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Raveyard Paradise - LP
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Side 1
    1 Firebeats, Inc. - Funny Things (Oslo, Norway) *
    2 Firebeats, Inc. - I Can't Find Nobody (Oslo, Norway)
    3 The Vanguards - High-Heel Sneakers (Baerum, Norway)
    4 Mewsic Group - She Won't Sing (Trondheim, Norway)
    5 The Zodiacs - No No No No (Rjukan, Norway)
    6 The Modsmen Sect - Was It Me (Tromso, Norway) *
    7 The Shirrows - Shakin' All Over (Trondheim, Norway)
    8 The Shirrows - Jenny Jenny (Trondheim, Norway)
    9 The Rhythmic Six - Watch Your Step (Bergen, Norway)

Side 2
    1 The Cannons - Jezebel (Oslo, Norway) *
    2 The Wizards - See You Tonight (Narvik, Norway)
    3 The Wizards - Slippin' And A Slidin' (Narvik, Norway) *
    4 Members Of Time - Dreamin' (Oslo, Norway)
    5 Public Enemies - Green Onions (Oslo, Norway)
    6 The Vultures - Don't Bring Me Down (Lillestrom, Norway) *
    7 The Missing Links - Movin' (Trondheim, Norway)
    8 The Pussycats - Purdy Patsy (Tromso, Norway)
    9 The Pussycats - Cadillac (Tromso, Norway) *

Side 3
    1 The Divorced - I'm Gonna Leave You Satisfied (Sarpsborg, Norway)
    2 The Divorced - When I'm Coming Home (Sarpsborg, Norway)
    3 The Hugger-Muggers - Come On Up (Oslo, Norway)
    4 One-Two-Six - Veto (Bodo, Norway) *
    5 1-2-6 - Mirror For Sale (Bodo, Norway) *
    6 The Firestones - I've Been Wrong (Trondheim, Norway)
    7 Green Onions - Came From A Party (Moss, Norway)
    8 Green Onions - Talkin' About You (Moss, Norway) *
    9 The Swing Blues - Out Of My Mind (Stavanger, Norway) *

Side 4
    1 Guess Who, Inc. - Man's Trouble (Lillehammer, Norway)
    2 Mojo Blues - Nothing's Too Good For My Baby (Oslo, Norway)
    3 Mojo Blues - Land Of 1000 Dances (Oslo, Norway) *
    4 Jan Groth & His Voodoos - Bye Bye Baby (Fredrikstad, Norway)
    5 The Clinkers - No More Potations (Norway)
    6 The Others - Buzz The Jerk (Bo, Norway)
    7 The Arrows - Down The Line (Fauske, Norway) *
    8 New Beatnicks - I'm Not Sorry (Oslo, Norway)
    9 Firebeats, Inc. - Let Me Tell You (Oslo, Norway) *

* indicates that the track only appears on this compilation

Data last updated 4/10/2011.

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