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So You Wanna Be A Rock & Roll Star - CD
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CD 1
    1 Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs - Poison Ivy (Sydney, Australia)
    2 Ray Brown & The Whispers - Pride (Sydney, Australia)
    3 Normie Rowe & The Playboys - Tell Him I'm Not Home (Melbourne, Australia)
    4 Tony Worsley & The Blue Jays - Just A Little Bit (Brisbane, Australia)
    5 Mike Furber & The Bowery Boys - You Stole My Love (Brisbane, Australia)
    6 Johnny Young & Kompany - Step Back (Perth, Australia)
    7 The Id - Lindy Lou (Sydney, Australia)
    8 Ray Hoff & The Offbeats - Let's Go, Let's Go, Let's Go (Perth, Australia)
    9 Chris Hall & The Torquays - Don't Ask Me Why (Sydney, Australia)
  10 Marty Rhone & The Soul Agents - Thirteen Women (Sydney, Australia)
  11 Glen Ingram & The Hi-Five - Skye Boat Song (Perth, Australia)
  12 The Vince Maloney Sect - She's A Yum Yum (Sydney, Australia)
  13 Steve & The Board - The Giggle Eyed Goo! (Sydney, Australia)
  14 The Purple Hearts - Early In The Morning (Brisbane, Australia)
  15 The Delltones - Hey Girl, Don't Bother Me (Sydney, Australia)
  16 The Executives - Wander Boy (Sydney, Australia)
  17 The Amazons - Ain't That Lovin' You Baby (Sydney, Australia)
  18 The Sunsets - When I Found You (Newcastle, Australia)
  19 The Rajahs - Kiss Me Now (Sydney, Australia)
  20 The Black Diamonds - See The Way (Lithgow, Australia)
  21 The Blue Beats - She's Comin' Home (Sydney, Australia)
  22 The Pogs - The Pogs' Theme (Sydney, Australia)
  23 The Morloch - Every Night (Sydney, Australia)
  24 The Mystrys - Witch Girl (Melbourne, Australia)
  25 The Showmen - Don't Deceive (Sydney, Australia)
  26 The Librettos - Kicks (Wellington, New Zealand)
  27 The Lost Souls - This Life Of Mine (Melbourne, Australia)
  28 The Five - Bright Lights Big City (Brisbane, Australia)
  29 The A Sound - Tomorrow I Meet You (Sydney, Australia)
  30 Kevin Bible & The Book - Rockin' Pneumonia (Sydney, Australia)
  31 Jimmy Crockett & The Shanes - Lovin' Touch (Sydney, Australia)
  32 Blues Rags 'N' Hollers - I Just Want To Make Love To You (Adelaide, Australia)

CD 2
    1 Pastoral Symphony - Love Machine (Australia)
    2 The Dave Miller Set - Mr. Guy Fawkes (Sydney, Australia)
    3 Heart & Soul - Lazy Life (Sydney, Australia)
    4 Erl Dalby & The Pyramid - Can't Wait For September (Australia)
    5 Phil Jones & The Unknown Blues - If I Had A Ticket (Sydney, Australia)
    6 King Fox - Unforgotten Dreams (Sydney, Australia)
    7 The Valentines - Peculiar Hole In The Sky (Perth, Australia)
    8 Procession - Listen (Melbourne, Australia)
    9 The Running Jumping Standing Still - Diddy Wah Diddy (Melbourne, Australia)
  10 Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs - Good Morning Little Schoolgirl (Sydney, Australia)
  11 The Wild Cherries - Krome Plated Yabby (Melbourne, Australia)
  12 Bay City Union - Mo'reen (Brisbane, Australia)
  13 Chain - Mr. Time (Perth, Australia)
  14 Mecca - Black Sally (Sydney, Australia)
  15 Jeff St. John & Yama - Nothing Comes Easy (Sydney, Australia)
  16 Doug Parkinson In Focus - I Had A Dream (Sydney, Australia)
  17 Rockwell T. James & The Rhythm Aces - Love Power (Melbourne, Australia)
  18 Daisy Clover - Tell Me (Melbourne, Australia) *
  19 Gus & The House - The Bed (Sydney, Australia) *
  20 Tymepiece - The Bird In The Tree (Sydney, Australia) *
  21 The Bucket - I Can't Help Thinking Of You (Adelaide, Australia)
  22 Frog Hollow - Over Under Sideways Down (Australia) *
  23 Jeff St. John & Copperwine - Cloud Nine (Sydney, Australia) *

CD 3
    1 Samael Lilith - Nights In White Satin (Sydney, Australia)
    2 The Cleves - Sticks & Stones (Clevedon, New Zealand)
    3 Affair - Shoeshine Boy (Sydney, Australia)
    4 Velvet Underground - Somebody To Love (Newcastle, Australia)
    5 Clapham Junction - Emily On Sunday (Sydney, Australia)
    6 The Clik - Mary Mary (Sydney, Australia)
    7 Melissa - Mississippi Mama (Sydney, Australia)
    8 Elmtree - Lonely Nights (Sydney, Australia)
    9 Sherbet - Crimson Ships (Sydney, Australia)
  10 The Ram Jam Big Band - Sunshine & I Feel Fine (Melbourne, Australia)
  11 The Love Machine - The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Blue Mountains, Australia)
  12 The Iguana - California, My Way (Melbourne, Australia)
  13 New Dream - Groupie (Melbourne, Australia)
  14 White Wine - The Train Song (Sydney, Australia)
  15 Lloyd's World - Brass Bird (Sydney, Australia)
  16 The James Taylor Move - Magic Eyes (Adelaide, Australia)
  17 The Cam-Pact - Drawing Room (Melbourne, Australia)
  18 The Questions - Something Wonderful (Sydney, Australia)
  19 Ray Brown & Moonstone - Start Of A New Day (Sydney, Australia)
  20 69'ers - On The Road Again (Australia) *
  21 The Tol-Puddle Martyrs - Love Your Life (Bendigo, Australia) *
  22 Linda Cable & Levi Smiths Clefs - Take A Little Piece Of My Heart (Australia) *
  23 Barry McCaskell & Levi Smith Clefs - Gonna Get A Seizure (Adelaide, Australia) *
  24 Galadriel - Lady Was A Thief (Sydney, Australia) *
  25 Toby Jugg - (If Paradise Is) Half As Nice (Sydney, Australia) *
  26 Flake - This Wheel's On Fire (Sydney, Australia) *

* indicates that the track only appears on this compilation

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