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Scream Loud!!! The Fenton Story - CD
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CD 1
    1 The Quest's - I'm Tempted (MI, U.S.A.)
    2 Tonto & The Renegades - Little Boy Blue (MI, U.S.A.)
    3 The Beaux Jens - She Was Mine (MI, U.S.A.)
    4 The JuJus - I'm Really Sorry (MI, U.S.A.)
    5 The Chancellors - 5 Minus 3 (MI, U.S.A.)
    6 The Saharas - They Play It Wild (MI, U.S.A.)
    7 The Jades - We Got Something Going (MI, U.S.A.)
    8 The Chentelles - Be My Queen (MI, U.S.A.)
    9 The Headhunters - Times We Share (MI, U.S.A.)
  10 The Assortment - First I Look At The Purse (MI, U.S.A.)
  11 9th Street Market - You're Gone (MI, U.S.A.)
  12 The Blokes - All American Girl (MI, U.S.A.)
  13 The Sheffields - Nothing I Can Do (MI, U.S.A.)
  14 The Aardvarks - I Don't Believe (MI, U.S.A.)
  15 The Blues Company - She's Gone (MI, U.S.A.)
  16 The Soulbenders - 7 And 7 Is (MI, U.S.A.)
  17 The Black Watch - Left Behind (MI, U.S.A.)
  18 The Penetrators - What Went Wrong (MI, U.S.A.)
  19 The Jades - Surface World (MI, U.S.A.)
  20 The Aardvarks - I'm Higher Than I'm Down (MI, U.S.A.)
  21 The Mussies - 12 O'Clock, July (MI, U.S.A.)
  22 The JuJus - You Treat Me Bad (MI, U.S.A.)
  23 The Tribe - Fickle Little Girl (U.S.A.)
  24 The Plagues - Why Can't You Be True (MI, U.S.A.)
  25 Peter & The Prophets - Don't Need Your Lovin' (MI, U.S.A.)
  26 Tonto & The Renegades - I Knew This Thing Would Happen (MI, U.S.A.)
  27 The Barons - Try A Love With Me (MI, U.S.A.)
  28 The Quest's - Shadows In The Night (MI, U.S.A.)
  29 Me & Dem Guys - Come On Little Sweetheart (MI, U.S.A.)
  30 Renegades V - Wine Wine Wine (MI, U.S.A.)

CD 2
    1 The Plagues - I've Been Through It Before (MI, U.S.A.)
    2 The Mussies - Louie Go Home (MI, U.S.A.)
    3 The Fugitives - You Can't Blame That On Me (MI, U.S.A.)
    4 Legends - I'll Come Again (MI, U.S.A.)
    5 The JuJus - Do You Understand Me (MI, U.S.A.)
    6 The Quest's - Psychic (MI, U.S.A.)
    7 9th Street Market - I'm A Baby (MI, U.S.A.)
    8 Peter & The Prophets - Johnny Of Dreams (MI, U.S.A.)
    9 The Pedestrians - It's Too Late (MI, U.S.A.)
  10 The Beaux Jens - Trouble Baby (MI, U.S.A.)
  11 The Bed Of Roses - I Gotta Fight (MI, U.S.A.)
  12 The Aardvarks - That's Your Way (MI, U.S.A.)
  13 The Barons - Don't Come Back No More (MI, U.S.A.)
  14 The Jades - Confined Congregation (MI, U.S.A.)
  15 The Fugitives - I'll Hang Around (MI, U.S.A.)
  16 The Blokes - Slander's Child (MI, U.S.A.)
  17 Lyn & The Invaders - Boy Is Gone (MI, U.S.A.)
  18 Tonto & The Renegades - The Easy Way Out (MI, U.S.A.)
  19 The Jades - Please Come Back (MI, U.S.A.)
  20 The Pentagons - Try And Find (MI, U.S.A.)
  21 The Plagues - (Clouds Send Down) Tears From My Eyes (MI, U.S.A.)
  22 The Poor Boys Pride - The Place (MI, U.S.A.)
  23 The Chancellors - Dear John (MI, U.S.A.)
  24 The Assortment - Bless Our Hippy Home (MI, U.S.A.)
  25 The Plagues - Through This World (MI, U.S.A.)
  26 The Aardvarks - I Don't Need You (MI, U.S.A.)
  27 The Blues Company - Experiment In Color (MI, U.S.A.)
  28 The JuJus - Hey Little Girl (MI, U.S.A.)
  29 Tonto & The Renegades - Anytime You Want Some Lovin' (MI, U.S.A.)
  30 The Quest's - Scream Loud (MI, U.S.A.)
  31 The Pedestrians - Think Twice (MI, U.S.A.)

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