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Lost In Tyme #3 - CD
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CD 1
    1 The Manganzoides - Lost In Tyme (Lima, Peru) *
    2 The Sick Rose - It's A Mystery (Turin, Italy) *
    3 The Sick Rose - Don't Come With Me (Turin, Italy) *
    4 The Bo-Weevils - That Girl (St. Kilda, Australia) *
    5 Mod Fun - 99th Floor (New York, NY, U.S.A.) *
    6 Mod Fun - Heart Full Of Soul (New York, NY, U.S.A.) *
    7 The Waistcoats - Realize (Groningen, Holland) *
    8 The Rookies - I've Been Waiting (Piacenza, Italy) *
    9 The Rookies - From Above (Piacenza, Italy) *
  10 The 99th Floor - Happyville (Turin, Italy) *
  11 The 99th Floor - The One I'm Looking For (Turin, Italy) *
  12 Teddy Boys From The Crypt - Now I Know (Athens, Greece) *
  13 B-Back - I Want You To Be My Girl (Siena, Italy) *
  14 The Movements - We Want The Lot (Goteborg, Sweden) *
  15 The Evil Thingies - I Can Only Give You Everything (Lebbeke, Belgium) *
  16 The Way-Outs - Going All The Way (Lebbeke, Belgium) *
  17 The Higher State - Ballad Of A Loner (Kent, U.K.) *
  18 The Riots - Tell Me Tonight (Detriot, MI, U.S.A.) *
  19 The Ravens - Lonely Eyes (Dallas, TX, U.S.A.) *
  20 The Purple Merkins - She's Coming Home (Tucson, AZ, U.S.A.) *
  21 The Spinns - Let Me Down (Chapel Hill, NC, U.S.A.) *
  22 The Phantom Keys - In The Summer Time (Ogrobe, Spain)
  23 The Waistcoats - Yellow Fuzz (Groningen, Holland) *
  24 The Hunchmen - All Or Nothing (Bari, Italy) *
  25 The Cheaters - She Said No (Oslo, Norway) *
  26 The Glads - Start All Over (Ottawa, Canada) *
  27 The Rockdoras - The Sinister Urge (Winnipeg, Canada) *
  28 The Mojomatics - Blood Shot Eyes (Venice, Italy) *
  29 Brain Drain - Horror House (Nafpaktos, Greece) *
  30 Drug Free Youth - Lost In Tyme (Thessaloniki, Greece) *

* indicates that the track only appears on this compilation

Data last updated 4/10/2011.

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