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Absolut Hit House 1964-1968 #1 - CD
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CD 1
    1 Tony Summers & The Lions - Hit House Shake 2003 (Copenhagen, Denmark) *
    2 Sir Henry & His Butlers - Giddy Up A Ding Dong (Copenhagen, Denmark) *
    3 The Defenders - Cadillac (Osterbro, Denmark) *
    4 Peter Belli & Les Rivals - I'm In Love Again (Copenhagen, Denmark) *
    5 The Moonlighters - Shake & Scream (Vesterbro, Denmark) *
    6 The Lions - Baby That's Rock'N'Roll (Copenhagen, Denmark) *
    7 The Black Beats - Beautiful Delilah (Vesterbro, Denmark)
    8 Melvis & His Gentlemen - Batman (Copenhagen, Denmark) *
    9 The Lennons - Wonder Where My Baby Is Tonight (Copenhagen, Denmark)
  10 The Ex-Checkers - Land Of A Thousand Dances (Copenhagen, Denmark)
  11 The Blackpools - All-Right (Sollerod, Denmark)
  12 The Beethovens - Long Live Beethoven (Copenhagen, Denmark)
  13 The Caravans - In The Midnight Hour (Copenhagen, Denmark) *
  14 Matadorerne - My Situation (Copenhagen, Denmark)
  15 The Donkeys - That's When Your Life Begins (Copenhagen, Denmark)
  16 Joe E. Carter's Group - Mother's Little Helper (Copenhagen, Denmark)
  17 The Beefeaters - If You Gotta Go, Go Now (Copenhagen, Denmark)
  18 The Rocking Ghosts - Don't Ha Ha (Hvidovre, Denmark) *
  19 Danny & The Royal Strings - Dandy (Denmark) *
  20 Stoke Sect - Get The Picture (Alleroed, Denmark)
  21 The Scarlets - Barbara Ann (Copenhagen, Denmark)
  22 The Teenmakers - It Won't Be Long (Ringsted, Denmark)
  23 The Red Squares - You Can Be My Baby (Boston, U.K.)
  24 Ole Nuemann & His Newmen - Hey For You (Copenhagen, Denmark)
  25 The Ebonies - Sunday Monday (Jamaica) *
  26 Wishful Thinking - Step By Step (Hampshire, U.K.)
  27 The Lollipops - Nobody (Copenhagen, Denmark) *
  28 Bodies - I Say Goodbye (Denmark)
  29 Tommy P. Studio Group - The Way We Do It (Copenhagen, Denmark)
  30 The Primates - Sunset (Hundested, Denmark)
  31 The Baronets - A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You (Arup, Denmark) *
  32 The Clan - Do It Again Just A Little Bit Slower (Copenhagen, Denmark) *
  33 Jacksons Garden - Fire (Denmark) *
  34 Peter Belli & Four Roses - Hey Joe (Copenhagen, Denmark) *

* indicates that the track only appears on this compilation

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