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Nederpop #1 - LP
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Side 1
    1 After Tea - Not Just A Flower In Your Hair (The Hague, Holland)
    2 The Shoes - No Money For Roses (Zoeterwoude, Holland)
    3 Het - Ik Heb Geen Zin Om Op Te Staan (Amsterdam, Holland)
    4 The Golden Earrings - Dong-dong-di-ki-di-gi-dong (The Hague, Holland)
    5 Cuby & The Blizzards - Another Day, Another Road (Grollo, Holland)
    6 Boudewijn De Groot - Welterusten Mijnheer De President (Heemstede, Holland)
    7 The Bintangs - Ridin' On The L&N (Beverwijk, Holland)
    8 The Jay-Jays - Baldheaded Woman (The Hague, Holland)

Side 2
    1 Les Baroques - Working On A Tsjing Tsjang (Baarn, Holland)
    2 Boots - In The Beginning (The Hague, Holland) *
    3 The Free - Keep In Touch (Rotterdam, Holland)
    4 The Jets - Goldfinger (Utrecht, Holland)
    5 Q65 - I Despise You (The Hague, Holland)
    6 Swinging Soul Machine - Stop The Machine (Rotterdam, Holland)
    7 Livin' Blues - Sonny Boy (You Better Watch Yourself) (The Hague, Holland)

Side 3
    1 Ro-d-ys - Take Her Home (Winschoten, Holland)
    2 Frans Krassenburg - Golden Earrings (The Hague, Holland)
    3 Zen - Hair (Amsterdam, Holland)
    4 Wally Tax - Let's Forget What I Said (Amsterdam, Holland)
    5 The Rob Hoeke Rhythm & Blues Group - Drinking On My Bed (Haarlem, Holland)
    6 Q65 - You're The Victor (The Hague, Holland)
    7 The Jumping Jewels - Irish Washerwoman (The Hague, Holland)
    8 Armand - Ben Ik Te Min (Eindhoven, Holland)

Side 4
    1 Cuby & The Blizzards - Window Of My Eyes (Grollo, Holland)
    2 The Free - Soul Party (Rotterdam, Holland)
    3 Rene & His Alligators - Guitar Boogie (The Hague, Holland)
    4 Peter & The Zijn Rockets - Kom Van Dat Dak Af (Eindhoven, Holland)
    5 Blues Dimension - Battlefield Of Love (Zwolle, Holland)
    6 Ekseption - Air (Haarlem, Holland)
    7 After Tea - Snowflakes On Amsterdam (The Hague, Holland)

* indicates that the track only appears on this compilation

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