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Nederbeat Singles The B-Sides #1 - CD
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CD 1
    1 Q65 - And Your Kind (The Hague, Netherlands)
    2 The Outsiders - Thinking About Today (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
    3 Ro-d-ys - Gods Of Evil (Winschoten, Netherlands) *
    4 The Golden Earrings - Chunk Of Steel (The Hague, Netherlands)
    5 Les Baroques - Summerbeach (Baarn, Netherlands)
    6 The Motions - My Love Is Growing (The Hague, Netherlands) *
    7 The Sandy Coast - Goodbye, Don't Cry (Voorburg, Netherlands)
    8 The Phantoms - I Dream Of You (Eindhoven, Netherlands) *
    9 Rudy Bennett - You're My Adee (The Hague, Netherlands) *
  10 Shocking Blue - Harley Davidson (The Hague, Netherlands) *
  11 The Shoes - Listen To The Lyrics Of This Song (Zoeterwoude, Netherlands)
  12 ZZ & De Maskers - Beat Girl (Amsterdam, Netherlands) *
  13 Cuby & The Blizzards - Feeling Like A Suitcase (Grollo, Netherlands) *
  14 The Dukes - The Day That Changed My Life (Nijmegen, Netherlands) *
  15 Groep 1850 - Ever Ever Green (The Hague, Netherlands) *
  16 Het - Alleen Op Het Kerkhof (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
  17 Hu & The Hilltops - I Need Your Lovin' (The Hague, Netherlands)
  18 The Hunters - Spring (Amsterdam, Netherlands) *
  19 Johnny Kendall & The Heralds - Shake Hands (Amsterdam, Netherlands) *
  20 De Maskers - Because I'm In Love (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
  21 Q65 - Sour Wine (The Hague, Netherlands)
  22 George Baker Selection - Pretty Little Dreamer (Zaandam, Netherlands) *
  23 The Outsiders - I'm Only Trying To Prove To Myself That I'm Not Like Everybody Else (Amsterdam, Netherlands) *
  24 Boudewijn De Groot - Eva (Heemstede, Netherlands) *
  25 The Cats - Without Your Love (Volendam, Netherlands)

CD 2
    1 The Outsiders - Ballad Of John B. (Amsterdam, Netherlands) *
    2 The Golden Earrings - The Words I Need (The Hague, Netherlands)
    3 The Bintangs - Down South Blues (Beverwijk, Netherlands) *
    4 After Tea - The Time Is Nigh (The Hague, Netherlands)
    5 Q65 - I Was Young (The Hague, Netherlands) *
    6 Ro-d-ys - Wheels, Wheels, Wheels (Winschoten, Netherlands)
    7 The Sandy Coast - I'm A Fool (Voorburg, Netherlands)
    8 Shocking Blue - Hot Sand (The Hague, Netherlands) *
    9 The Tee-Set - Long Ago (Now It Ain't So) (Delft, Netherlands)
  10 Chubby Checker With De Maskers - Cato From Volendam (Amsterdam, Netherlands) *
  11 Armand - Een Van Hen Ben Ik (Eindhoven, Netherlands)
  12 Bojoura - Faceless Sorrow (The Hague, Netherlands) *
  13 The Incrowd - Half Dollar Man (The Hague, Netherlands)
  14 Blues Dimension - The End Of The Battle (Zwolle, Netherlands) *
  15 The Shoes - Shooting Star (Zoeterwoude, Netherlands) *
  16 The Torero's - Lucille (Hilversum, Netherlands) *
  17 The Tower - Slow Motion Mind (Hilversum, Netherlands)
  18 Zen - Aquarius (Amsterdam, Netherlands) *
  19 The Motions - We Fell In Love (The Hague, Netherlands)
  20 Les Baroques - She's Mine (Baarn, Netherlands)
  21 Boudewijn De Groot - Als De Rook Om Je Hoofd Is Verdwenen (Heemstede, Netherlands)
  22 Brainbox - Summertime (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
  23 Cuby & The Blizzards - I'm So Restless (Grollo, Netherlands)
  24 The Sandy Coast - Comin' Home (Voorburg, Netherlands) *
  25 The Haigs - Hey Baby (The Hague, Netherlands) *

* indicates that the track only appears on this compilation

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