Bryant used for punk CD

(From the Sydney Sun-Herald, June 8, 1997)

A punk music CD, using the name of mass killer Martin Bryant to promote its songs, has been attacked by crime victim support groups as "disgusting and exploitive".

Prominent names in the Australian music industry are being robbed of royalties by the CD, titled Murder Punk Inc, which is available in American stores and is being sold for $16 over the Internet.

It is a bootleg of rare Australian punk singles and includes early recordings of two musicians now with the Hoodoo Gurus and record industry executive Roger Grierson.

The back cover lists Martin Bryant, GPO Box 35, Port Arthur, Tasmania, 7182, as the compilation author.

The flipside cover displays a photo of an aborted foetus and lists songs from bands such as the F... Leftovers, the Psychosurgeons and Razar.

Victims Of Crime manager Maureen Patrick, whose organisation helps counsel people affected by crime, said the use of the killer's name was in "incredibly bad taste".

"It's pretty awful really. It's in very poor taste and sensationalist. It's basically an exploitation of the tragedy" [more gush from some other offendee]

None of the royalties will flow to the band members featured on the CD, which include the first recordings by the Victims, which contained Hoodoo Gurus member Dave Faulkner and Fun Things, where another Guru member Grad Shepherd, cut his musical teeth.

Australians have been ordering the CD over the Internet from US music shops in Missouri, Maryland and Texas.