Punk Rock Denmark

Not a lot of releases from here, at least compared to the other Scandinavian countries. Two classics would have to be the Lost Kids 7"s and the Sods 7". The first Lost Kids LP has a fair bit of wave influenceł the second one has a lot of wave influence. The Sods LP is also very worthwhile. The Paere Punk LP is a great compilation, featuring the Sods, Brats and other goodies. The Brats also have an over-rated LP which is mainly dull rock. Their singer later turned up in some godawful (is there any other kind?) metal band called Mercyful Fate. Other releases worth having are the 1st City-X, Johnny Concrete and all the Electric Deads EPs.

Brats                      1980 Brats LP (1980)
Brats//Tyrantz             promo split 7" (1980) 
City-X                     Ude af Drift EP (1980)
                           Dansende Drenge EP (1983) 
                           s/t LP (1985)
City X//ADS                split EP (1982)
Johnny Concrete            Come With EP (1980)
                           Concrete Predictions CS (1983)
Cyclon                     Anti-Cyclon 7"  
Deformed                   Gas Attack, Without Warning CS (1982)
Dream Police               Demise +2 EP (1981) 
Electric Deads             s/t EP (1982)
                           Antisex EP (1982)
                           Mindbomb EP (1983) 
Freshly Riots              Delightfully Fresh EP (1982) 
Gatecrashers               Desillusioned EP (1980) 
Die Kapelle                Nulpunkt +3 EP (1984) 
Lost Kids                  EP (Foedt Som Nul/Diskodrang/Hvem Slikker Hvems...)
                           Cola Freaks +2 EP (1979)
                           Bla-Bla LP (1980)
                           Bla Bla 2 LP (1981) 
NRG                        Sort/Kulturel Forvaltning 7" (1984) 
Prugelknaben               In The Studio CS (1979) 
Radar                      Up To You/Night Time Woman 7" (1980)
Shake Appeal               Mean Machine 10" (1999)
Sods                       Television Sect/Military Madness 7" (1979)
                           Minutes To Go EP [Television Sect/Military Madness 7" 
                             + 2 Paere Punk tracks and 4 LP tracks]
                           Minutes To Go LP (1979)
Sort Sol                   Marble Station/Misguided 7" (1981)
Tomrerclaus + Boline Erfurt  Punk Them Into Shit/Neon Lights 7" (1978)
Zero Point                 s/t CS (1981)
                           Ha!! EP (1983) 


Complication: A Danish Compilation LP (1984) 
  [Sods / No Knox / Electric Deads / Freshly Riots / etc] 
Concert of the Moment 3LP (1980) 
Nosferatu Festival LP (1982) 
  [City X / Bollocks / Sods / No Knox / etc] 
Paere Punk LP (1979)

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