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Cave Of Clear Light: The Pye And Dawn Record Underground Trip 1967-1975 - Box
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Side 1
    1 The Bystanders - Cave Of Clear Light (Swansea, U.K.)
    2 Donovan - Season Of The Witch (Glasgow, U.K.)
    3 Episode Six - Morning Dew (Harrow, U.K.)
    4 Status Quo - Paradise Flat (London, U.K.) *
    5 Neo Maya - UFO (Harrow, U.K.) *
    6 Man - The Future Hides Its Face (Swansea, U.K.) *
    7 Blonde On Blonde - Ride With Captain Max (Newport, U.K.)
    8 Velvett Fogg - Yellow Cave Women (Birmingham, U.K.) *
    9 Donovan - Hurdy Gurdy Man (Glasgow, U.K.)
  10 Woody Kern - Tell You I'm Gone (Derby, U.K.) *
  11 The Mooche - Hot Smoke And Sassafras (Chelmsford, U.K.)
  12 Blonde On Blonde - All Day, All Night (Newport, U.K.)
  13 Status Quo - Mr. Mind Detector (London, U.K.)
  14 Pesky Gee! - Peace Of Mind (Leicester, U.K.) *
  15 John Kongos - Confusions About A Goldfish (South Africa)
  16 Man - It Is As It Must Be (Swansea, U.K.)
  17 The Fire - Flies Like A Bird (Hounslow, U.K.) *
  18 Trader Horne - Velvet To Atone (London, U.K.) *

Side 2
    1 The Fire - Tell You A Story (Hounslow, U.K.)
    2 Titus Groan - Hall Of Bright Carvings (U.K.) *
    3 Atlantic Bridge - Hillary Dixon (U.K.) *
    4 Comus - Song To Comus (U.K.) *
    5 Mungo Jerry - I Just Wanna Make Love To You (U.K.) *
    6 Jackie McAuley - Cameramen; Wilson And Holmes (Belfast, Ireland) *
    7 Pluto - Road To Glory (U.K.) *
    8 Quiet World - Body To The Mind (London, U.K.) *
    9 Trifle - One Way Glass (London, U.K.) *
  10 Mike Cooper - Pharaoh's March (Reading, U.K.) *
  11 Demon Fuzz - I Put A Spell On You (London, U.K.) *
  12 Status Quo - Someone's Learning (London, U.K.) *
  13 Atomic Rooster - Time Take My Life (London, U.K.) *

Side 3
    1 Paul Brett's Sage - 3D Mona Lisa (Coventry, U.K.)
    2 The Trio - Billy The Kid (U.K.) *
    3 Status Quo - Gerundula (London, U.K.) *
    4 Noir - Hard Labour (U.K.) *
    5 Heron - Yellow Roses (U.K.) *
    6 Atomic Rooster - Save Me (London, U.K.) *
    7 Icarus - Fantastic Four (London, U.K.) *
    8 Writing On The Wall - Man Of Renown (Edinburgh, U.K.) *
    9 Gravy Train - Staircase To The Day (U.K.) *
  10 Jonesy - Ricochet (London, U.K.) *
  11 Vincent Crane & Chris Farlowe - Can't Find A Reason (U.K.) *
  12 Fruup - Decision (Belfast, Ireland) *
  13 David McWilliams - Lord Offaly (Belfast, Ireland) *
  14 Paul Brett's Sage - Custom Angel Man (Coventry, U.K.) *
  15 Quicksand - Flying (U.K.) *
  16 Stray - Stand Up And Be Counted (London, U.K.) *
  17 Jonesy - No Alternative (London, U.K.) *

* indicates that the track only appears on this compilation

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