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Stora Popboxen - CD
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CD 1
    1 Ejdetjarns Boosies - Bye Bye Girl (Eskilstuna, Sweden)
    2 The Kays - What If Johnny Says No (Stockholm, Sweden) *
    3 The Shanes - Let Me Show You Who I Am (Kiruna, Sweden)
    4 The Shamrocks - A Mountain Of Silver (Huddinge, Sweden)
    5 The Hoods - Every Time I Turn My Back (Jonkoping, Sweden)
    6 Kringlorna - Why Is Love So Blind (Sodertalje, Sweden) *
    7 The Hep Stars - Farmer John (Stockholm, Sweden)
    8 The Cherry Stones - Muddy Hands (Stockholm, Sweden)
    9 The Mascots - A Sad Boy (Stockholm, Sweden)
  10 The T-Boones - At The Club (Stockholm, Sweden)
  11 The Tages - Don't Turn Your Back (Gothenburg, Sweden)
  12 The Shakemakers - Searchin' For Shake (Helsingborg, Sweden)
  13 The Shanes - I Don't Want Your Love (Kiruna, Sweden)
  14 The Moonjacks - Come On (Stockholm, Sweden)
  15 The Beathovens - About The Sun (Motala, Sweden)
  16 The Hep Stars - Cadillac (Stockholm, Sweden)
  17 The Madmen - Alfred E. Goes Surfin' (Nynashamn, Sweden)
  18 The Howlers - Now It's Over (Kristianstad, Sweden)
  19 Downbeat Crowd - The Snake (Hassleholm, Sweden) *
  20 The Shamrocks - La La La (Huddinge, Sweden)
  21 Scarlet Ribbons - Three Roses (Norrkoping, Sweden)
  22 "14" - Wondering (Finspang, Sweden) *
  23 The Merrymen With Boz - Searchin' (Stockholm, Sweden)
  24 The Pools - Darling Corey (Hedesunda, Sweden)
  25 The Mascots - Words Enough To Tell You (Stockholm, Sweden)
  26 The Namelosers - Land Of 1000 Dances (Malmo, Sweden)
  27 The Tages - So Many Girls (Gothenburg, Sweden)
  28 The Best - Back Door Man (Stockholm, Sweden)
  29 Ola & The Janglers - Love Was On Your Mind (Stockholm, Sweden)
  30 Steampacket II - You Just Gotta Know My Mind (Stockholm, Sweden)

CD 2
    1 The Hep Stars - Sunny Girl (Stockholm, Sweden)
    2 The T-Boones - What A Feeling (Stockholm, Sweden) *
    3 The Beathovens - Summer Sun (Motala, Sweden)
    4 The Acts - I Guess So (Uppsala, Sweden)
    5 Hootenanny Singers - No Time (Sweden) *
    6 The Madmen - Rambler (Nynashamn, Sweden)
    7 The Namelosers - Do-Ao (Malmo, Sweden)
    8 Shivers - No No No No (Sollentuna, Sweden)
    9 The Rogues - Cheat And Lie (Stockholm, Sweden) *
  10 The Lee Kings - On My Way (Stockholm, Sweden)
  11 The Hep Stars - Wedding (Stockholm, Sweden)
  12 The Fools - Baby, I Want To Know (Stockholm, Sweden)
  13 The Longboatmen - Take Her Anytime (Stockholm, Sweden)
  14 "14" - Little Down-Hearted Arthur (Finspang, Sweden) *
  15 The Sleepstones - It's The Same Old Thing (Stockholm, Sweden)
  16 The Fabulous Four - Rotten Rats (Stockholm, Sweden)
  17 The Mascots - The Girl That You Are (Stockholm, Sweden)
  18 Science Poption - You've Got Me High (Stockholm, Sweden)
  19 Ola & The Janglers - Alex Is The Man (Stockholm, Sweden)
  20 The Tages - Miss Mac Baren (Gothenburg, Sweden)
  21 The Gents - Honor Bright (Vasteras, Sweden)
  22 The Caretakers - All You Got To Do (Jonkoping, Sweden) *
  23 The Shanes - Chris-Craft No. 9 (Kiruna, Sweden)
  24 Sound LTD Set - Sunside World (Horby, Sweden)
  25 Mak Les Soeurs - Sunshine (Gothenburg, Sweden) *
  26 The Moderations - Hard To Forget (Malmo, Sweden)
  27 Lay Abouts - So Long Fanny (Stockholm, Sweden)
  28 Science Poption - Lady Of Leisure (Stockholm, Sweden)
  29 The Tages - Every Raindrop Means A Lot (Gothenburg, Sweden)
  30 Bread - Motortown Beat (Malmo, Sweden) *

CD 3
    1 Steampacket - Viva L'Amour (Stockholm, Sweden)
    2 The Shakers - All I Want Is My Baby (Gothenburg, Sweden) *
    3 The Shanes - Hey There, Sunbeams (Kiruna, Sweden) *
    4 The Mades - Sing With Me (Stockholm, Sweden)
    5 Slam Creepers' - Open The Door To Your Heart (Vansbro, Sweden) *
    6 Science Poption - I Set A Fire (Stockholm, Sweden)
    7 Bella & Me - Whatever Happened To The 7-Day Week (Stockholm, Sweden)
    8 Tom & Mick & The Maniacs - Somebody's Taken Maria Away (Stockholm, Sweden)
    9 Ola & The Janglers - Juliet (Stockholm, Sweden)
  10 Mikael & Michael - Lovin' Enemy (Stockholm, Sweden) *
  11 The Tages - Treat Her Like A Lady (Gothenburg, Sweden)
  12 The Hounds - Old Man In New York (Stockholm, Sweden)
  13 The Lee Kings - Coming From The Ground (Stockholm, Sweden)
  14 The New Generation - Two Faces Have I (Stockholm, Sweden)
  15 Darling - Smiling (Stockholm, Sweden)
  16 The Jackpots - Lincoln City (Gothenburg, Sweden)
  17 Lea Riders Group - Dom Kallar Oss Mods (Borgholm, Sweden)
  18 Tintacs - Love Bring The Night And The Day (Vaxholm, Sweden) *
  19 Attractions - Let Love Come Between Us (Stockholm, Sweden)
  20 John Julian & Curt-Gorans - Misery Is Such A Mystery (Eskilstuna, Sweden)
  21 Slam Creepers' - It's Saturday (Vansbro, Sweden) *
  22 Annaabee-Nox - Anna Be Nice (Vallingby, Sweden)
  23 Bamboo - Everybody's Gone Home (Stockholm, Sweden)
  24 The Tages - Fantasy Island (Gothenburg, Sweden)
  25 Les Fleurs - Souls (Amal, Sweden)
  26 Ragges - If I Had Something (Lulea, Sweden) *
  27 Ola & The Janglers - Let's Dance (Stockholm, Sweden)
  28 The Jackpots - Jack In The Box (Gothenburg, Sweden)
  29 Pete Proud - Ba-Ba-Da-Da-Oooh (Stockholm, Sweden) *

* indicates that the track only appears on this compilation

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