Records For Sale

Here is the list of what I'm getting rid of .

If it isn't in this list, I don't want to sell it! This means, IF YOU DON'T SEE IT IN THIS LIST, DON'T ASK ME IF IT IS FOR SALE!! If you do I will either ignore you, or make rude comments about your reading comprehension skills or intelligence.

Prices are in US$. Shipping is extra. A price of "0" means its free as long as you pay the shipping. If you don't like the prices feel free to make an offer. Depending on what it is and how much you are getting we can probably make a deal. I probably won't be interested in trading since I really find it to be a pain in the ass!

Grading is something like:
NM/NM- = near mint, nice condition
VG++ = some minor flaws, nothing significant, a strong "ex"
VG+ = more obvious flaws, what most would call "ex" probably, shouldn't be much vinyl noise
VG = definitely not mint, not totally beat either, probably pass if you're a condition freak, vinyl might have some noise
less than VG = not very good, sleeves are definitely worn or tattered around the edges, vinyl likely to play with some noise.

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