Punk Rock Austria

I haven't heard much from here. Both the Schund and Dirtshit are good and have been featured on compilations, but I wouldn't consider either to be essential. Since a good chunk of the 400 pressed copies of the Schund turned up a few years ago it isn't so hard to find now. Dirtshit is tough to find, but I consider it to be over-rated.

Die Boslinge               Scheiss Kibarei EP (1981) 
Chuzpe                     Can't Beat The Beat +2 EP (1979)
Dead Nittels               Anti New Wave Liga EP (1983)
Dirtshit                   Rattenloch EP (1979)
Tav Falco's Panther Burns  EP
JE + Ill + Joe Coleman     7"
Kleenex Aktiv              Weisse Rosen aus Athen/Sternklare nacht 7" (1982)
Kruppelschlag              EP
Minisex                    4 live songs 
Mordbuben AG               Bleib Blod/Komm Gib Mir Deine Hand 7" (1979) 
Pobel                      Es Lebe Hoch die Perversion +2 EP (1981) 
Schund                     Laut Spielen EP (1980)
Tav and Gabby Show         I Can Help +1 7" 
Ron Urini + The Wild Bunch Metal Thunder LP (1990) 
Vogue                      A Doll Spits Cubes LP (1981)
                           Smoke Gets In My Mind LP (1981) 
Willi Warma                4 live songs 
X-Beliebig                 Leben Ist Blut/Illusionen 7" (1982)
                           3 live songs 


Die Todliche Dosis LP (1981) [Plastix / Sprays / Commercials / A-Gen53 
  / A.K.G. / Molto Brutto)
Heimat Bist Du Grober Sohne LP (1982) [Kleenex Aktiv / Chuzpe / Schund 
  / Westblock / and a bunch of others)
Kellerrock EP (Chuzpe, Underground Corpses, Vogue, Zytacoreantirtom)
Teufelskraut LP (1982) [also has Swiss bands]
Wiener Blutrausch LP (1979) [Drahdiwaberl, Mini-Sex, Metzlutzkas Erben, Chuzpe,
   Mordbuben AG]

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