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Psychedelic Archives - Beat Music #2 - Tape
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    * Fabs - If You've Got Troubles (U.K.) *
    * Mystery Group - I Found The Sun *
    * The Creatures - It Must Be Love (Dublin, Ireland)
    * Billie Davis - No Other Baby (Birmingham, U.K.) *
    * Unit 4 + 2 - You've Never Been In Love Like This Before (Hertford, U.K.) *
    * The Mike Cotton Sound - I Don't Wanna Know (London, U.K.)
    * Senators - She's A Mod (Birmingham, U.K.)
    * The Force Five - I Want You Babe (London, U.K.)
    * The Lovin' - Keep On Believin' (Nottingham, U.K.)
    * The Four Squares - Don't You Know I Love You (U.K.)
    * The Rockin' Vickers - I Don't Need Your Kind (Blackpool, U.K.)
    * Mike Stuart Span - Invitation (Brighton, U.K.)
    * Fabs - I Saw Her Standing There (U.K.) *
    * The Masterminds - Taken My Love (Liverpool, U.K.)
    * The Swinging Blue Jeans - Promise You'll Tell Her (Liverpool, U.K.) *
    * The Bystanders - (You're Gonna) Hurt Yourself (Swansea, U.K.)
    * The Who - Coca Cola (London, U.K.) *
    * The Merseys - So Sad About Us (Liverpool, U.K.)
    * The Avengers - When It's Over (Bakersfield, CA, U.S.A.) *
    * Cilla Black - Work Is A Four Letter Word (Liverpool, U.K.) *
    * The Just Four Men - Things Will Never Be The Same (Liverpool, U.K.)
    * The Beatmen - Now The Sun Has Gone (Nottingham, U.K.)
    * The Bad Boys - Runnin' & Hidin' (U.K.) *
    * Twiggy - I Need Your Hand In Mine (London, U.K.) *
    * The Gates Of Eden - Too Much On My Mind (U.K.)
    * The Applejacks - Baby's In Black (Solihull, U.K.)
    * The End - You Must Do Something (London, U.K.) *
    * Wimple Winch - The Last Hooray (Stockport, U.K.) *
    * Solitaires - Over You (Birmingham, U.K.)
    * Episode Six - Mozart Vs. The Rest (Harrow, U.K.) *
    * The Knack - Who'll Be The Next In Line (Ilford, U.K.)
    * George Martin - All Quiet On The Mersey Front (London, U.K.) *
    * The Peeps - The Loser Wins (Coventry, U.K.)
    * Ray Brown & The Whispers - Say It Again (Sydney, Australia)
    * The Kinks - Tired Of Waiting For You (London, U.K.)
    * Unit 4 + 2 - I Can't Stop (Hertford, U.K.) *
    * The Force Five - Baby Let Your Hair Down (London, U.K.)
    * Jaybirds - Good Golly Miss Molly *
    * The Quiet Five - Tomorrow I'll Be Gone (London, U.K.) *
    * The Swinging Blue Jeans - What Can I Do Today? (Liverpool, U.K.) *

* indicates that the track only appears on this compilation

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