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Real Life Permanent Dreams - Box
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Side 1
    1 The Smoke - My Friend Jack (York, U.K.)
    2 Tornados '66 - No More You And Me (Newent, U.K.)
    3 Lord Sutch - The Cheat (London, U.K.)
    4 The Frame - Doctor, Doctor (Birmingham, U.K.)
    5 The Drag Set - Day And Night (London, U.K.)
    6 The Kinks - Fancy (London, U.K.)
    7 Traffic Jam - I Don't Want You (London, U.K.)
    8 The Honeybus - The Breaking Up Scene (London, U.K.)
    9 Winston's Fumbs - Snow White (London, U.K.)
  10 Neil Christian & The Crusaders - I Like It (London, U.K.)
  11 The Playboys - Black Sheep R.I.P. (Melbourne, Australia)
  12 Les Fleur De Lys - Circles (Southampton, U.K.)
  13 John's Children - The Lilac Hand Of Menthol Dan (Surrey, U.K.)
  14 The Buzz - You're Holding Me Down (Edinburgh, U.K.)
  15 The Riot Squad - I Take It That We're Through (London, U.K.)
  16 Paul & Ritchie & The Cryin' Shames - Come On Back (Liverpool, U.K.)
  17 The Kirkbys - It's A Crime (Liverpool, U.K.)
  18 The Kinks - Love Me Till The Sun Shines (London, U.K.)
  19 Marc Bolan - Hippy Gumbo (London, U.K.)
  20 Incredible String Band - Gently Tender (Edinburgh, U.K.)
  21 Donovan - Sunny Goodge Street (Glasgow, U.K.)
  22 Floribunda Rose - Linda Loves Linda (London, U.K.)
  23 The Small Faces - Up The Wooden Hills To Bedfordshire (London, U.K.)
  24 Santa Barbara Machine Head - Rubber Monkey (London, U.K.)
  25 The Deviants - You've Got To Hold On (London, U.K.)
  26 Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger & The Trinity - Season Of The Witch (London, U.K.)

Side 2
    1 The End - Loving, Sacred Loving (London, U.K.)
    2 Blonde On Blonde - All Day, All Night (Newport, U.K.)
    3 Ramases & Selket - Crazy One (Sheffield, U.K.)
    4 Skip Bifferty - Man In Black (Newcastle, U.K.)
    5 Icarus - Yellow Balloon (London, U.K.)
    6 The Orange Machine - Real Life Permanent Dream (Ireland)
    7 Eire Apparent - The Clown (Belfast, Ireland)
    8 The Rokes - When The Wind Arises (London, U.K.)
    9 Serendipity - I'm Flying (Tunbridge Wells, U.K.)
  10 The Orange Bicycle - Trip On An Orange Bicycle (Luton, U.K.)
  11 The Smoke - Utterly Simple (York, U.K.)
  12 Billy Nicholls - London Social Degree (London, U.K.)
  13 The Lomax Alliance - The Golden Lion (New York, NY, U.S.A.)
  14 Jethro Toe - Sunshine Day (Blackpool, U.K.)
  15 Paper Blitz Tissue - Boy Meets Girl (London, U.K.)
  16 The Bystanders - Cave Of Clear Light (Swansea, U.K.)
  17 Anan - I Wonder Where My Sister's Gone (London, U.K.)
  18 The Marmalade - Man In A Shop (Glasgow, U.K.)
  19 The Bobcats - Lord John (Birmingham, U.K.)
  20 The Peep Show - Mazy (London, U.K.)
  21 Moon's Train - Bakerman (Beckenham, U.K.)
  22 Episode Six - Love, Hate, Revenge (Harrow, U.K.)
  23 The Tickle - Good Evening (London, U.K.)
  24 The Excelsior Spring - It (U.K.)
  25 The Warm Sounds - Nite Is A-Comin' a.k.a. Lindyloo (London, U.K.)
  26 The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown - Fire! (London, U.K.)

Side 3
    1 Status Quo - Pictures Of Matchstick Men (London, U.K.)
    2 Sun Dragon - Five White Horses (London, U.K.)
    3 The Turnstyle - Riding A Wave (London, U.K.)
    4 The Picadilly Line - I Know She Believes (London, U.K.)
    5 The Fox - Hey! Mr. Carpenter (U.K.)
    6 Timon - Bitter Thoughts Of Little Jane (Liverpool, U.K.)
    7 Gilbert - Disappear (Swindon, U.K.)
    8 Our Plastic Dream - Encapsulated Marigold (London, U.K.)
    9 The Epics - Henry Long (London, U.K.)
  10 Grapefruit - Lullaby (Dagenham, U.K.)
  11 Harmony Grass - I've Seen To Dream (U.K.)
  12 The Spectrum - Nodnol (London, U.K.)
  13 West Coast Consortium - Colour Sergeant Lillywhite (London, U.K.)
  14 The Yellow Bellow Room Boom - Seeing Things Green (Manchester, U.K.)
  15 The Californians - Golden Apples (Birmingham, U.K.)
  16 The Loot - Don't Turn Around (Andover, U.K.)
  17 The Beatstalkers - Silver Tree Top School For Boys (Glasgow, U.K.)
  18 The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown - Give Him A Flower (London, U.K.)
  19 Tony Hazzard - Fade Away Maureen (Liverpool, U.K.)
  20 The Rockin' Berries - Yellow Rainbow (Birmingham, U.K.)
  21 The Hill - Sylvie (London, U.K.)
  22 Andy Ellison - Fool From Upper Eden (London, U.K.)
  23 The Ugly's - Love And Best Wishes (Birmingham, U.K.)
  24 The Gun - Sunshine (Ilford, U.K.)
  25 Twice As Much - Green Circles (London, U.K.)
  26 The Alan Bown Set - Mr. Job (London, U.K.)
  27 The Small Faces - Happydaystoytown (London, U.K.)

Side 4
    1 Junior's Eyes - Circus Days (London, U.K.)
    2 The Kult - No Home Today (Hastings, U.K.)
    3 Velvett Fogg - Lady Caroline (Birmingham, U.K.)
    4 Andromeda - Go Your Way (London, U.K.)
    5 The Nice - The Diamond Hard Blue Apples Of The Moon (London, U.K.)
    6 Sam Gopal - Cold Embrace (London, U.K.)
    7 Hardin-York - Candlelight (London, U.K.)
    8 Fat Mattress - How Can I Live? (London, U.K.)
    9 Andrew Bown - Tarot (U.K.)
  10 Humble Pie - The Light Of Love (London, U.K.)
  11 Bobak, Jons, Malone - On A Meadow Lea (London, U.K.)
  12 Pussy - The Open Ground (London, U.K.)
  13 Woody Kern - Fair Maiden (Derby, U.K.)
  14 Man - Empty Room (Swansea, U.K.)
  15 Samson - Venus (Manchester, U.K.)
  16 Opal Butterfly - My Gration Or? (Oxfordshire, U.K.)
  17 The Soft Machine - Thank You Pierrot Lunaire/Have You Ever Bean Green?/Pataphysical Introduction Pt 2 (Canterbury, U.K.)
  18 Andwella's Dream - Felix (Belfast, Ireland)
  19 Spice - Born In A Trunk (U.K.)
  20 Stray - All In Your Mind (London, U.K.)

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