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Mersey Beat 1962-1964 - LP
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Side 1
    1 Faron's Flamingos - Let's Stomp (Liverpool, U.K.)
    2 The Merseybeats - Fortune Teller (Liverpool, U.K.) *
    3 The Searchers - Farmer John (Liverpool, U.K.)
    4 The Big Three - Peanut Butter (Liverpool, U.K.) *
    5 Sonny Webb & The Cascades - Who Shot Sam? (Liverpool, U.K.)
    6 The Undertakers - Everybody Loves A Lover (Liverpool, U.K.)
    7 The Escorts - The One To Cry (Liverpool, U.K.)
    8 Mark Peters & The Silhouettes - Someday (When I'm Gone From You) (Liverpool, U.K.)
    9 King Size Taylor & The Dominoes - Stupidity (Liverpool, U.K.) *

Side 2
    1 Johnny Sandon & The Remo Four - Lies (Liverpool, U.K.)
    2 Earl Preston & The TT's - Thumbin' A Ride (Liverpool, U.K.)
    3 Denny Seyton & The Sabres - Tricky Dickie (Liverpool, U.K.)
    4 The Big Three - Some Other Guy (Liverpool, U.K.)
    5 Rory Storm & The Hurricanes - I Can Tell (Liverpool, U.K.)
    6 Beryl Marsden - I Know (Liverpool, U.K.)
    7 Howie Casey & The Seniors - I Ain't Mad At You (Liverpool, U.K.) *
    8 Faron's Flamingos - Shake Sherry (Liverpool, U.K.)
    9 Lee Curtis & The All Stars - Skinnie Minnie (Liverpool, U.K.)

Side 3
    1 The Shakers - Money (Liverpool, U.K.) *
    2 Sonny Webb & The Cascades - You've Got Everything (Liverpool, U.K.)
    3 Freddie Starr & The Midnighters - Peter Gunn Locomotion (Liverpool, U.K.)
    4 The Merseybeats - Really Mystified (Liverpool, U.K.) *
    5 The Dennisons - Be My Girl (Liverpool, U.K.)
    6 Earl Preston & The TT's - All Around The World (Liverpool, U.K.)
    7 The Mojos - Everything's Alright (Liverpool, U.K.)
    8 The Escorts - Dizzy Miss Lizzie (Liverpool, U.K.)

Side 4
    1 Faron's Flamingos - Do You Love Me (Liverpool, U.K.)
    2 The Searchers - Twist & Shout (Liverpool, U.K.)
    3 The Big Three - I'm With You (Liverpool, U.K.)
    4 Ian & The Zodiacs - Beechwood 4-5789 (Liverpool, U.K.)
    5 The Dennisons - Walking The Dog (Liverpool, U.K.)
    6 The Undertakers - (Do The) Mashed Potatoes (Liverpool, U.K.)
    7 Rory Storm & The Hurricanes - Dr. Feelgood (Liverpool, U.K.)
    8 Lee Curtis & The All Stars - Let's Stomp (Liverpool, U.K.)

* indicates that the track only appears on this compilation

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