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Psychedelic States: Indiana In The 60s #1 - CD
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CD 1
    1 The Endd - Gonna Send You Back To Your Mother (IN, U.S.A.) *
    2 The Mourning Missed - I'm Not Your Brother (IN, U.S.A.) *
    3 Sanz, Incorporated - I Just Want You (IN, U.S.A.)
    4 The Tikis - Show You Love (IN, U.S.A.)
    5 The Chosen Few - It Just Don't Rhyme (IN, U.S.A.)
    6 The Wild Ones - Tale Of A City (IN, U.S.A.) *
    7 The Esquires - Run Babe (IN, U.S.A.) *
    8 The Chevelles - Just Once In My Life (IN, U.S.A.) *
    9 The Pickwick Papers - You're So Square (IN, U.S.A.)
  10 Sir Charles & The Daze Of Olde - Baby Come Back (U.S.A.) *
  11 Nooney Rickett & The Nooney Rickett Four - Bye Bye Baby (CA, U.S.A.)
  12 The XL's - Second Choice (IN, U.S.A.)
  13 The Basooties - You Didn't Try To Call Me (IN, U.S.A.)
  14 Chris Allen & The Good-Timers - My Imagination (IN, U.S.A.)
  15 Dawn 5 - A Necessary Evil (IN, U.S.A.)
  16 The Serfmen - Cry (IN, U.S.A.)
  17 The Surf Sons - I Can't Stop It Now (IN, U.S.A.) *
  18 The Rogues - I'm Not That Way At All (IN, U.S.A.)
  19 The Mourning Missed - Burn Up (IN, U.S.A.) *
  20 Sanz, Incorporated - I'm Gonna Leave You (IN, U.S.A.)
  21 Blues Inc. - Get Off My Back (IN, U.S.A.)
  22 Lord & The Flies - You Made A Fool Of Me (IL, U.S.A.)
  23 The Jades - Come Back (IN, U.S.A.)
  24 The Chosen Few - Foolin' Around With Me (IN, U.S.A.) *
  25 The Endd - Don't It Make You Feel Like Cryin' (IN, U.S.A.) *
  26 The Poorboys - Think Of Livin' (IN, U.S.A.) *
  27 The Country Blues - All About Life (IN, U.S.A.) *
  28 The Black & Blues - Come To Me (IN, U.S.A.)

* indicates that the track only appears on this compilation

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