
  14 Merv Benton - Cincinatti Fireball (Melbourne, Australia)
  15 The Dave Miller Set - Mr. Guy Fawkes (Sydney, Australia)
  16 Jonne Sands - Mothers And Fathers (Brisbane, Australia) *
  17 M.P.D. Limited - Lonely Boy (Melbourne, Australia)
  18 Ronnie Burns - Exit Stage Right (Melbourne, Australia)
  19 The Cicadas - That's What I Want (Sydney, Australia)
  20 The Cam-Pact - I'm Your Puppet (Melbourne, Australia)

* indicates that the track only appears on this compilation

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