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That Driving Beat - LP
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Side 1
    1 The Shots - Keep A Hold Of What You've Got (U.K.)
    2 The Knack - She Ain't No Good (Ilford , U.K. )
    3 Mal Ryder & The Spirits - Your Friend (Oxford , U.K. )
    4 The Untamed - I'll Go Crazy (Worthing , U.K. )
    5 The Worrying Kynde - Got The Blame (U.K.)
    6 Tony Knight & The Live Wires - I Feel So Blue (Kent, U.K.)
    7 The Mike Cotton Sound - I Don't Wanna Know (London, U.K.)
    8 The Llan - Realise (U.K.)

Side 2
    1 The Eccentrics - What You Got (Ealing, U.K.)
    2 Him & The Others - She's Got Eyes That Tell Lies (London, U.K.)
    3 The Plebs - Babe I'm Gonna Leave You (London , U.K. )
    4 The In Crowd - Things She Says (London , U.K. )
    5 Screaming Lord Sutch - The Train Kept A Rollin' (London , U.K. )
    6 Phase 4 - Think I'll Sit Down And Cry (Southampton , U.K. )
    7 Ten Feet - Factory Worker (U.K.)
    8 The Koobas - You'd Better Make Up Your Mind (Preston, U.K.)

Side 3
    1 The Mark Five - Baby What's Wrong (Edinburgh , U.K. )
    2 The Attraction - She's A Girl (Romford , U.K. )
    3 The Primitives - How Do You Feel (Oxford , U.K. )
    4 The Remo Four - Sing Hallelujah (Liverpool , U.K. )
    5 The Darwin's Theory - Hosanna (Marseilles , France )
    6 The Favourite Sons - That Driving Beat (Hatfield , U.K. )
    7 The Moquettes - Right String Baby, But The Wrong Yo-Yo (Reading , U.K. )
    8 The Hipster Image - Make Her Mine (Sheffield , U.K. )

Side 4
    1 The Answers - Just A Fear (Newcastle , U.K. )
    2 The Cheynes - Respectable (London , U.K. )
    3 The Poets - That's The Way It's Got To Be (Glasgow , U.K. )
    4 The Athenians - Louie Louie (Edinburgh , U.K. )
    5 The Profile - Haven't They Got Better Things To Do ( , U.K. )
    6 The Soul Agents - Let's Make It Pretty Baby (Southampton , U.K. )
    7 Tony's Defenders - Yes I Do (Tunbridge Wells , U.K. )
    8 The meddyEVILS - Ma's Place (Southampton , U.K. )

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