Places where you may find some good records.
Good luck! Chances are if something is listed for a decent price, someone will have beat you to it. No need to mention eBay, lots of bargains to be had there! If you're selling on eBay, just remember if it isn't "KBD punk" (and what isn't these days) then it must be megarare obscure powerpop. Some good people to trade with.
Most people I've traded/sold to/bought from don't have web pages. If you'd like me to add your e-mail here, let me know.

Unfortunately there are always a few deadbeats who don't send stuff like they say they will. I haven't had many problems in several years, except for a few incidents. None have been for anything substantial, it's just the principle of it that pisses me off. There is one asshole in particular that should be avoided.

Some good sources of information about punk. BAND PAGES OTHER INTERESTING THINGS

If you have something I could add here, let me know and I'll check it out.

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