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Merseybeat - The Story Of The 60s Liverpool Sound - CD
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CD 1
    1 Billy Fury - My Advise (Liverpool, U.K.) *
    2 The Three Bells - Steady Date (Liverpool, U.K.) *
    3 The Beatles - Ain't She Sweet (Liverpool, U.K.)
    4 Gerry & The Pacemakers - How Do You Do It? (Liverpool, U.K.)
    5 The Big Three - Some Other Guy (Liverpool, U.K.)
    6 The Searchers - Sweets For My Sweet (Liverpool, U.K.)
    7 Johnny Sandon & The Remo Four - Lies (Liverpool, U.K.)
    8 The Searchers - Love Potion No. 9 (Liverpool, U.K.)
    9 The Chants - I Don't Care (Liverpool, U.K.)
  10 The Undertakers - Money (That's What I Want) (Liverpool, U.K.)
  11 Jeannie & The Big Guys - Boys (Chester, U.K.)
  12 Tommy Quickly & The Remo Four - Kiss Me Now (Liverpool, U.K.)
  13 The Breakaways - Here She Comes (Liverpool, U.K.)
  14 The Swinging Blue Jeans - Hippy Hippy Shake (Liverpool, U.K.)
  15 The Trends - All My Loving (Liverpool, U.K.)
  16 The Searchers - Needles & Pins (Liverpool, U.K.)
  17 The Undertakers - Just A Little Bit (Liverpool, U.K.)
  18 Jeannie & The Big Guys - I Want You (Chester, U.K.)
  19 The Breakaways - He Doesn't Love Me (Liverpool, U.K.)
  20 The Chants - Then I'll Be Home (Liverpool, U.K.)
  21 The Trends - The Way You Do The Things You Do (Liverpool, U.K.)
  22 The Remo Four - Sally Go 'Round The Roses (Liverpool, U.K.)
  23 Johnny Sandon & The Remo Four - Some Kinda Wonderful (Liverpool, U.K.)
  24 The Wackers - Love Or Money (Manchester, U.K.)
  25 Tony Jackson & The Vibrations - Bye Bye Baby (London, U.K.)

CD 2
    1 The 'Takers - If You Don't Come Back (Liverpool, U.K.)
    2 The Searchers - When You Walk In The Room (Liverpool, U.K.)
    3 Tommy Quickly & The Remo Four - The Wild Side Of Life (Liverpool, U.K.)
    4 Mark Peters & The Silhouettes - Don't Cry For Me (Liverpool, U.K.)
    5 Tony Jackson & The Vibrations - Fortune Teller (London, U.K.)
    6 Gretta Ann - Sadness Hides The Sun (Liverpool, U.K.) *
    7 The Tony Jackson Group - Stage Door (London, U.K.)
    8 Paddy, Klaus & Gibson - I Wanna Know (Liverpool, U.K.)
    9 The Masterminds - She Belongs To Me (Liverpool, U.K.)
  10 Jimmy Tarbuck - Wastin' Time (Liverpool, U.K.)
  11 The Searchers - Take Me For What I'm Worth (Liverpool, U.K.)
  12 The Koobas - Take Me For A Little While (Preston, U.K.)
  13 Jason Eddie & The Centremen - What'cha Gonna Do Baby (Liverpool, U.K.)
  14 Paddy, Klaus & Gibson - No Good Without You Baby (Liverpool, U.K.)
  15 The Cryin' Shames - Please Stay (Liverpool, U.K.)
  16 The Merseys - Sorrow (Liverpool, U.K.)
  17 The Koobas - A Place I Know (Preston, U.K.)
  18 The Searchers - Take It Or Leave It (Liverpool, U.K.) *
  19 Paddy, Klaus & Gibson - Quick Before They Catch Us (Liverpool, U.K.)
  20 Jason Eddie & The Centremen - Singing The Blues (Liverpool, U.K.)
  21 Chris Curtis - Aggravation (Liverpool, U.K.)
  22 The 5 A.M. Event - Hungry (Winnipeg, Canada)
  23 Eddie Cave & The Fyx - It's Almost Good (Liverpool, U.K.)
  24 The Kirkbys - It's A Crime (Liverpool, U.K.)
  25 The Cryin' Shames - Nobody Waved Goodbye (Liverpool, U.K.)

* indicates that the track only appears on this compilation

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