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Antipodean Screams #2 - CD
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CD 1
    1 Persian Rugs - St. Peters Infirmary (Australia) *
    2 The Pink Fits - Dishwasher Blues (Wollongong, Australia) *
    3 The Shimmys - Highschool Honey (Melbourne, Australia) *
    4 Johnny Casino & The Secrets - Keep On Keepin' On (Sydney, Australia) *
    5 The Mysterious Tapemen - Ace Of Spades (Australia) *
    6 The Dolly Rocker Movement - Get Au Go-Go (Sydney, Australia) *
    7 Los Hories - Dead Town (Auckland, New Zealand) *
    8 Straight Arrows - Can't Count (Sydney, Australia) *
    9 Voodoo Savage & His Savages - Cave Girl (New Zealand) *
  10 The White Swallows - Wannabee (Perth, Australia) *
  11 The Stoneage Hearts - Sick Of You (Melbourne, Australia) *
  12 The Damned Evangelist - Damn You! (New Zealand) *
  13 The Unfuckable - Turkish Delight (Sydney, Australia) *
  14 The Molting Vultures - Hang Up (Adelaide, Australia) *
  15 Wal Purgis & The Werewolves - Going To The River (Australia) *
  16 The Sailors - Bury Your Problems (Melbourne, Australia) *
  17 Knife Fight - Out Of The Window (Australia) *
  18 Lords Of Gravity - Paranoid Mind (Melbourne, Australia) *

CD 2
    1 The Stems - Move Me '07 (Perth, Australia) *
    2 The Booby Traps - What A Guy Can't Do (Sydney, Australia) *
    3 The Tash Mints - Dog Tired (Australia) *
    4 The Mess Makers - Discomfort (Sydney, Australia) *
    5 Grande Cobra - Choke (Auckland, New Zealand) *
    6 Mink Jaguar - You've Got The Answers (Sydney, Australia) *
    7 Digger & The Pussycats - I Want You (Melbourne, Australia) *
    8 The Frowning Clouds - Dirty Girl (Geelong, Australia) *
    9 The New Invincibles - Fist (Perth, Australia)
  10 The Bloody Souls - Shitsville (New Zealand) *
  11 Devil Dolls - Bring Me Down (Melbourne, Australia) *
  12 The Homicides - Babysitter (Australia) *
  13 The Ripping Dylans - Kids (Sydney, Australia) *
  14 The Elephant Gods - Take Me Away (Sydney, Australia) *
  15 The Beach Chromers - Surfin' UFO (Melbourne, Australia) *
  16 Wrong Turn - Gelatin Pyramids (Melbourne, Australia) *
  17 Thee Psycho Delmatics - Mr. Brown (Melbourne, Australia) *
  18 Boss Christ - Party At Boss Christs' House (Palmerston North, New Zealand) *
  19 The Crusaders - She's So Good (Sydney, Australia) *

* indicates that the track only appears on this compilation

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