Punk Rock Canada

Since the appearance in 1993 of a discography called Smash The State written by Frank Manley, Canadian punk has become more widely known, harder to find, and generally expensive when you do find it. There are a lot of good Canadian records but in many cases the hype has taken over. Get the 3 Smash The State LPs and you'll have a lot of the more over-rated (and overpriced) Canadian 7"s in their entirety. Killed By Death #26 also focuses solely on Canadian records, some good, some not so good.

Records worth finding that aren't on the Smash The State LPs include The Action, Active Dog, Cardboard Brains 1st EP, Da Slyme (the double LP as well as the CD), Demics 12", the 1st Diodes LP, Discords, Dishrags (particularly their 2nd but just go buy the CD), some early D.O.A., Forgotten Rebels 12" and In Love With The System LP (if you're one of those obnoxious politically correct punks you might want to avoid them however), Genetic Control, K-Tels, No Exit LP, Platinum Blonde (the only release of theirs worth bothering with - after this one they signed to a major label and became more concerned with their hair than their music), Riot 303, Rude Norton, Shriek, 63 Monroe 1st 12", Slander LP (an under-appreciated record), Slow, all Subhumans releases, Swindled (Henry says this one is essential. It is a very good record.), Ugly (the 7" is weak but the CD rocks), Viletones 7"s (though the LP is weak), the 1st 2 Teenage Head LPs (on the first get the original version, the remixed one sucks which unfortunately is what is on the CD), and the Vancouver Complication LP.

For pop-punk fans the Allies, Curtains, Extroverts, Modern Minds (which features Moe Berg before he went on to bigger but not always better things), Pointed Sticks (just get the CD, it has all the 7"s tracks and a few from the LP but the LP is kind of weak anyway), Sinners, 222 and Wayouts are worthwhile. For good spazz art-punk the first Braineaters EP (recently reissued) is a keeper. In the "weird but weird in a good kind of way" category there's Jolly Tambourine Man. There is even a video to one of the songs which appears rarely on the Canadian equivalent of MTV.

One good thing about the popularity of Canadian punk is the number of CD issues with a lot of previously unreleased material from the Pointed Sticks, Young Canadians, Modernettes, Curse, Dishrags, B Girls (not punk but fun 50s - 60s style bubblegum pop), Demics, Forgotten Rebels, Mods, Ugly, Viletones and the Secrets. The Secrets??!! What the hell were they thinking? Even if the band does include members from the Viletones and Diodes, the Secrets fucking suck!

I haven't been particularly impressed by most newer Canadian bands but the Real McKenzies from Vancouver were a fun band, especially live. The best release to get is the cassette, the CDs are good but don't quite have the punch of the cassette. Even that doesn't come close to the energy of their live shows. For the "street punk" crowd the Glory Stompers and Systematics, both from Edmonton, are worth a listen.

There are a number of newer Canadian releases listed here though many of them aren't particularly good. For a while I tended to pick up just about any release that looked punk or seemed interesting (trying to support homegrown talent, I guess). I eventually got tired of accumulating a bunch of mostly crap, so I just taped the best of the lot and got rid of them. If you're interested in more about the current Canadian punk scene then you might want to check this out.


Very good rockin' punk from Ottawa.
Rating: 8


OK powerpop. The Last Call track is better than both 7" tracks.
Rating: 6.5

Active Dog

All songs are very good (though over-rated by collectors) punk-pop. Band included future Pointed Sticks and Modernette.
Rating: 8

Active Glands

Very good melodic punk-hardcore. From Vancouver. Surgery is a great song. Too bad this was never released on vinyl.
Rating: 7.5


The A side is cute quirky pop/new wave. The B side is pop and not very interesting. From Vancouver.
Rating: 6


Somewhat of a spastic jazz-no wave mixture. The International Discography of the New Wave also lists the 2 tracks on the Who Cares? LP (USA, 1981) by AKA as being by this band. They're not.
Rating: 6


Fairly mundane medium speed hardcore with some sort of blues twist to it.
Rating: 5


The A side is a good punk/powerpop mix. The B side is tamer with interesting lyrics. From Toronto.
Rating: 7


Quite good punk, especially the B side. Both songs along with a bonus track are available on the Smash The State - Volume 1 LP so no need to pay $100+ for the 7". The Animals cover on the No Pedestrians compilation LP is rather mediocre.
Rating: 8

Artificial Life

Average hardcore punk from Winnipeg.
Rating: 6


The 1st EP is basic hardcore except for Wake Up which is more traditional punk. The 1st LP is a similar hardcore and punk mix while the second LP is more melodic punk. Their later releases (at least 2 LPs, Dish and Exile From Floontown) are more pop with some punk and not especially memorable.
Rating: 6.5 [EP and 1st 2 LPs]

Authority Fails

Mediocre hardcore punk. Riot On is a reasonable song, the others are disposable.
Rating: 5


All songs are some mix of artpunk and pop. This is the first release on the Quintessence (later Zulu) label, one of the big indie labels in the Vancouver scene. There were various line-ups, two members of the band that recorded the Vancouver Complication track went on to the Pointed Sticks.
Rating: 6 [7.5 for the compilation track]

B Girls

Recorded between 1977 - 1981. Band formed in a washroom after a Thin Lizzy concert. Not punk, and I'm not sure they really "rock" but they do some good 50's and 60's style fun pop a la the Shangri-Las. The 7" tracks are included (in remixed form) on the CD. The rest are previously unreleased (or were they released on an LP?), some are live. I've seen mention of an LP released on Bomp - anyone know if this exists?
Rating: 7.5 [if their style is your kind of thing]


Pop-ska. Spy vs. Spy is a good instrumental track, She's A Raver and Underground Radio Stars are probably their other better tracks. Otherwise nothing to get too excited about.
Rating: 6

Bad Luck No. 13

One of the few 90's Canadian bands I don't mind. Better than average typical punk rock.
Rating: 7


Experimental artsy fartsy stuff.
Rating: 4


The only thing worth noting about this is that the band included Mickey Skin of the Curse. The A side is a Barry McGuire cover, which is barely tolerable. The other song plain stinks.
Rating: 3

(Battered) Wives

Uganda Stomp is a slightly amusing take on the state of affairs in Idi Amin's Uganda. The B side of the 1st 7" is probably their best punk song. The second 7" (which came only in copies of the Cigarettes LP (their 2nd, not listed since I didn't think it was worth keeping)) is pretty good, including the Ian Dury cover. Most of the s/t LP isn't that good, maybe the 1st side is good for a listen every 6 months or so. Due to protests from womens' groups they shortened their name to just The Wives. The 1st LP comes on red (most common), black and clear vinyl. There's also a live LP (Live On Mother's Day).
Rating: 6.5

Beach Mutants

Rather mediocre hardcore punk. I Need Dope is acceptable, My Masturbation is an idiotic take on a Who song, the rest is pretty forgettable.
Rating: 4

Benzene Jag

A side is anthemic, sort of punk rock. Nothing special. The other song is pretty much crap.
Rating: 3

Art Bergmann

These solo records came after stints in a number of Vancouver bands, starting with the Schmorgs in 1976. Then came the K-Tels (renamed the Young Canadians), Los Popularos and Poisoned. Both LPs feature some excellent songs (rock, not punk). There is a s/t 3rd solo LP from 1991 which I heard once and don't really remember at all. The comeback release in 1995, while not up to the 1st 2 releases, has some OK rockin' tunes. It is truly unfortunate that talent such as Art's remains in relative obscurity compared to pustules such as Bryan Adams. In 1991 he made a cameo appearance in the Bruce MacDonald film, Highway 61.
Rating: 8 (1st 2 LPs), 6 for the CD

Beyond Possession

Slightly above average (though I'm not a fan of the genre) skate-core. There are 2 versions of the EP, one with 5 songs, one with 6. There is also an LP from 1986, called Is Beyond Possession, which is considerably more metal sounding than the EP. There is also a CD that was released about 1996 with (I think) the EP, LP and comp tracks.
Rating: 6.5 [for the EP]

Big Black Puppets

Decent punk. You can find it on the Smash The State - Volume 2 LP. Includes a to be Modernette and a couple future Pointed Sticks.
Rating: 7

Bill Of Rights

Not too exciting slightly melodic punkcore.
Rating: 5.5

Bitter Reality

Punk name ... Punk sleeve ... Punk music? Not! Quite dull. The demo recordings are somewhat better, don't know what happened on the 7".
Rating: 3.5, maybe 6 for the demos

Black Boot Trio

Country cow-punk. Sometimes amusing lyrics, not wildly talented, but a fun band. From Ottawa. Not much else, musically or otherwise, has come from there recently. They have other cassette and CD releases as well.
Rating: 6.5

Blank Generation

Decent punk, though the keyboards get annoying at times. Their demo recordings (some are versions of 12" tracks) are generally better than the ones on the 12". For some reason they have more kick and the keyboards are less obnoxious.
Rating: 6, 7.5 for the demos


A mix of pop, punk, jazz, noise and probably everything else.
Rating: 5.5


Fairly heavy jazzgrungecore (or something). Not great, not awful. From Montreal. At least one other release as well, and there's at least one other band of the same name.
Rating: 5

Blue Peter

The 12" EP is good punky new wave. Following that they became pretty much just bad pop/new wave.
Rating: 7 [for the 12"]

Bonus Boys

Mundane pop-rock from Vancouver.
Rating: 5

Bop Cats

Rockabilly. 2 tracks are live, John Catto of the Diodes plays on one of them which is why it is listed here. They also released other 7"s and at least one LP.
Rating: 6


The 7" EP is really good punk/artpunk. Includes Buck Cherry (Modernettes) and "Art Bormann" (K-Tels/Young Canadians). It was reissued in 1996, even keeping the 8.5 x 11" format sleeve. The 10" flexi, while not as wild as the EP is still worthwhile. All the sleeves were individually designed and hand painted and can be quite attractive. The 7" single (which sometimes came with a huge foldout poster) is mostly slow droning electronics and effects. The name later changed to I, Braineater with essentially one man (Jim Cummins) doing it all.
Rating: 9 (the EP), 7 (the flexi) and 5 (the 7")


Passable melodic punkcore.
Rating: 5.5

Brand New Unit (BNU)

Better than average 90's punkcore. There are other releases as well.
Rating: 6

Bubai Skull

Good hard rockin' band. Not punk but still good.
Rating: 7


For the most part the 7" tracks and the 1st LP kick some serious bum. Very good rockin' punk including Misfits (Bullet) and Dictators (Weekend) covers. The split EP with The Smugglers features a DMZ cover and a joint effort with the Smugglers, a Stones cover (Hang Fire). The CD is a mix of material from 1992 - 1994 and just doesn't grab me the way the 7"s and 1st LP did. Some tracks (those already known from previous releases) are fine, others are somewhat weak. I think there was at least one subsequent release which I didn't bother with since the mixed results of the CD made me lose interest. I never did get their 1st 7" (Promise Is A Promise / Wedding Day) from 1991 but since those tracks are on the 1st LP I long since stopped caring about it.
Rating: 8 (everything except the CD which is a 6)


Rough hardcore punk. They've been around the Toronto scene for years and have other releases after this.
Rating: 6


2 really good tracks on the 7" and another one on the compilation LP. Half of the 7"s were issued sleeveless though someone did (much) later do a 2 piece reproduction on heavy paper stock. Original sleeves are slightly oversized, glossy white paper with black printing, glued on 3 sides. 500 such sleeves, apparently, not 200 as some people might want you to believe. And there was only one sleeve design, not 2 as has been rumoured.
Rating: 8.5


Decent punk-pop, sort of like the Diodes but not as good.
Rating: 6.5


Not sure if these guys were from Vancouver or maybe Seattle? Tryin' is sort of punk with a hard rock feel. The B side (Wasted Lives) reminds me of a bad Motorhead song.
Rating: 4

Cardboard Brains

Sometimes billed as John Paul Young and The Cardboard Brains. The first EP is an excellent punk record. The 12" EP and live LP are much more art/new wave than punk with considerable use of synthesizers. While they are not bad records they are dismissed by most punk purists. John Paul Young also did a solo LP (The Life of Ermie Scub) in 1980 which includes several tracks which appear on the live LP. The CD contains remixed versions of the 7" and 12" EPs as well as a selection of other tracks. Go here if you're interested in getting a copy.
Rating: 9 for the 7" EP, 7 for the other records

Celebrity Drunks

Some obscure indie thing, at the time I happened to think this song was pretty good funky punk.
Rating: 6

Ceramic Hello

2 man synth art/pseudo-industrial junk. There is also an LP.
Rating: 5

Chicken Milk

Female punk. Not too exciting.
Rating: 5


Dusty Rooms is the one maybe worthwhile song from their 2 EPs. The rest is rather rock oriented with flashes of punk and hardcore. Generally pretty boring.
Rating: 6 (for the one song, 4 for everything else)

Color Me Psycho

Really good garage punk. Turned into Forbidden Dimension.
Rating: 8

Cover Boys

Despite being on Quintessence, home to other good Vancouver punk bands, this record is not remotely punk. She's A Jerk is barely passable poppunk, the other song is some of the lamest shit I've ever heard.
Rating: 4

Crash 80s

Good riffpunkrock, from London, Ontario.
Rating: 7

Crash Kills Five

Quite good poppunk.
Rating: 7.5


"Cuddlecore", whatever that is. 3 woman who are (were?) barely competent on their instruments playing pretty catchy pop songs, I guess. Fun to listen to, in small doses. The insert for the Come Out Come Out CD even has a remake of the D.O.A. Hardcore 81 LP cover ... Cuddlecore 94. They have other releases after this but I lost interest. Cute and a lack of talent can only take you so far in the music business. The Subhumans cover on the Oh Canaduh! 2 LP is truly awful.
Rating: varies from 6.5 to 7.5 across each release

Culture Shock

Mediocre powerpop from Vancouver. Gets Japanese collectors all excited. Powerpearls material.
Rating: 6.5

Curious George

Pretty good punk/hardcore mix. The Pink Floyd Cover is pretty cool.
Rating: 6


All female punk band from Toronto. Mostly OK. Their side of the split 7" with The Diodes isn't music, it's vocalist Mickey Skin offering her opinion on a monologue by a pretentious art theorist that is heard in the background. She basically suggests where he can put his theories. The 7" tracks both appear on the Killed By Death #26 LP and the CD. The 7" first appeared in a mostly white sleeve with red lettering, then later in a black and yellow sleeve.
Rating: 6.5

Curse of Horseflesh

Cool country twang, blues, surfy instrumentals, lo-fi rootsy stomping from Calgary. The A side of the 7" is not about the political has-been who is trying to save Canada yet again.
Rating: 7


Cool punk-pop from Ottawa. Someone told me he first thought they were from California since the songs have somewhat of a surf style to them.
Rating: 7


Lame pop-ska from Toronto.
Rating: 4


Gothy sounding punkish songs. From Calgary.
Rating: 6

Da Slyme

From St. John's, Newfoundland. Great mix of punk, almost hardcore, and general goofing around. You'll even find some Beefheart influence and some country stylings mixed in. The LPs come in another group's LP jacket with the band name spray-painted on it. Side A was recorded in a studio in 1978, side B in 1979. Sides 3 and 4 are live recordings from 1979. The CD is a complete show from 1984 though a lot of the material was written several years earlier. The playing may be more proficient but the punk spirit is definitely still there. Get your sorry ass over to their web site and get a copy right now.
Rating: 8.5


Another one I know nothing about. It has the MAPL logo on it so it is Canadian, from Quebec somewhere. The music is somewhat uninspired bar poprock, not really punk.
Rating: 5.5

Dangerously Americanized Canadians

Terribly generic hardcore.
Rating: 4

Dayglo Abortions

Originally known as the Dayglow Abortions. The first LP is a very good punk rock record. Most of the first LP was included on the second LP (3 tracks were left off, 2 of them are on the CD). The second LP also has some worthwhile tracks. After this they became more thrashy, metallic and I lost interest. They are still going, in some version at least. Their less than subtle lyrics landed them in court in the late 1980's on obscenity charges. Hey, look at us, we're (trying to be) shocking. Yawn. The cover of the first LP was used as the cover for Break The Rules #8. Some copies of the Toxic Shock pressing of the second LP come on orange vinyl. For more info check out their current label - God Records .
Rating: 8 for the first LP. 7 for the second.


Their first vinyl release. The members were 14 - 15 years old then and they were one of many poppunkcore bands around at the time. They're still going. Their 3rd LP is available on Sudden Death Records .
Rating: 6

Dead Rabbits

When I listen to it again, I'll let you know.

Dead Bolts

Gothic, dirgey, strange. It grows on you though.
Rating: 6.5

Death Sentence

These tracks from their 1st 12" are good mid-tempo hardcore. Their later LP (Stop Killing Me) sounded like metal/rock.
Rating: 7

Deep End

Fairly generic punky rock.
Rating: 6

Deep Six

Quite good speedy poppunk. Has some memebers from an earlier Ottawa punk band I think (Restless Virgins?).
Rating: 7

Deja Voodoo

Way cool shit! 2 guys with guitar and drums pound out "rockabilly-blues-punk-psych-garage-R&B-surf-country sludge full strength". Their influences are many. Among those mentioned on the Swamp Of Love LP: Eddie Cochran, Bo Diddley, Jody Reynolds, Link Wray, Big Maybelle, Wilbert Harrison, Wynonie Harris, Big Mama Thornton, Cramps, Louis Armstrong, Kinks, Buddy Holly, Screamin' Jay Hawkins, Muddy Waters, Elmore James, Elvis Presley, The Gun Club, Animals, Johnny Cash, Dead Kennedys, Trashmen, Jerry Lee Lewis, Contours, Jesus & Mary Chain and Velvet Underground. Put that all together and what do you get? As I said, way cool shit!
Rating: 8


Really good punk band, started out in London in 1977. The 12" is top notch punk rock. The LP is tamer, though the songs are still good. Many of them appear on the CD in live versions. The CD consists of the 12" tracks, 3 1978 studio recordings and live sessions from 1978 and 1979. There are also 2 7"s which are just tracks from the LP and don't have picture sleeves. Of interest only for nerdy collectors.
Rating: 8.5 (the 12"), 8 (the CD) and 7 (the LP)

Desperate Minds

Like most of the Chikara label releases this is hardcore with a rock edge to it. Maybe it is "emo", whatever the fuck that is. Probably the better of the releases on this label (from Kamloops, British Columbia) but if you never hear them you won't be missing a lot.
Rating: 6


I picked this up because it was on the same label as the 63 Monroe 12". Thankfully I only paid $1 for it because it sucks! Very tame pop-rock.
Rating: 3


A really good band from Edmonton. Unfortunately they never released anything and these recordings aren't the best quality. Perhaps with current technology something can be done about that.
Rating: 7.5

Dik Van Dykes

Their 2nd LP. Good poppunk with a sense of humour.
Rating: 7


The first LP is excellent, the second nearly so. The 3rd one is very lame in comparison. The Survivors LP is a collection of material dating from 1977-81 is mostly OK. There were a number of 7"s issued, some promos, all with LP tracks, and only the Red Rubber Ball / We're Ripped one had a picture sleeve. There has been a CD reissue of most of the Columbia/Epic material from 1977-78 which I haven't yet obtained. Their manager has a cool web site which includes pages about the band and the CD.
Rating: 8 (1st LP), 7.5 (2nd LP), 5.5 (3rd LP), 7 (4th LP)


More rock than punk. Average.
Rating: 6


Excellent raw, loud punk. Read about them in the booklet that comes in Smash The State #3. The record never came with a sleeve. Some copies had a lyric sheet.
Rating: 8


Originally from Victoria they started in 1977 opening for The Furies in Vancouver. Starting with Lou Reed, Clash and Ramones covers they quickly developed a number of original songs and became very prominent in the Vancouver scene. The CD includes both EPs, the Vancouver Complication track and demo and live tracks.
Rating: 8


Long-lived and probably the best known Canadian punk band. There are other releases besides those listed here. I sort of lost interest in them in the late 80's/early 90's. Most of the material from that era is still good, it just isn't as good as the earlier stuff. The Black Spot CD is surprisingly good though. There is a D.O.A. history and more at the Sudden Death Records site.
Rating: Generally 8 or 8.5, some is better some is worse. The Let's Wreck The Party LP is about a 6.

Asexuals                   Greater Than Later CD (2000) [career comp, with some
                             previously unreleased]
Bad Luck #13               Tight As A $5 Whore CS (1996)
Battered Wives             Live On Mothers Day LP (1980)
Bedspins                   live (Oct. 26/87) [pre-Bum]
Blue Peter                 Video Verite/Radio Silence 7" (1980)
Breeding Ground            Wintergarden +3 12" EP (1982)
Bum                        Promise Is A Promise/Wedding Day 7" (1991)
Bureaucrats                Roi CD [1979-80 recordings]
                           s/t LP (2000) [=CD + 3 tracks]
P.J. Burton                The Shuffle/The Affair 7" (1981) [ex-Nerve]
Chandells                  One Track Mind/Tired Of Waiting 7" (c1980?)
Cleats                     Lost Voices Broken Strings LP (2001)
Clooz                      Leave Me Alone/You Can Do 7" (c1980)
Color Me Psycho            demo [10 tracks] [date unknown]
                           H&R Block Office Rehersals (1985) [6 tracks]
                           live (Calgary, 1985) [12 tracks]
                           live (1986) [3 tracks]
                           s/t demo (1987)
                           The Good, The Bad & The Indifferent (1988 demos)
Crusties                   The Only Band Worth Hating ... LP (2001)
Danger                     s/t LP (1977) (mostly shitty rock)
Da Slyme                   interview (1999)
                           tracks by Bubonic Plague/Dog Meat BBQ/Atones/
                             Wetcheeze Delerium/Black Auks [post-Da Slyme bands]
Diodes                     Tired Of Waking Up Tired CD (1977-79 recordings, some 
                             previously unreleased]
                           live (Toronto, 1978)
Dishes                     Hot Property +2 EP (1978)
                           Kitschenette CD (2001) [1977-78 EPs + more]
Dog Meat BBQ               Hang Up Yer Raw Hides CS (1997) (includes ex-Da 
                             Slyme members)
Down Syndrome              The New Dark Age CS (1984) 
Dream Dates                Moans On The Phone/Heartattack Rhythm 7" (2000) 
                             [rec. 1979, similar to Teenage Head]
Dry Heaves                 Shoot Yourself +2 EP (1981)  
                           Shoot Yourself LP (2001) [1981 EP + unreleased]
Dry Heeves                 Maggie/LSD 7" (1986)
Dub Rifles                 2 7"s (early 80s)
Dundas                     Bloodshot In Your Eyes/Can't You Hear Me 7" (1979)
Dundrells                  2 7"s (late 80s)
Durango 95                 Lose Control LP (1984)
                           Mother's Day LP (1985)
e?                         Reaction/Coincidence 7" 
Elad's Guitar Army         8 tracks (ex-Spys, year unknown)
Enigmas                    Enigmas? 12" EP (1983)
                           Strangely Wild 12" (1985)
Erics Trip                 Belong +3 EP
                           Hurt +3 EP
                           Warm Girl +4 EP  
Euthanasia                 Living Heck 12" (1986)
Existers                   Telex Love +1 7"  
Extroverts                 Living In Poverty/Political Animals 7" (1980)
Eye On You                 Who's Been Sleeping In My Head EP (1985)
                           Illusions Of Freedom 7" (1985)
Facepuller                 Pull This 7" (1991) 
Female Hands               Divided By Three +5 12" (1980)  
Fictions                   s/t LP (1980)
Field Day                  Little Secret +3 EP 
Filters                    NFG/I Don't Know 7" (1981) 
Fits                       Bored of Education EP (1979)
Forbidden Beat             Driving You Insane EP (1986)  
Flesh Columns              Schweigew vor Dem Sturm EP (1984) 
                           unreleased LP (c1984)
Forbidden Dimension        Into The ... EP (1988)
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                           Somebody Down There Likes Me CD (1995)
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                           A Coffinful Of Crows CD (2000) [1.7", 1988-94 stuff]
                           1988 demos, 1989 sudio/live, 1990/1/2 demos
                           assorted compilation tracks
Forgotten Rebels           Tell Me You Love Me/Rhona Barrett 7" (1982)
                           Bomb Khadafi Now +1 7" (1987)
                           Tomorrow Belongs To Us 12" EP (1979)
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Stanley Frank              S'cool Days/On A Line 7" (1977)
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Furnaceface                Just Buy It CD (1992)
Fuse                       EP
Future Yanks               Suite For A Nation/Don't Bring Me Down 7" (1980)
B.B. Gabor                 7" 
Generics                   Societal Hemhorrage EP (1983)  
                           studio recordings (unreleased?)
Genetic Control            First Impressions EP (1984)
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Gentlemen of Horror        Sterling Death EP (1981)
                           3 unreleased songs (1982-3)
Glory Stompers             Tory Crimes EP
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Golden Calgarians          New Desperados +1 7" (1984)
Good Horsey                s/t CS
                           Evil Twin Episode CS
                           Kazue CD 
Good Things                9 tracks (ex-Spys, year unknown)
Government                 Hemingway Hated Disco Music +1 7" (1979)
                           Flat Tire +3 EP (1979)
Groupoem                   What You See Here, Hear Here ... 12" (1986) 
Gruesomes                  Unchained 12" EP (1988)
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                           Hey! LP (1988)  
Hanson Brothers            Brad/Hey, There Goes That Kid 7"
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Hippies                    Nuclear Disaster/How You Gonna Live 7"(1982)
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Honest Injun               The Rosenthal Effect 12" (1986)
Horsey                     Go Light +2 EP 
Hot Nasties                Invasion of the Tribbles EP (1980)
                           unreleased material (c1980) 
House of Commons           Patriot 12" EP (1983)
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Huevos Rancheros           64 Slices of American Cheese +1 7"
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Human Tripods              s/t LP (1988) 
Hype                       Life Is Hard...Then You Die LP (1984)
I, Braineater              I, Here. Where You! LP (1983)
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Idols                      Reajean/I've Been Inside 7" (1980) 
Independents               Save Yourself LP (1986)  
Infamous Basturds          Lifestyles of the Rich and Infamous EP (1988) 
Infamous Scientists        Noise 'n Rhythm EP (1981)
                           Trouble 12" EP (1982) 
                           unreleased (4 tracks) [from 7" EP recording session]
                           live (Mar. 13/82)
Innocent                   Got It In The Bag +3 EP (1980) 
Insex                      Play Or Die +2 EP (1982) 
IQ                         Burn Me/Sixth World 7" (1980)
Itch                       88 Bones 7" (1991)
                           Dyin' To Be Jesus CD (1992)
                           Pull The Wool CD (1994)
Jackson Phibes             CBC Session (1998) [Forbidden Dimension head guy]
Jale                       I Lied +2 EP
                           Emma +1 7"
                           Promise +1 7"
                           Steppin' Out +1 7"
Jerry Jerry & The Sons of  Road Gore LP (1985)
  Rhythm Orchestra         Battle Hymn of the Apartment LP (1987) 
Joe College & The Rulers   It Aint Alright With Me/Working Class Hero 7" (1981)
Joey Did                   unreleased [same band as Malibu Kens] (c1981)
Jolly Tambourine Man       Apple Studel Man/Sweater In Sri Lanka 7" (1984)
Jr. Gone Wild              Less Art More Pop LP
                           Folk You CS 
Kings                      Are Here LP (1980) 
Klo                        No Money/The Parking Lot Song 7" (1980) 
K-Tels                     Automan +2 EP (1979) 
                           live (Vancouver, 1979 or 1980)
Lackeys                    I Yell Because I Care CS (1995)  
k.d. lang & The Reclines   A Truly Western Experience LP (1984)
Leonard Conan              Lost +3 EP 
Living Proof               Getting In The Groove/Oh No 7" (1984)
Los Popularos              Working Girls/Mystery To Myself 7" (1981)
                           Born Free 12" EP (1982) 
Lost Durangos              Evil Town 12" EP (1986) 
Lowlife                    Leaders EP (1979)
Lung                       Mother +1 7" 
Ray Luxemburg              Following/Run Away From Love 7" (1980)
Malibu Kens                Be My Barbie 7" (1981)
Missing Link               Metalibut Torque Bastard EP (1987) 
Mobile Clones              Abrasive Air +3 EP (1980)
Modern Minds               Theresa's World +2 EP (1980)
                           live, Edmonton [radio, c1980] 
Modernettes                Teen City 12" EP (1980)
                           View From The Bottom 12"EP (1982)
                           Gone But Not Forgiven LP (1981)
                           Get It Straight CD [1.12" + remixed 2.12" + 3 from LP 
                             + 4 live and 2 demo tracks from 1979-82]  
Mods                       Step Out Tonight/You Use Me 7" (1978)
                           22 Months CD [7" tracks + unreleased, recorded 
                             1978-80] (1996)  
                           demos [date unknown]
Moev                       Zimmerkampf LP (1982)
Mr. Wrong                  State Of Grace +1 7" 
M.S.I.                     More Stupid Initials EP (1986)
                           An Amazing Feat EP (1988)  
Nash The Slash             Children of the Night LP (1980)
                           American Bandages LP (1984) 
Joe Naylor                 I'm Canadian Beer +1 7" (1980)
Neanderthal Sponge         EP (1989)
Negative Gain              Back From The Dead LP (1986)
Neighbourhood Watch        Death At The Hands Of Time EP (1987) 
Neos                       Hassibah Gets The Martian Brain Squeeze EP (1983) 
Nerve                      Penchant/Preludes 7" (1978) 
Nils                       Sell Out Young 12" EP (1985)
                           I Am The Wolf +3 12" EP (1986)
                           s/t LP (1987)
                           Green Fields In Daylight CD [comp tracks, both 12"
                             EPs, live, radio sessions and demos] (1997) 
Herald Nix                 The Fugitive Kind 12" EP (1986)
                           One Night Only 12" EP (c1986) 
NJF (Negro Jazz Funeral)   Wounded Knee EP (1984)  
No Exit                    s/t LP (1980) 
No Fun                     Fall For A Cliche EP (1978)
                           No Fun At The Disco EP (1979)
                           Don't Leave Me Hanging/It Came From Heaven 7" (1981)   
NoMeansNo                  Look, Here Come The Wormies +1 7" (1980)
                           Betrayal, Anger, Fear Hatred EP (1981)
                           Burn/Getting Colder 7" (1980 CS tracks)
                           Dad/Revenge 7"
                           Oh Canaduh/New Age 7"
                           You Kill Me 12" (original mix)
                           Mama LP (1982)
                           Sex Mad LP
                           One Down, Two To Go CD [1979-80, 1992-4 songs] (1994) 
                           The Worldhood of the World CD (1995)
                           Live In Warsaw CS [live 1990] 
                           various recordings, some unreleased (1980-84)
Nomind                     Tales of Ordinary Madness LP (1988)
Numbers                    Add Up LP 
Null Set                   New Job 12" EP (1980)
Nunfuckers                 Dead And On The Floor EP (1987) 
Octatrackter               Kiddie Fist/Stam Her 7" (1981)
Office                     Physical +2 EP
Onionhouse                 Brother's Day +2 EP (1990) 
Onits                      Weekend Wrestler/Gamma Boys 7" (1981)
Parkades                   7" 
Payolas                    China Boys/Make Some Noise 7" (1979)
Perks                      McPig +2 EP (c1979?)
Personality Crisis         Twighlight's Last Gleaming/The Jam 7"
                           Creatures For Awhile LP [original] (1983)
                           Creatures For Awhile LP [reissue w/5 different 
                             tracks] (1990)
Phleg Camp                 Beaker +2 EP
                           split 7" with Fuel 
Phollop Willing P.A.       Orphan Baby/Sea Cruise Blues 7" (1981) 
Pink Steel                 A Taste Of Pink Steel EP (1981)
                           Won't Come In Your Hand +1 7" (1981)  
                           The Basement Tapes [various 1979-81 recordings]
Plan 9                     I Ain't No Robot +3 EP (1980)
Platinum Blonde            Hey Hey You/No Regrets 7" (1980)  
Pluto                      Pretty Little Jacket +1 7"
                           Million and Two +1 7"
                           Cool Way To Feel CD (1995)
Pointed Sticks             What Do You Want Me To Do?/Somebody's Mom 7" (1978)
                           The Real Thing/Out of Luck 7" (1979)
                           Lies/I'm Numb 7" (1979)
                           Out of Luck +2 EP [UK issue, different mixes] (1979)
                           American Song 7" [promo, diff. version from LP] 1981)
                           Waiting For The Real Thing LP (1988) [rec. 1979-80]
                           Part of The Noise CD [1st 3 7"s + comp, selected LP 
                             & 1980 unreleased tracks]
                           live, Edmonton [radio, c1980]
                           live (Vancouver, 1979)
Poisoned                   s/t 12" EP 
Poles                      CN Tower/Prime Time 7" (1977) 
Pop Stress                 So Good To Be In Love/Neurotic 7" (1981) 
Popular Front              Doomsday Army/Puppet 7" (1981)
Popular Mechanix           s/t LP (1980) 
Porcelain Forehead         Right Now The World Needs A Clear Head EP (1983)
                           Frog Boy Lives LP [recorded 1985] (1993)  
Presence                   Meeting The Demands of Society EP (1981)
                           Blown Away/Mechanoid 7" (1982) 
                           live (London ON, 1981)
Private School             Lost In Action EP (1979)  
Problem Children           On The Air EP (1988)
                           Future Of The World Is Up To Us LP (1986)
                           Long Weekend LP [1985-88 comp](1989)
                           Kids Next Door CD (1993)
Pulse                      Video Casualty/More Than Anybody 7" (1979)
Purple Toads               s/t LP (1986)
                           Love Songs For The Hard of Hearing LP (1988)
Pussymonster               7"
Quahogs                    EP 
David Quinton              s/t LP (1981)
Rage (Toronto)             I've Got Your Number/Stay With Me 7" (1981)
Rage (Vancouver)           Level With Me/Off The Track 7" (1981)
Randy Rampage              12" EP (1982)
Dave Rave                  Pure Honey/She's On The Telephone 7" 
Real McKenzies             s/t CS (1994)
                           s/t CD (1995)
                           Clash Of The Tartans CD (1998)
                           Loch'd & Loaded CD (2001)
Red Squares                Ottawa Today/Transmitter 7" (1978)
                           live 15/04/79
                           interview + unreleased (1979)
Resin Scraper              Crash Course +2 EP
                           Duh Factor EP
                           Harmful If Swallowed +2 EP
                           split EP with Quincy Punx
                           Ridin' On The Small Bus ... LP (1998)
Resistance                 Raw Deal EP (1987)
Restless Virgins           Television Child +2 EP (1981)
                           Restless Virgins Live EP (1981) 
Result                     The Result Confesses The New Standard EP (1981) 
Rex Chainbelt              Foreign Movies LP (1980) 
Riot 303                   Crowd Control EP (1981)
                           3 song demo (c1981) 
Rock and Roll Bitches      Wild West EP (1980) 
Ronald Reagan Story        10 tracks (ex-Spys, year unknown, c1985)
Rude Norton                Sea Cruise +4 EP (1980) 
Ruggedy Annes              Jagged Thoughts 12" EP (1985)
Brian Ruryk                Nothing Better Than This Song +1 7" 
Scenics                    Karen/See Me Smile 7" (1981)
                           Underneath The Door LP (1979)
Schzoid                    Beer Thief EP (1987) 
Secret V's                 Modern Boy +3 12" (1980)
                           No Life Like It 12" (1981)
Secrets                    Teenage Rampage CD [all 7" and LP tracks, plus live
                             and whatever] (1997) 
Section 8                  Hollywood Halloween/Can't Let Go 7" (c1980) 
Shanghai Dog               Clanging Bell 12" EP (1983)
                           This Evolution LP (1985)
Shiner                     Burnt +3 EP
Shmorgs                    s/t LP (1978)  
Shriek                     Sex Sells 12" EP (1980)
Shutdown                   The Mechanic +3 EP (1991)  
Siggy Magic & Hey Ho Band  Commercials For Free EP (1978) 
Silicone Injection         Sic Nos Non Nobis EP (1981)  
Simply Saucer              She's A Dog/I Can Change My Mind 7" (1978)
                           Cyborgs Revisted LP [recorded 1974-75] (1989)  
Sinners                    No Brains Required +2 EP (1980)
Sixteen Again              7" 
63 Monroe                  NFG 12" (1980)
                           White Xmas 7" (1984)
                           Stinkin' Out The Joint LP (1985)
                           various live, unreleased and CS material [1980-82] 
Skuddzies                  Take Them Away (Russian Tanks & Planes) 7" (1980) 
                           Bomb Iran 7" [same song on both sides] (c1980)
Slander                    Hemi-Conscious LP (1981)  
Slow                       I Broke The Circle/Black Is Black 7" (1985)
                           Against The Glass 12" EP (1985) 
Slow Death                 s/t CS (1985) [PEI hardcore shite]
Phil Smith                 The Phil Smith Album LP (1983) [Wasted Lives (2 songs
                             from 1979, 1 is on Vancouver Complication, the
                             other otherwise unreleased), Corsage, Blanche 
                             Whitman, Jimbo & The Lizard Kings (Bud Luxford type 
                             thing, includes Art Bergman & Dimwit). Except for 
                             Wasted Lives recorded 1981-2.]  
Smugglers                  Up and Down +2 EP
                           The Smuggler King +3 EP
                           At Marineland 10"
                           Atlanta Whiskey Flats LP (1992)
                           Wet Pants Club LP (1992)
                           In The Hall of Fame CD (1993)
                           split 7" with The Hoods 
SNFU                       She's Not On The Menu EP (1987)
                           Real Men Don't Watch Quincy EP [198x demos] (1990)
                           Beautiful Unlike You and I/The Watering Hole 7"
                           Better Than A Stick In The Eye LP (1988)
                           The Last of the Big Time Suspenders LP (1991)  
Something Evil             Die Children Die/The Great Winnipeg Riot 7" (1986) 
Some Weird Sin             Sky's The Limit +8 12" EP (1984) 
Sons Of Ishmael            Hayseed Hardcore EP (1986)
                           Sing Generic Crap EP (1989)
                           Mimsy With The Borogroves 10" (1990) 
Soreheads                  Not Tonight...I Have A Sorehead EP (1986)
Spaceshits                 Misbehavin' LP (1998)
                           Radio Shits Rock'n'Roll LP (1999)
Sparkling Apple            Killer By Night +3 EP (1979)
                           It's Criminal +1 7" (1980)
Spikey Norman              The Green Album LP (1990)
Spiny Anteaters            Soundcheck +2 EP 
Spiral Scratch             live (10/9/81)
Spores                     Meat Biproduct EP (1984)
                           Narcs In My Pants +1 7" (1986)
                           Schizofungi LP (1985)
                           News, Weather, Spores demo CS
Spys                       Underground/Machine Shop 7" (1980)
                           Original Punk Rock From Canada 1979-1980 LP (2001)
                             [7", 1979 demos, 1995 live reunion show]
                           several unreleased songs (1980)
                           live (1995 reunion)
Stand (Stand GT)           Blur Your Cool CS (1992)
                           Sad Bunch of People +2 EP (1992)
                           Toasting Gears EP (1993)
                           They're Magically Delicious CD (1995)  
State Of Mind              I'll Be Yours/Dark Side 7" (1985)
Statics                    Rebel Like Me +2 EP (1980 recordings) (2001)
Stretch Marks              Who's In Charge EP (1983)
                           What D'Ya See LP (1984) 
Sturgeons                  Punk Rock Virgins/Forward Disorder 7" (1980)
                           unreleased material (c1979) 
Subhumans                  Death To the Sickoids/Oh Canaduh 7" (1978)
                           Firing Squad/No Productivity 7" (1980)
                           Death Was Too Kind +3 12 (1979)"
                           Incorrect Thoughts LP (1980)
                           No Wishes, No Prayers LP (1983)
                           live (London ONT, 6/12/81)
                           live (Marion Hotel, Winnipeg, 1981)
                           Pissed Off...With Good Reason CD (1996) [selected 7",
                             12", LP and live tracks] 
Suburban Slag              20 song demo (c1980) [cool Calgary band!]  
Superconductor             Most Popular Man In The World +1 7" (1991)
                           Heavy With Puppy 7" (1992)
                           Hit Songs For Girls LP (1993) 
Swindled                   Who Wants Guns?/Hymn #84 7" (1982) 
Systematics                Clockwork Society LP (1996) 
Tankhog                    The Freight Train Song +1 7" (1992)
Teenage Head               Picture My Face/Tearin' Me Apart 7" (1978)
                           Somethin' On My Mind/Let's Shake 7" (1980)
                           Frantic Romantic/Get Down 7" (1985)
                           Can't Stop Shakin' 12"
                           s/t LP [original issue] (1979)
                           s/t LP [remixed reissue] (1981)
                           Frantic City LP (1980)
                           Some Kind Of Fun LP (1982)
                           live (London ONT, radio)
                           s/t CD [2nd version of 1st LP + different versions of 
                             a few songs from 1977-78]
Teenage Heads              Tornado/Luv For Sale 7" 
Ten Commandments           Weird Out LP (1987)
                           Home Fires Burning LP (1989)
Ten Days Late              Getaway/Death Reggae 7" 
Throbs                     Proud To Be Loud 12" EP (1986)
                           The Language Of Thieves and Vagabonds CD
Thomas Trio                Jam It Inya CS
                           s/t CS
Tickets                    Extended Play EP (1980)
Tin Twist                  Sometimes It's Funny +2 EP  
Torn & Frayed              First Legg LP (1980) [This has to be one of the 
                             worst records ever made. How anyone could listen to 
                             this and even possibly think it might be anything 
                             at all close to punk is beyond me. Such people 
                             should be locked in a room for at least a month and 
                             forced to listen to real punk records. Oh, the 
                             music? It's insipid poprock shit.] 
Trapt                      A Minute Late ... A Dollar Short EP (1989) 
Trouble Boys               Pass The Bottle Baby LP (1985) 
222s                       I Love Susan/The First Studio Bomb 7" (1979) 
Ugly                       Stranded In The Laneway Of Love +1 7" (1978)
                           Disorder CD [all prev. unreleased, recorded 1977]
                           demo (1 track) 
UIC                        Our Garage LP (1986)
                           Like Ninety LP (1989)
                           Witches In Credible CD (1993)
UJ3RK5                     12" EP
Ukase                      The Rain/Runaway 7" (1986) 
United States              Don't Be Late/What I Want 7" (1982)
                           Automaton/Glass Knight 7" (1984)
                           Bedazuld LP (1982) 
Unruled                    Time Is Running Out +2 EP (1984)
Unusuals                   The More I Drink The Better She Looks To Me +1 7" 
Uranus                     You're So Square LP (1980)
                           live (1982) 
Vegetables                 Obnoxious At Any Volume CD (1999) [recorded 1979]
Velveteens                 Tall House 12" EP (1985) 
Verdix                     Lookin' Around/Media 7" (1981) 
Viletones                  Screamin' Fist +2 EP (1977)
                           Look Back In Anger EP (1978)
                           Saturday Night, Sunday Morning LP (1983)
                           s/t LP (2000) [This is just a copy of the OPM CD.]
                           A Taste of Honey CD [1977 recordings] (OPM, 1995)
                           What It Feels Like To Kill CD (1997)
                           live (Toronto 1978)
Vogons                     Kiss Me Under The Missile Toad LP (1987)  
Von Zippers                Mighty Red Baron +1 7"
                           Hot Rod Monkey +1 7" (1997)
                           Wurms +3 2x7" (1997)
                           Wow 'Em Down At Franzl's 10"
                           Bad Generation LP (1998)
                           Blitzhacker CD (2000) [singles/comp tracks]
Wasted Lives               split 7" with Big Black Puppets (1979) 
Wayouts                    No Time +4 EP (c1979)
Wet                        EP

Wet Spotz                  Wake Up With The ... 12" EP (1989) 
White Noise                Dead & Alive CS [pre-Beyond Possesion] (c1981)   
Young, John Paul           The Life of Ermie Scub LP +7" (1980) 
                             [John Paul Young ex-Cardboard Brains] 
Young Canadians            Hawaii 12" EP (1979)
                           This Is Your Life 12" EP (1980)
                           No Escape CD [K-Tels EP, both 12"s, comp track + 9
                             live tracks]
                           Joyride On The Western Front CD (2001) [recorded live 
                             at Mabuhay Gardens, San Francisco 1980]
Young Lions                Welcome To The Freak Show LP (1986)  
                           stuff from 1981-82 cassette releases, etc
Youth Youth Youth          Repackaged LP [contains Sin 12" (1983) and demo 
                             tracks] (1989)  
Zellots                    demo + various live (1980-81) 
Zoom                       Sweet Desperation/Massacre At Central High 7" (1980) 
                           [recorded 1976-77 by pre-Diodes & Viletones members] 
Zyklon B                   Independence & Anarchy/No Escape 7" (1983)  


A-Billy EP (1989) 
  [Deja Voodoo / Gruesomes, etc]
Bud Luxford Presents - Volumes 1 and 2 LPs  (both 1981)
CFLR - From Under The Slag Heap CS 
Four Whom The Bell Tolls EP (1988)
From Montreal EP (1983) 
  [Deja Voodoo, etc]
Hardcore '94 EP
Hollow Weiners EP (1984)
It Came From Canada #1, #2, #3, #4, #5 LP 
It Came From Inner Space LP (1983) 
  [Malibu Kens / SNFU, etc]  
Johnny Hanson Presents ... Puck Rock Vol.1 CD (1994) 
  [punk rock songs about hockey ... this rocks!!] 
Last Call - Vancouver Independent Music 1977-1988 2CD (Zulu, 1991)
  [What Do You Want Me To Be (Furies) / Fucked Up Baby (Skulls) / Disco Sucks 
   (D.O.A.) / Fuck You (Stiffs) / I Wanna Be A Girl (Generators) / I Don't Love 
   You (Dishrags) / Nothing Holding You (Active Dog) / I Don't Give A Shit (BIZ) 
   / New Clientele (Shades) / Real Thing (Pointed Sticks) / Science Fiction 
   (Private School) / Slave To My Dick (Subhumans) / Hawaii (Young Canadians) / 
   Divided By Three (Female Hands) / Eisenhower & The Hippies (U-J3RK5) / 
   Barbra (Modernettes) / Off The Deep End (Insex) / 634 Dog (AKA) / Waiting For 
   The Drugs To Take Hold (Secret V's) / Seen A Fight (Tim Ray) / Shame I Feel 
   (Corsage) / Synchronized Swimming (Popular Front) / Yank (54-40) / Mystery 
   Movie (Scissors) / Can't Come Back (Los Popularos) / Music Is Your Body 
   (Moral Lepers) / Teenage Barnacle (Enigmas) / Party Dog (Actionauts) / The 
   Crush (Family Plot) / Self-Pity (NoMeansNo) / Work Song (The Work Party) / 
   Inevitable (Bolero Lava) / Edge (I, Braineater) / Just Another Day (Go 
   Four 3) / Learning To Live (Animal Slaves) / Happy Man (Brilliant Orange) /
   Have Not Been The Same (Slow) / American Desert (Shanghai Dog) / Be Like Us 
   (No Fun) / Bone Of Contention (Cannon Heath Down) / Evil Town (Lost Durangos) 
   / Dirty Ol' Town (Herald Nix) / To Tell The Truth (Poisoned) / Talk To The 
   Birds (Bob's Your Uncle) / King Blood (Rhythm Mission) / Solitary Man 
   (Scramblers) / 1 + 1 is 3 (Oversoul Seven) / Darker Than This (The Hip Type)]
  (The first CD is excellent with several classic punk tracks and several 
  unreleased tracks from the Furies, Skulls (pre-D.O.A.), Stiffs (pre-Subhumans)
  and BIZ. The second CD is post-1983 and with the exception of I, Braineater, 
  NoMeansNo, and Slow it is mostly decent indie rock. However, the first 
  disc and booklet alone make this worth getting.)
  Rating: 8 (1st CD), 6 (2nd CD).
Last Pogo LP (1978) 
  [Cardboard Brains / Mods / Ugly / etc]
London Crawling CS
Merry Christmas 1985 flexi EP (1985) [Zulu label]
Merry Goddamned Christmas EP
No Pedestrians LP (1980) 
  [Arson / etc] 
Oh Canaduh LP (1995) 
  [covers of old Canadian punk by recent bands] 
Oh Canaduh! 2 LP (1998) 
  [Oh Canaduh (Subhumans) [Cub] / Truck Stop Nun (Da Slyme) [Von Zippers] / We 
   Hate The Bloody Queen (Queen Haters) [Mudhoney] / Mindless Agression (No Fun) 
   [Maow] / Shamrock Bang (U.I.C.) [Titans] / Punk Rock Virgins (Sturgeons) 
   [Mants] / Tits On The Beach (Rude Norton) [Sugar Shack] / Hawaii (Young 
   Canadians) [Huevos Rancheros] / Locator (UJRK5) [Servotron] / The Grey and 
   The Black (Demics) [Nomads] / Living On Top (Jerry Jerry + The Sons of Rhythm 
   Orchestra) [Stand GT] / Machine Shop (Spys) [Junior Varsity] / Barbra 
   (Modernettes) [More Fun] / In With The Crowd (The Metros) [Sator] / At The 
   Boot (63 Monroe) [Stinkies] / Vampire's Dream (Personality Crisis) [Forbidden 
   Dimension] / Wild West (Rock & Roll Bitches) [Teenage Kicks] / Try Not To 
   Stutter (NoMeansNo) [Puritans]]
  (This is a collection of old, relatively obscure Canadian punk songs covered 
   by current bands. Mostly the originals are better than the cover versions. 
   The crummy sound of the LP doesn't help either. The Von Zippers, Mants, 
   Forbidden Dimension, Mudhoney, Teenage Kicks and Puritans are the best of the 
   lot. Cub and Junior Varsity particularly suck. An interesting concept but I 
   prefer the original versions.)

One Guard For Thee LP (1996) 
Primitive Air Raid LP (1984) 
  [Asexuals / Genetic Control / etc]
Rot n' Role LP (1979) 
  [Bureaucrats / Red Squares / a bunch of crap]
Shed Sessions I-IV CS  
Teenage Zit Rock Angst LP (1995)
Things Are Still Coming Ashore LP
This Ain't The Hot Fudge Show EP (1992) 
Undergrowth '84 CS (1984) 
  [No Means No / Bill Of Rights / Clay Pigeon / Soldiers of Sport / Celebrity 
   Drunks / Culture Shock / Death Sentence / Unnatural Silence / Spores / Sudden 
   Impact / House of Commons / Unknown Fibres / Slow / Emily / Family Plot / Der 
   Mittelgang / Quantum Leap / Kevin Zed / Skinny Puppy / Gord Martin / Courage 
   of Lassie / Pepperlip / Blair Petrie]
Undergrowth '85 CS (1985)
  [House Of Commons / NG 3 / AKOB / Bill Of Rights / Bad Attitude / Otis Dog /
   Mecca Normal / Shanghai Dog / Soreheads / Krauts / Sexual Infections / Active 
   Glands / Immoral Minority / Celebrity Drunks / Emily / Industrial Waste 
   Banned / Idyle and Undesirable / MIA / Beauty Foundation / Stab'em In The 
   Abdomen / Belgianiques / Ominous Cinema / A Merry Cow / Electric Purple
   Carrot / Blood BBQ / Sam]
Vancouver Complication LP (1979)  
Vancouver Evolution EP 
  [Furies / Skulls / Stiffs / Victorian Pork (BIZ)] 
  (selections from c1978 bands taken from Last Call 2CD)
Vancouver Independence LP (1980)
Very Scary Cemetery EP (1985) 

Records I Particularly Don't Like

These are records that I've had that I either thought were complete shit and couldn't bring myself to waste tape on, or ones that just don't do anything at all for me musically.

Adversity                  Lost It All LP (1988) Thrashy metallic crap.  
Asexuals/Change of Heart   split EP (1990) Change of Heart are total garbage.
Brian's Children           Cut Her Hair/Oh Yeah 7" (1979) Fuckin' hippie shit.
                           Anyone who calls this punk and charges more than $1
                           for it hasn't a clue what punk is. Anyone who pays
                           more than 50 cents for it is a clueless moron who 
                           deserves to be parted from their money. 
Capitalist Alienation      s/t 12" (1987) Crusty hardcore crap. 
Crisis of Faith            split EP with Chokehold (1991) Thrashcore. 
                           The American Dream ... LP (1991) More of the same, or
                           is it just the same song played over and over and 
                           over and over and over and over and over.  
Chokehold                  EP (1992) see Crisis Of Faith. 
Corpusse                   Delusions LP (1988) Synthesizer death drone.
Death Of Gods              A World Of One, Divided By All EP (1988) Generic HC. 
Direct Action              Trapped In A World LP (1984) 
                           Damn-Age LP (1988) Both are basic boring hardcore. 

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