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Beat Beat Beat #5 [More Beat, Freakbeat and R&B Rarities] - CD
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CD 1
    1 Mark Peters & The Silhouettes - Don't Cry For Me (Liverpool, U.K.)
    2 Mark Peters & The Silhouettes - I Told You So (Liverpool, U.K.)
    3 The Greenbeats - You Must Be The One (Dublin, Ireland)
    4 The Bad Boys - The Owl And The Pussycat (U.K.)
    5 The Bad Boys - That's What I'll Do (U.K.)
    6 The Overlanders - The Leaves Are Falling (U.K.)
    7 Mal Ryder & The Spirits - Forget It (Oxford, U.K.)
    8 Mal Ryder & The Spirits - Your Friends (Oxford, U.K.)
    9 The Primitives - Help Me (Oxford, U.K.)
  10 The Primitives - Let Them Tell (Oxford, U.K.)
  11 Rae Vince & The Vincents - One Fine Day (U.K.) *
  12 Rae Vince & The Vincents - Little Girl I'm Sad (U.K.) *
  13 The Lancastrians - We'll Sing In The Sunshine (Manchester, U.K.)
  14 The Lancastrians - Was She Tall (Manchester, U.K.)
  15 The Blue Rondos - Little Baby (London, U.K.)
  16 The Blue Rondos - Baby I Go For You (London, U.K.)
  17 Peter Jay & The Jaywalkers - Tonight You're Gonna Fall In Love With Me (Norwich, U.K.) *
  18 Jimmy Powell & The 5 Dimensions - Sugar Baby (Birmingham, U.K.)
  19 Jimmy Powell & The 5 Dimensions - I've Been Watching You (Birmingham, U.K.) *
  20 The Hellions - Shades Of Blue (Birmingham, U.K.)
  21 The Hellions - Daydreaming Of You (Birmingham, U.K.)
  22 The Searchers - What Have They Done To The Rain (Liverpool, U.K.)
  23 The Searchers - This Feeling Inside (Liverpool, U.K.) *
  24 The Countrymen - Winter Rushes On (U.K.) *
  25 The Brand - I'm A Lover Not A Fighter (Birmingham, U.K.)
  26 The Brand - Zulu Stomp (Birmingham, U.K.)
  27 Tony Jackson & The Vibrations - You Beat Me To The Punch (London, U.K.)
  28 Tony Jackson & The Vibrations - This Little Girl Of Mine (London, U.K.)
  29 John L. Watson & The Hummelflugs - Lookin' For Love (Swindon, U.K.)
  30 John L. Watson & The Hummelflugs - (I Only Came To) Dance With You (Swindon, U.K.) *

CD 2
    1 The Searchers - The System (Liverpool, U.K.) *
    2 Tommy Quickly & The Remo Four - Humpty Dumpty (Liverpool, U.K.)
    3 Tommy Quickly & The Remo Four - I'll Go Crazy (Liverpool, U.K.) *
    4 Alan Dean & His Problems - Thunder And Rain (U.K.) *
    5 Alan Dean & His Problems - As Time Goes By (U.K.) *
    6 The Riot Squad - Anytime (London, U.K.)
    7 The Riot Squad - Jump (London, U.K.)
    8 Peter's Faces - (Just Like) Romeo & Juliet (London, U.K.)
    9 Peter's Faces - Wait (London, U.K.) *
  10 The Boys - I Want You (London, U.K.)
  11 The Boys - It Ain't Fair (London, U.K.)
  12 The Rockin' Berries - What In The World's Come Over You (Birmingham, U.K.) *
  13 The Rockin' Berries - You Don't Know What To Do (Birmingham, U.K.) *
  14 The Wolves - Now (Wolverhampton, U.K.)
  15 The Wolves - This Year, Next Year (Wolverhampton, U.K.) *
  16 The Sorrows - I Don't Wanna Be Free (Coventry, U.K.)
  17 The Sorrows - Come With Me (Coventry, U.K.) *
  18 The Primitives - You Said (Oxford, U.K.)
  19 The Primitives - How Do You Feel (Oxford, U.K.)
  20 The Ivy League - Funny How Love Can Be (Birmingham, U.K.)
  21 The Ivy League - Lonely Room (Birmingham, U.K.)
  22 Julie Grant - (Baby, Baby) I Still Love You (U.K.)
  23 The Kinks - Tired Of Waiting For You (London, U.K.)
  24 The Kinks - Come On Now (London, U.K.) *
  25 Peter's Faces - Suzie Q (London, U.K.)
  26 Peter's Faces - De Boom Lay Boom (London, U.K.) *
  27 The Monotones - Like A Lover Should (Southend, U.K.) *
  28 The Monotones - No Waiting (Southend, U.K.) *
  29 Tammy St. John - He's The One For Me (Hornchurch, U.K.) *
  30 Tammy St. John - I'm Tired Just Lookin' At You (Hornchurch, U.K.) *

* indicates that the track only appears on this compilation

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