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Norsk Rocks Skattkammer #8 [The Saunters - Greatest Leftovers & More Golden Oldies] - CD
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CD 1
    1 The Saunters - Sweet Little Sixteen (Trondheim, Norway) *
    2 The Saunters - Summertime (Trondheim, Norway) *
    3 The Saunters - Bumble Bee (Trondheim, Norway) *
    4 The Saunters - I Just Can't Go To Sleep (Trondheim, Norway) *
    5 The Saunters - Skinny Minny (Trondheim, Norway) *
    6 The Saunters - Leave Me Be (Trondheim, Norway) *
    7 The Saunters - Long Tall Shorty (Trondheim, Norway) *
    8 The Saunters - Watch Your Step (Trondheim, Norway) *
    9 The Saunters - Cadillac (Trondheim, Norway) *
  10 The Saunters - Gonna Send You Back To Georgia (Trondheim, Norway) *
  11 The Saunters - Walk Hand In Hand (Trondheim, Norway) *
  12 The Saunters - James Bond Theme (Trondheim, Norway) *
  13 The Saunters - Green Onions (Trondheim, Norway) *
  14 The Saunters - I Got You Babe (Trondheim, Norway) *
  15 The Saunters - Jenkatoget (Trondheim, Norway) *
  16 The Thunderbirds - I Cry For Your Shadow (Norway) *
  17 The Missing Links - My Oh My (Trondheim, Norway) *
  18 The Playmates - Bare gå (Trondheim, Norway) *
  19 The Thunderbirds - Hawaii Tattoo (Norway) *
  20 Sonja Bjønnes & The Tequila Sextet - Pin A Medal On Joani (Norway) *
  21 The Playmates - Gi ikke opp (Trondheim, Norway) *
  22 Bugges Firo - Borte bra, men hjemme best (Norway) *
  23 The Saunters - Yes! (Trondheim, Norway) *
  24 Bugges Firo - Veien tilbake (Norway) *
  25 Anne Lise Leikvold & Harry Waagens Kvartett - Tutti-Frutti (Trondheim, Norway) *
  26 The Sparrows - Just A Little Teardrop (Norway) *
  27 The Saunters - Theme From "A Summerplace" (Trondheim, Norway) *
  28 The Saunters - Lucille (Trondheim, Norway) *

* indicates that the track only appears on this compilation

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