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Psychedelic States: Florida In The 60s #3 - CD
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CD 1
    1 The Cave Men - It's Trash (Key West, FL, U.S.A.)
    2 The Modds - Don't Be Late (Miami, FL, U.S.A.)
    3 The Maundy Quintet - I'm Not Alone (Gainesville, FL, U.S.A.)
    4 Cosmic Camel - The King's Winetaster (Orlando, FL, U.S.A.)
    5 The Jesters IV - She Lied (I Know Why) (Tampa, FL, U.S.A.)
    6 The Dark Horsemen - Girl, Stand By Me (Lake City, FL, U.S.A.)
    7 We The People - My Brother, The Man (Orlando, FL, U.S.A.)
    8 The Clefs Of Lavender Hill - One More Time (Miami, FL, U.S.A.)
    9 Dr. T. & The Undertakers - Times Have Changed (Miami, FL, U.S.A.)
  10 The Blues Uv Purple - Miss Dove (Jacksonville, FL, U.S.A.)
  11 The 2/3rds - 2/3 Baby (Daytona Beach, FL, U.S.A.)
  12 The Rare Breed - In The Night (Gainesville, FL, U.S.A.)
  13 The Tasmanians - Baby (West Palm Beach, FL, U.S.A.)
  14 Noah's Ark - Paper Man (Tampa, FL, U.S.A.)
  15 The Invaders - She's A Tiger (Miami, FL, U.S.A.)
  16 The Burlington Squires - Back Up (Eau Gallie, FL, U.S.A.)
  17 The Dalton Gang - Our Love (Jacksonville, FL, U.S.A.)
  18 The Novas - Please Ask Her (Miami, FL, U.S.A.)
  19 The Minority - High Flyer (FL, U.S.A.)
  20 Montells - You Can't Make Me (Miami, FL, U.S.A.)
  21 The Painted Faces - I Lost You In My Mind (Fort Myers, FL, U.S.A.)
  22 The Group - Land Of Lakes (Orlando, FL, U.S.A.)
  23 The Twelfth Night - I Don't Believe You (Orlando, FL, U.S.A.)
  24 The Rovin' Flames - How Many Times (Tampa, FL, U.S.A.)
  25 The Generation Gap - Plastic Faces (Palm Beach, FL, U.S.A.)
  26 The Shades, Inc. - Sights (Miami, FL, U.S.A.)
  27 The Fewdle Lords - I Know (Fort Wayne, IN, U.S.A.)
  28 The Hungri - I's - Half Your Life (Daytona Beach, FL, U.S.A.)
  29 The Inner Thoughts - 1,000 Miles (Cheating On Me) (Clearwater, FL, U.S.A.)

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