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Top Of The Dial - CD
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CD 1
    1 Bob Leahy & Tommy Adderley - 1480 Test Transmission 21/11/66 Top of the Dial (New Zealand) *
    2 Larry's Rebels - Whatcha Gonna Do About It (Christchurch, New Zealand) *
    3 Tommy Adderley - From Ship To Shore (Wellington, New Zealand) *
    4 Chris Parfitt & The Hi-Revving Tongues - Elevator (Auckland, New Zealand)
    5 Tommy Adderley - Tea Is The Total Taste Advertisement (Wellington, New Zealand) *
    6 Billy Karaitiana - Cool Jerk (New Zealand) *
    7 Keith Richardson - NZ Top 20 Intro/It's The Hi Flyers (New Zealand) *
    8 The Challenge - The Crunch (Auckland, New Zealand)
    9 Hamilton County Bluegrass Band - Hip Hi Panty Hose Advertisement (New Zealand) *
  10 The Avengers - The Music You Like (Wellington, New Zealand) *
  11 Classic Affair - My Little Red Book (Whangarei, New Zealand) *
  12 The Avengers - Live Medley: Everyone's Gonna Wonder/Only Once In My Life/1941 (Wellington, New Zealand) *
  13 Keith Richardson & The Avengers - 7 Last Week, Up To 6, How Far Can It Go? The Avengers In Oz (New Zealand) *
  14 Keith Richardson - Stay, Don't Go Away (New Zealand) *
  15 Tom Thumb - Hey Bulldog (Wellington, New Zealand) *
  16 Keith Richardson & The Avengers - Top 20 Time Check/Listener Ad (New Zealand) *
  17 Larry's Rebels - Coca-Cola Advertisement (Christchurch, New Zealand) *
  18 Larry's Rebels - Mad At Me (Christchurch, New Zealand) *
  19 Tommy Adderley - Drive Slow & Let 'Em Grow (Wellington, New Zealand) *
  20 The Action - Something Fresh (Auckland, New Zealand) *
  21 The Chicks - Jandals Advertisement (Henderson, New Zealand)
  22 The House Of Nimrod - Slightly-Delic (Auckland, New Zealand)
  23 Barry Knight - Radio Hauraki New Break - UFO's (New Zealand) *
  24 The Surfires - Flying Saucers (Huntley, New Zealand) *
  25 Allison Durbin - Coca-Cola Advertisement (Auckland, New Zealand) *
  26 The Dallas Four - Sitting In The Park (Auckland, New Zealand) *
  27 Ross Goodwin - Iced Tea Advertisement (New Zealand) *
  28 The Troubled Mind - Under My Thumb (Napier, New Zealand)
  29 Rick Grant & Allison Durbin - Talks To Allison Durbin (New Zealand) *
  30 Allison Durbin - He's Bad, Bad, Bad (Auckland, New Zealand) *
  31 Keith Richardson - Show Introduction (New Zealand) *
  32 Gwynn Owen - That's When Happiness Began (Wellington, New Zealand)
  33 Keith Richardson - Iced Tea Advertisement (New Zealand) *
  34 Sandy Edmonds - I Love Onions (Takapuna, New Zealand)
  35 Keith Richardson & The Avengers - You're On The 2ZB Lunch Show/This Show Is Groovy (New Zealand) *
  36 The Clevedonaires - He's Ready (Clevedon, New Zealand)
  37 Keith Richardson - Reads Letters On Air (New Zealand) *
  38 The Mods - It's In Her Kiss (New Zealand) *
  39 The Avengers - Keith Richardson Keeps It Moving (Wellington, New Zealand) *
  40 The Action - Try A Little Tenderness (Auckland, New Zealand) *
  41 Allison Durbin - Jet Guy, Jet Girl Advertisement (Auckland, New Zealand)
  42 The Action - Hound Dog (Auckland, New Zealand) *
  43 Keith Richardson - The Brighter 2ZB (New Zealand) *
  44 The Underdogs - There Will Come A Time (Auckland, New Zealand)
  45 Keith Richardson - Let's Go Out The Way We Came In, That's Swinging (New Zealand) *
  46 The La De Da Band - Come Together (Auckland, New Zealand) *
  47 Paul Lineham - Radio Hauraki Mayday Jan 28 1968 (New Zealand) *

* indicates that the track only appears on this compilation

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