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Nederbeat Dutch Nuggets #2 - CD
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CD 1
    1 The Heralds - I Wish I Was Strong (Breda, Holland)
    2 Names & Faces - You're An Old Leaf (Zaandam, Holland)
    3 The Caps - Dance A Little Longer (Hilversum, Holland) *
    4 The Nicols - This World Is My World (The Hague, Holland)
    5 Attention! - I Must Go On Without You (The Hague, Holland) *
    6 Test - It's A Hard Way (Holland)
    7 The Moan - Every Day Is Just The Same (Arnhem, Holland) *
    8 Linda Van Dyck - Seduction Song (Amsterdam, Holland) *
    9 The First Move - Gingerbread Man (Enschede, Holland)
  10 The Sharons - It's A Wonder (Maastricht, Holland) *
  11 Het - S.O.S. (Amsterdam, Holland)
  12 Bob Revel & The 'A' One(s) - It Takes Time (Utrecht, Holland) *
  13 Jumping Pop-In - If You Like (Holland)
  14 Short '66 - Hard To Get Up In The Morning (Amsterdam, Holland) *
  15 The Bumble Bees - I Was Blind (The Hague, Holland) *
  16 The Scarlets - Now I Know (The Hague, Holland)
  17 The Coopers - Leave This Man Alone (Zaandam, Holland)
  18 The Counts - I Should Be Better Off Without You (Nijmegen, Holland) *
  19 The Sound Magics - Whatever You Do (Doesburg, Holland) *
  20 Het Poco Mania - Heikrekel (Amsterdam, Holland) *
  21 Names & Faces - The Killer (Zaandam, Holland)
  22 Crash - Last Week (Sneek, Holland)
  23 The Nicols - Gotta Go (The Hague, Holland) *
  24 The Moan - Chocolate Sue (Arnhem, Holland) *
  25 The Beat Buddies - Pins In My Heart (Amsterdam, Holland)

CD 2
    1 The Heralds - Wait (For Me) (Breda, Holland) *
    2 Names & Faces - Keep Smiling (Zaandam, Holland)
    3 The Caps - All I Need (Hilversum, Holland) *
    4 The Nicols - Fantasy Girl (The Hague, Holland)
    5 Attention! - Change Your Mind (The Hague, Holland)
    6 Test - If I Were A King (Holland) *
    7 The Moan - Flowers Everywhere (Arnhem, Holland) *
    8 Linda Van Dyck - Unlock My Door (Amsterdam, Holland)
    9 The First Move - Just A Little Bit (Enschede, Holland) *
  10 The Sharons - Weekend In The Wood (Maastricht, Holland) *
  11 Het - I Call You Bluff (Amsterdam, Holland) *
  12 Bob Revel & The 'A' One(s) - I Need Love (Utrecht, Holland) *
  13 Jumping Pop-In - The Silly Chap (Holland)
  14 Short '66 - I.L.N. Double U (Amsterdam, Holland)
  15 The Bumble Bees - Girl Of My Kind (The Hague, Holland) *
  16 The Scarlets - Please Go Home (The Hague, Holland)
  17 The Coopers - No One's Brave Enough (Zaandam, Holland) *
  18 The Counts - Stay With Me (Nijmegen, Holland) *
  19 The Sound Magics - Just For You (Doesburg, Holland) *
  20 Het Poco Mania - Peterselie (Amsterdam, Holland) *
  21 Names & Faces - Tarantula (Zaandam, Holland) *
  22 Crash - One Rainy Day (Sneek, Holland) *
  23 The Nicols - She Has A Name To Find Out (The Hague, Holland)
  24 The Moan - Drinking Too Much Beer (Arnhem, Holland) *
  25 Het - Die...Pil (Amsterdam, Holland) *

* indicates that the track only appears on this compilation

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