Note: this is an archived copy of Paul Routenburg's excellent Killed By Hype site which was previously located at and It contains a lot of great information about punk records so I decided to keep it alive here after the demise of GeoCities.

Killed By Hype

Wait a minute, this sounds like rock and or roll. (Reverend Lovejoy)

Check out the news page for the latest, not that I update this thing very often.

Here is a list of things I would consider selling. If it isn't listed on this page I probably don't want to sell it! If something interests you email me .

So how rare is that record anyway?

Track listings and next to useless reviews of as many of the Bloodstains, Killed By Death type compilations as I can get my hands on.

COUNTRY BY COUNTRY listings of most of what I have available for tape/CD trading. Except for what is listed on the For Sale page none of these are for sale, either because I have only a tape or CD copy or I just don't want to sell it. So don't ask!

Australia , Austria , Belgium , Brazil , Canada , Denmark , Finland , France , Germany , Holland , Iceland , Ireland , Italy , Japan , New Zealand , Norway , Poland , Spain , Sweden , Switzerland , UK , USA , Yugoslavia , none of the above .

The newest additions are here . Eventually they'll make their way into the main country listings.

The chosen few links.
Let me know if you have suggestions for others that I could include, keeping in mind that the main focus of this site is 1977-83 punk rock.


Generally I don't bother with wants lists (hey, if he wants it, that must mean he'll want to pay a lot for it, right?). There are a few things I wouldn't mind having actual copies of (listed here) , but for the most part I'm happy with tapes/CDs or having the songs on a compilation. I'll let the real collectors fight over the originals. Here is a much more extensive list of things that I am interested in hearing. If you're interested in trading tapes or would like to hear something please get in touch . Other than time constraints I have no problem taping anything for anyone who wants to hear it.

DISCLAIMER: This site is a (very slow!) work in progress. I add things as I have time but I know I'm missing a lot, and there are no doubt numerous errors. Sometimes I have difficulty reading people's writing when they send me tapes so there are sure to be numerous spelling errors and things I've simply missed. Any corrections or suggested additions are welcomed.

My main area of interest is worldwide punk from about 1977-1983 (though I have a lot of other stuff as well). This includes "typical" 1977 style punk rock, powerpop, mod, some art-punk (and even some new wave) and more melodic hardcore. I'm not a big hardcore fan, and I no time for straight-edge and similiar things. I also don't have a lot of time for grunge, or the current flood of "pop-punk" crap that seems to be everywhere. There is some of it here but it isn't usually what I'd pick to listen to if I have a choice. There are some newer releases included here as well. There are some very good things that have been released in the last 10 years, you just have to look a little harder to find them. A lot of what is here is worthwhile. Some of it is great, some is rather new wave/pop or simply not punk. Some of it is crap, but at least I didn't waste money buying the actual record (sometimes!). At a time when just about any vaguely punk record from 1977-83 is hyped to death (and priced accordingly) it makes sense to listen to it before laying out the money. As a wise man once wrote, "There is some real shit being peddled for big bucks out there, on the other hand some of these are worth more than money." I'll give my considered (and obviously correct) opinion of what is "essential" listening, which may change as I hear more things (and listen again to a lot of what I already have). Since I'm not selling records (except in a few cases), I'll say if I think something is crap or generally over-rated and overpriced. Fortunately there are a quite a few compilations around which feature some of the better or rarer songs, so there's no need to spend ridiculous amounts to get some great music.

One of these years I'll be adding more info about the records, along with more things I have that I've missed and new ones that show up. This is by no means meant to be an exhaustive discography, just a list what I've accumulated so far. Many of the bands listed only ever released a record or two, so in a sense it is a discography of some form. If you're curious about pressing sizes, whether the first press came with a pink or a red sleeve or such details, feel free to ask. If I know I'll be happy to tell you. Eventually I might make this into a real database with more info. Who knows, even pictures and sounds could show up one day. But don't hold your breath.

What kind of person would do this sort of thing?