Paul's Want List

This is a list of things I'm particularly interested in getting. I'll pay "reasonable" prices. If you have the item but don't want to part with it I would be happy with a tape/CD copy of it if I don't have one already.
NOTE: I'm not particularly interested in trading records.

BARAFLOKKURINN         s/t LP (Iceland, 1981)
                       Gas LP (Iceland, 1983)
GENTLEMEN OF HORROR    cassette release advertised on 7" insert (Canada, 1980)
BUBBI MORTHENS         Plagan LP (Iceland, 1981)
POINTED STICKS         Waiting For The Real Thing LP [test press only) (Canada)
SUNDAY PAINTERS        any cassette releases (Australia)
THEYR (PEYR)           Idir til fota 10" (Iceland, 1981)
                       Thagad i hel LP (Iceland, 1979)
THURSAFLOKKURINN       A hljomleikum LP (Iceland, 1980)
UTANGARDSMENN          Raekju-reggae +3 EP (Iceland, 1980)
                       Fuglinn er floginn +7 EP/12" (Iceland, 1981)
                       I upphafi skyldi endinn skoda? LP (1981) [same as above?]


I am interested in any unreleased demo or live tapes from the 1976 - 1982 period. Copies of original tapes are fine. It's supposed to be about the music, remember?

Here is a list of UK compilation tapes that sound like they could be interesting. Copies of any of these would be most welcolmed! I'm sure there are dozens more out there I'm not even aware of.
A Classic Slice Of Teenage Angst (Luxury Soundtracks/Conventional Tapes)
A Lancaster Collection (Another Record Label, 1981)
A Review Of Experimental Music (Stormbugs)
Adventures In Reality (Adventures In Reality Recordings, 1981)
Aheee! Help (Temporary Cassettes)
An Hour Of Eloquent Sounds (Pleasantly Surprised, 1982)
Another Crack In The Void (Alternative Capitalists, 1980)
Anything Could Happen In The Next Half-Hour (X Cassettes)
The Attrix Tapes (Attrix, 1981)
Beat The Meat (X Centric Noise X1)
Blank Space Tour (Blank Space)
Blood On The Blade (Daark Inc)
Burnt Offerings (Winchester Wax, 1982)
Camouflage Nebula (Stuart Perriam)
Compilation Vol. 1 (Apathy Products)
Crunchy Frog Office Party (De Minimiis Non Curat Lex Inc)
Crying Out Loud (Gary Birtles Rec)
Dark Side Of The Sheep (Sheep Worrying, 1981)
Deleted Funtime: Various Tunes By Various Loons (Deleted)
Digbeth Calling (Dick And Ed Recordings, 1981)
Don't Dance - Collide (Don't Dance/Collide Tapes)
Episode 3 (CTS Tapes)
Essence Rare Volume 1 (Essence Rare Tapes)
Euthinasia (Obvious Products, 1981)
Facet 1 
Filling The Gap
For Crying Out Loud-A Leicester Fanzette (Jade Lex Tapes)
Forty Jelly Snakes ... Please (Graham Lironi)
From A Trench (Trench Musik Kore, 1982)
Frostbite Footwarmers (Frostbite)
Frostbite Sampler (Frostbite)
Git Dayn (Dave Jordan Tapes, 1982)
Good News For Modern Man (1981)
Granny's Hieland Hits (T. Kennedy Tapes)
Hedz Tapes Comp (Hedz Tapes)
Hip Hip Hooray (Fashionable Trousers)
The Hiss Goes On (Cellar Tapes)
Home Vibrations 
The Ignorant Crowd (Nevertheless)
Interference On A Blank C-30 (Gefbeat Records, 1981)
Italian Records Compilation (Italian Records)
Jobs Not Yops (1982)
Let Them Eat Cake (1981)
LPG3 (L.P.G. 3, 1981)
The Leisure Sound Annual (Leisure Sounds, 1981)
Less Than Angels (Matthew Stevens)
Live At The Playhouse (Tapir)
Lizards In My Lounge (Left Luggage)
Local Tapes Compilation (Local Tapes)
Love (Cinema Product)
Magnitizdat (The Least Worst of Deleted Records) (Deleted)
Music For Shopping Precincts (Airplay)
Music Your Mother Likes (Non-Fiction)
National Grid 1 (Conventional Tapes)
New Age Noize (Alternative Capitalists)
No Hassle Records (No Hassle)
No More Kitchen Cooking (Alternative Capitalists)
Northampton Under Glass (Glass, 1981)
Northumbrian Compilation Cassette (Funeral Danceparty)
Nuclear Terra (1983)
One For All And All For One Pound (Crunchy Frog)
Posing At The Scala/Attack Of The 50ft Poser (Crash Smash Crack Ring)
Posing At The Scala/I Married A Postman From Outer Space (Crash Smash ...)
Pulse (Siren, 1981)
Really Weird (Weird)
Realities (1981)
Rock Against Sexism
Shed Sounds Sampler (In Phaze)
Sleeping Warriors (No Choice, 1981)
Snatch Tapes 2 (Snatch)
Snatch Tapes 3 (A Compilation Of Various Musics) (Snatch, 1981)
Sounds From The Garden (Siren, 1981)
Spitfire Parade (Dead Hedgehog DHE-004)
Standard Response (Sterile, 1979)
Stylistic Errors (Sanc Records)
Supercompilation (Stuff Label S4, 1981)
Tapezine Three (Fuck Off, 1981) [Was there a One & Two?]
Tribute To Bert Weedon (Weird Noise)
Tubular Sheep 
The Unknown Part Of Surrey (Theta Tapes)
Various Locals (Dead Hedgehog DHE-002)
Wet Ones (White Eyes)
Whatever Happened To Punk Rock? (4 Minute Records)
When Is Independence Day? (Interanna)
YHR Volume 1 (York House Records)

My philosophy about such things: I DO NOT do bootlegs. I may put it on a CD for my own enjoyment. However I have no problems in trading music with people, which includes unreleased material. If you were in a band and would rather I don't trade your stuff around, just say so and I'll keep it to myself. If you were in a band and have material you might like to see released I can put you in contact with people who might be interested in doing it. In most cases there likely isn't a huge market for it. Even if it is great, you didn't bother to release it back in 1979 in an edition of 200 copies. Since you didn't bother to release it many collectors don't really give a shit about it now. There is no 7" for them to add to their stamp collection so they can impress other collectors with the size of their penises, er, I mean record collection. They'll happily screw you or anyone else to get that 7" but couldn't give a rat's ass about what else the band might have done. Return to the main index page.