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Essential Pebbles #3 - CD
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CD 1
    1 The Rob Hoeke Rhythm & Blues Group - When People Talk (Haarlem, Holland)
    2 The Fun Of It - Drollery (The Hague, Holland)
    3 The Phantoms - Someday I'm Somebody (Eindhoven, Holland)
    4 The Jets - I Was So Glad (Utrecht, Holland)
    5 The Haigs - Where To Run (The Hague, Holland)
    6 The Jets - Worker In The Night (Utrecht, Holland)
    7 The Lords - Day After Day (Amsterdam, Holland)
    8 The Counsellors - I'll Be Your Man (Eindhoven, Holland)
    9 The Golden Earrings - Not To Find (The Hague, Holland)
  10 The Lazy Bones - I'm Driftin' (Haarlem, Holland)
  11 A B & C - Vies (Amsterdam, Holland)
  12 Danny & The Royal Strings - Get Away (Denmark)
  13 The Slaves - Shut Up (Vienna, Austria)
  14 Jack & The Outlaws - Step Into My Heart (Nykoebing Mors, Denmark)
  15 Meteors With Curt Bilsbo - Anytime (Copenhagen, Denmark)
  16 Mad Sound - To Masturbate (Grena, Denmark)
  17 The Beatchers - What'd I Say (Malmo, Sweden)
  18 The Tages - Bloodhound (Gothenburg, Sweden)
  19 The Palmes - The Nazz Are Blue (Stockholm, Sweden)
  20 The Shakers - Move Out Of My Mind (Gothenburg, Sweden)
  21 The Baby Grandmothers - Somebody Keeps Calling My Name (Stockholm, Sweden)
  22 The Lee Kings - Orient Express (Stockholm, Sweden)
  23 The Stringtones - Ode To Rhythm & Blues (Karlskoga, Sweden)

CD 2
    1 The Sooner Or Later - This Hammer (Gavle, Sweden)
    2 The Sooner Or Later - Night Time (Gavle, Sweden)
    3 The Melvins - The Man Down There (Nybro, Sweden)
    4 The Trappers - Too Much Monkey Business (Umea, Sweden)
    5 The Shakers - Tracks Remain (Gothenburg, Sweden)
    6 The Fabulous Four - 438 S. Michigan Ave. (Stockholm, Sweden)
    7 The Shakers - Who Will Buy (These Wonderful Evils) (Gothenburg, Sweden)
    8 The Cads - Call My Name (Kaarlskoga, Sweden)
    9 Los Comancheros - It's So Right (Lulea, Sweden)
  10 The Deejays - Striped Dreams Checked Fear (London, U.K.)
  11 The Demons - You (Karlshamn, Sweden)
  12 The Gents - Honor Bright (Vasteras, Sweden)
  13 The Deejays - You Must Be Joking (London, U.K.)
  14 The Flippers - Louie Louie (Sater, Sweden)
  15 The Bootjacks - Stoned (Malmo, Sweden)
  16 The Ones - Love Of Mine (Berlin, Germany)
  17 Drafi Deutscher & His Magics - I Don't Need That Kind Of Love (Berlin, Germany)
  18 The Dukes - I'm An Unskilled Worker (Germany)
  19 The Sevens - Talk About Her (Basel, Switzerland)
  20 The Sevens - PanAm (Basel, Switzerland)
  21 Les Sauterelles - No No No No (Zurich, Switzerland)
  22 The Countdowns - Sex Maniac (Basel, Switzerland)
  23 The Sevens - In God I Trust (Basel, Switzerland)
  24 The Sevens - What Can I Do (Basel, Switzerland)
  25 Les Sauterelles - Hong Kong (Zurich, Switzerland)

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