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Swedish Graffiti - Box
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Side 1
    1 Ola & The Janglers - Alex Is The Man (Stockholm, Sweden)
    2 The Hep Stars - Sunny Girl (Stockholm, Sweden)
    3 The Tages - Every Raindrop Means A Lot (Gothenburg, Sweden)
    4 The Violents - Alpens Ros (Stockholm, Sweden)
    5 The Mascots - A Sad Boy (Stockholm, Sweden)
    6 The Streaplers - Diggety Doggety (Gothenburg, Sweden)
    7 Jerry Williams & The Violents - Hello Goodbye (Twistin' Patricia) (Stockholm, Sweden)
    8 The Hounds - The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Stockholm, Sweden)

Side 2
    1 The Lee Kings - Stop The Music (Stockholm, Sweden)
    2 Suzie - Johnny Loves Me (Stockholm, Sweden)
    3 Gunnar Kinch - Bop-A-Lena (Stockholm, Sweden)
    4 The Fabulous Four - Puff The Magic Dragon (Stockholm, Sweden)
    5 The Shanes - Chris-Craft No. 9 (Kiruna, Sweden)
    6 Ola & The Janglers - Love Was On Your Mind (Stockholm, Sweden)
    7 Gonks - Loppan (Malmo, Sweden)
    8 Jerry Williams & The Violents - Darling Nelly Grey (Stockholm, Sweden)

Side 3
    1 The New Generation - Two Faces Have I (Stockholm, Sweden)
    2 The Spotnicks - Amapola (Gothenburg, Sweden)
    3 The Hep Stars - Cadillac (Stockholm, Sweden)
    4 Mike Wallace & The Caretakers - The End Of The World (Jonkoping, Sweden)
    5 Lucas - Go Now (Gothenburg, Sweden)
    6 Tom & Mick & The Maniacs - Somebody's Taken Maria Away (Stockholm, Sweden)
    7 The Tages - I Should Be Glad (Gothenburg, Sweden)
    8 Slam Creepers & Bjorn Skifs - Mr. Personality Man (Vansbro, Sweden)

Side 4
    1 The Hounds - Sealed With A Kiss (Stockholm, Sweden)
    2 The Shakers - Too Much Monkey Business (Gothenburg, Sweden)
    3 The Lee Kings - L.O.D. (Love On Delivery) (Stockholm, Sweden)
    4 The Jackpots - Walk Like A Man (Gothenburg, Sweden)
    5 The Mascots - Baby Baby (Stockholm, Sweden)
    6 The Tages - So Many Girls (Gothenburg, Sweden)
    7 The Fabulous Four - Don't Go Out Into The Rain (Stockholm, Sweden)
    8 Ola & The Janglers - Let's Dance (Stockholm, Sweden)

Side 5
    1 Ola & The Janglers - Poetry In Motion (Stockholm, Sweden)
    2 The Tages - I'm Going Out (Gothenburg, Sweden)
    3 Jerry Williams & The Violents - Number One (Stockholm, Sweden)
    4 The Fabulous Four - This Land Is Your Land (Stockholm, Sweden)
    5 The Violents - Liebestwist (Stockholm, Sweden)
    6 The Sleepstones - Good Morning, Little Schoolgirl (Stockholm, Sweden)
    7 The Hounds - Exodus (Stockholm, Sweden)
    8 Jan Rohde - Love Potion No. 9 (Stockholm, Sweden)

Side 6
    1 Tom & Mick & The Maniacs - I Who Have Nothing (Stockholm, Sweden)
    2 The Hep Stars - Farmer John (Stockholm, Sweden)
    3 The Plums Med Doris - Mama Didn't Lie (Gothenburg, Sweden)
    4 Larry Moon - Tijuana Ball (Stockholm, Sweden)
    5 The Lee Kings - Like A Rolling Stone (Stockholm, Sweden)
    6 Ola & The Janglers - Juliet (Stockholm, Sweden)
    7 Slam Creepers & Bjorn Skifs - It's Saturday (Vansbro, Sweden)
    8 The Mascots - Stewball (Stockholm, Sweden)

Side 7
    1 Larry Finnegan - Dear One (Sweden)
    2 The Violents - Moonlight Walk (Stockholm, Sweden)
    3 The New Generation - My Candy (Stockholm, Sweden)
    4 The Deejays - Baby Talk (London, U.K.)
    5 Suzie - Don't Let It Happen Again (Stockholm, Sweden)
    6 The Shanes - Hi-Lili, Hi-Lo (Kiruna, Sweden)
    7 The Fabulous Four - Ginny Come Lately (Stockholm, Sweden)
    8 The Jackpots - Jack In The Box (Gothenburg, Sweden)

Side 8
    1 Jerry Williams & The Dynamite Brass - Keep On (Stockholm, Sweden)
    2 The Hep Stars - No Response (Stockholm, Sweden)
    3 The Hounds - The Gypsy Cried (Stockholm, Sweden)
    4 The Shakers - All I Want Is My Baby (Gothenburg, Sweden)
    5 The Tages - Miss Mac Baren (Gothenburg, Sweden)
    6 Larry Finnegan - I Like It Like That (Sweden)
    7 The Jackpots - Miss Judith Lee (Gothenburg, Sweden)
    8 The Plommons - Malaika (Stockholm, Sweden)

Side 9
    1 Ola & The Janglers - Birds Eye View Of You (Stockholm, Sweden)
    2 The Namelosers - Suzie Q (Malmo, Sweden)
    3 The Spotnicks - Hava Nagila (Gothenburg, Sweden)
    4 The Mascots - Aaah, I Love You (Stockholm, Sweden)
    5 Doris Med Dandys - What A Lovely Way (Gothenburg, Sweden)
    6 The Jackpots - Tiny Goddess (Gothenburg, Sweden)
    7 The Hep Stars - Wedding (Stockholm, Sweden)
    8 The New Generation - Blue Moon (Stockholm, Sweden)

Side 10
    1 The Tages - There's A Blind Man Playin' Fiddle In The Street (Gothenburg, Sweden)
    2 Science Poption - You've Got Me High (Stockholm, Sweden)
    3 The Deejays - He's In Town (London, U.K.)
    4 The Yardleys - Under The Boardwalk (Stockholm, Sweden)
    5 The Fabulous Four - Anita (Change Your Mind) (Stockholm, Sweden)
    6 Why Not - Who Put The Bomp (In The Bomp Ba Bomp Ba Bomp) (Gothenburg, Sweden)
    7 The Red Squares - Sherry (Boston, U.K.)
    8 Tom & Mick & The Maniacs - Can I Get To Know You Better (Stockholm, Sweden)

Side 11
    1 The Hep Stars - Bald Headed Woman (Stockholm, Sweden)
    2 Steampacket - Viva L'Amour (Stockholm, Sweden)
    3 The Deejays - Bam Bam (London, U.K.)
    4 Nursery Rhymes - We're Gonna Hate Ourselves In The Morning (Stockholm, Sweden)
    5 The Hounds - I'll Take You Where The Music's Playing (Stockholm, Sweden)
    6 The Lee Kings - I Can't Go On Living, Baby Without You (Stockholm, Sweden)
    7 Annaabee-Nox - Don't Turn Your Back On Me, Babe (Vallingby, Sweden)
    8 Jerry Williams & The Sherrys - Midnight Special (Stockholm, Sweden)

Side 12
    1 The Shanes - Cara Mia (Kiruna, Sweden)
    2 The Tages - She's Having A Baby Now (Gothenburg, Sweden)
    3 The Namelosers - Land Of 1000 Dances (Malmo, Sweden)
    4 Jan Rohde & The Wild Ones - I Want You (Stockholm, Sweden)
    5 The Jackpots - Will You Love Me Tomorrow (Gothenburg, Sweden)
    6 The Hounds - A Summer Song (Stockholm, Sweden)
    7 We 4 - Remember (Stockholm, Sweden)
    8 Ola & The Janglers - Surprise, Surprise (Stockholm, Sweden)

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