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Psychedelic Archives - UK Psychedelia, 1st Set #2 - Tape
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    * The State Of Mickey & Tommy - Nobody Knows Where You've Been (U.K.)
    * The Crocheted Doughnut Ring - Two Little Ladies (Azalea & Rhododendron) (London, U.K.)
    * Shy Limbs - Reputation (Bournemouth, U.K.)
    * McGough & McGear - So Much In Love (Liverpool, U.K.)
    * The Living Daylights - Jane (Newcastle, U.K.)
    * Jigsaw - Seven Fishes (Rugby, U.K.)
    * The Downliners Sect - White Caterpillar (London, U.K.)
    * Cirkus - Amsterdam (Newcastle, U.K.)
    * Kate - Don't Make A Sound (London, U.K.)
    * Fairfield Parlour - Baby Stay For Tonight (Harrow, U.K.) *
    * Apple - Mrs. Jones (U.K.) *
    * Leviathan - Through The Looking Glass (Brighton, U.K.) *
    * The Luvvers - House On The Hill (Glasgow, U.K.)
    * The Pandamonium - No Presents For Me (Kent, U.K.)
    * Andromeda - Go Your Way (London, U.K.)
    * Tamara Koran & Perception - Veils Of Mourning Lace (U.K.)
    * BBC Radiophonic Workshop - Dr. Who (U.K.) *
    * The Crocheted Doughnut Ring - Nice (London, U.K.)
    * The Walham Green East Wapping Carpet Cleaning Rodent & Boggit Extermination Association - Sorry Mr. Green (U.K.)
    * Cliff Wade & The Varlets - Did You Know (York, U.K.) *
    * The Mirage - Tomorrow Never Knows (Hertford, U.K.)
    * The Fox - Hey! Mr. Carpenter (U.K.)
    * Fairfield Parlour - Eyewitness (Harrow, U.K.) *
    * Hat & Tie - Finding It Rough (Ealing, U.K.)
    * Cat's Pyjamas - Virginia Water (U.K.)
    * Druid Chase - Take Me In Your Garden (U.K.)
    * Second Hand - A Fairy Tale (U.K.)
    * The Nashville Teens - I'm A Lonely One (Weybridge, U.K.)
    * Skrugg - Only George (U.K.) *
    * The Fruit Machine - I'm Alone Today (London, U.K.)
    * Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera - Salisbury Plain (Coventry, U.K.)
    * Billy J. Kramer - Town Of Tuxley Toymaker (Part One) (Liverpool, U.K.)
    * Miller - Baby I Got News For You (Norwich, U.K.)
    * The Fire - Tell You A Story (Hounslow, U.K.)

* indicates that the track only appears on this compilation

Data last updated 4/10/2011.

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