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Beat Beat Beat #3 [Mop Top Pop] - CD
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CD 1
    1 The Searchers - Don't Throw Your Love Away (Liverpool, U.K.)
    2 The Searchers - I Pretend I'm With You (Liverpool, U.K.)
    3 Rod & Carolyn - Talk To Me (U.K.) *
    4 Me & Them - Show You Mean It Too (Sheffield, U.K.)
    5 Me & Them - Everything I Do Is Wrong (Sheffield, U.K.) *
    6 Gregory Phillips - Don't Bother Me (Grey, U.K.) *
    7 Gregory Phillips - Make Sure That You're Mine (Grey, U.K.) *
    8 The Puppets - Baby Don't Cry (Preston, U.K.)
    9 The Hi-Fi's - Will You Or Won't You (Croydon, U.K.) *
  10 The Hi-Fi's - She's The One (Croydon, U.K.)
  11 The Kinks - You Still Want Me (London, U.K.) *
  12 The Kinks - You Do Something To Me (London, U.K.) *
  13 The Monotones - It's Great (Southend, U.K.) *
  14 The Monotones - Anymore (Southend, U.K.) *
  15 Brett Young & The Ghost Squad - Never Again (U.K.) *
  16 Brett Young & The Ghost Squad - You Can't Fool Me (U.K.) *
  17 Vandyke & The Bambis - Doin' The Mod (London, U.K.)
  18 Vandyke & The Bambis - All I Need Is You (London, U.K.)
  19 Butch Moore & The Capitol Showband - I Missed You (Ireland) *
  20 Tommy Quickly - You Might As Well Forget Him (Liverpool, U.K.)
  21 Tommy Quickly - It's As Simple As That (Liverpool, U.K.)
  22 The Wedgewoods - September In The Rain (U.K.)
  23 The Wedgewoods - Gone, Gone Away (U.K.) *
  24 The Chants - Then I'll Be Home (Liverpool, U.K.)
  25 The Chants - She's Mine (Liverpool, U.K.)
  26 The Trends - You're A Wonderful One (Liverpool, U.K.)
  27 The Trends - The Way You Do The Things You Do (Liverpool, U.K.)
  28 The Migil 5 - Near You (London, U.K.) *
  29 The Migil 5 - Don't Wanna Go On Shaking (London, U.K.) *
  30 Lance Harvey & The Kingpins - He's Telling You Lies (U.K.)

CD 2
    1 Lance Harvey & The Kingpins - How Do You Fix A Broken Heart? (U.K.) *
    2 The Greenbeats - Please Don't Tell (Dublin, Ireland) *
    3 The Greenbeats - Just You Wait And See (Dublin, Ireland) *
    4 The Eagles - Write Me A Letter (U.K.) *
    5 The Eagles - Wishin' And Hopin' (U.K.) *
    6 Julie Grant - I Only Care About You (U.K.) *
    7 Donna Douglas - Blue Star (U.K.) *
    8 Daryl Quist - When She Comes To You (U.K.) *
    9 The Beatmen - You Can't Sit Down (Nottingham, U.K.)
  10 The Beatmen - Come On Pretty Baby (Nottingham, U.K.) *
  11 The Remo Four - Sally Go 'Round The Roses (Liverpool, U.K.)
  12 The Remo Four - I Know A Girl (Liverpool, U.K.)
  13 The Soul Agents - I Just Wanna Make Love To You (Southampton, U.K.)
  14 The Soul Agents - Mean Woman Blues (Southampton, U.K.)
  15 Shane & The Shane Gang - Whistle Stop (U.K.) *
  16 Shane & The Shane Gang - Who Wrote That Song (U.K.) *
  17 Jimmy Powell & The 5 Dimensions - That's Alright (Birmingham, U.K.)
  18 Jimmy Powell & The 5 Dimensions - I'm Looking For A Woman (Birmingham, U.K.)
  19 Johnny Sandon & The Remo Four - Donna Means Heartbreak (Liverpool, U.K.) *
  20 Johnny Sandon & The Remo Four - Some Kinda Wonderful (Liverpool, U.K.)
  21 Jimmy Nicol - Husky (Liverpool, U.K.)
  22 Jimmy Nicol - Don't Come Back (Liverpool, U.K.) *
  23 The Searchers - Someday We're Gonna Love Again (Liverpool, U.K.)
  24 The Searchers - No One Else Could Love You (Liverpool, U.K.) *
  25 The Blue Aces - Land Of Love (Ireland) *
  26 Jason Ford With The Bulldogs - Nobody Knows (U.K.) *
  27 Jason Ford With The Bulldogs - Am I The One (U.K.) *
  28 Joe Brown & The Bruvvers - Don't (U.K.) *
  29 The Kinks - You Really Got Me (London, U.K.)
  30 The Kinks - It's Alright (London, U.K.) *

* indicates that the track only appears on this compilation

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